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JVE's Third Annual Sunrise Hike 2018-01-26

Primary Leader: Abramson, Maxwell R.
Secondary Leader: Von Ehr, Julia M.
Trip Description:
Yo what up! Come join Julia, this time joined by Max and Dominick, on the 3rd yearly French Mountain sunrise hike. You will be promised easy hiking, good views, and Early Bird breakfast paid for by the COC!! This trip will be leaving Colby at the ripe hour of 6:00am on Friday morning to catch the sunrise at 7:08am on the east facing summit of French (0.8mi of hiking). We will grab breakfast after and be back on campus in time for my 9:30am class. - 1/5 for the hike - 5/5 for getting to the COC office by 5:45 am
Status: Active
Slots: 7 Available: 0
Waitlist Slots: 20 Available: 14
Member Sign up Date: 2018-01-23
Open Sign up Date: 2018-01-23

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