ADM Visit Intern Coord.
Department:   Admissions - Financial Aid Level:   III

Of the students selected to be Admissions Visit Interns, one will serve as the Admissions Visit Intern Coordinator. In addition to the responsibilities of an intern, the Coordinator will oversee the weekly schedule as well as organizing and finding coverage for special tours. The Coordinator will contribute to the training of the interns, which will entail shadowing new and veteran guides, contacting campus departments and organizations to speak with guides during bi-weekly meetings and running meetings when Admissions staff is unavailable to do so. The Coordinator will work closely and meet weekly with Admissions staff members to discuss updates and upcoming events. Preference will be given to students for whom being an Admissions Visit Intern is their only

The campus visit is one of the most influential pieces in a student’s decision to apply to and enroll in a college or university. Therefore, Visit Interns are expected to act professionally and adhere to all ethical standards set forth in the Student Confidentiality Agreement. Candidates for this position must be comfortable and confident when speaking in front of both large and small groups of people. Candidates should also have a range of academic and student life experiences and be knowledgeable about Colby’s academics, intellectual climate, research opportunities, student life and student, faculty, staff relationships. The ability to multitask and maintain confidentiality with high integrity at all times is essential.
Contact:   Kevin Phanor Extension:   859-4808