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Bald Mountain w/ the (non-bald) Sams 2018-01-28

Primary Leader: Krumholz, Samuel L.
Secondary Leader: Wells, Samuel R.
Trip Description:
Hey hair enthusiasts! Join Sassy Sam and Glasses Sam (Wells and Krumholz, not necessarily in that order) on a trip to Bald Mountain in the Rangeley Lakes region for lunch on Sunday. Well leave at 9 am and plan to be back around 3 pm (lunch will be provided). The difficulty for this trip is around 2.5/5, depending on snow conditions, but anyone is welcome, regardless of experience, and the COC has any gear you may need (snowshoes, jackets, etc.) at zero cost.
Status: Active
Slots: 7 Available: 0
Waitlist Slots: 20 Available: 19
Member Sign up Date: 2018-01-23
Open Sign up Date: 2018-01-23

Stein, Baillie R. Active
Rahman, Shafat Active
Doud, Henry R. Active
Kelly, Luke B. Active
Churchill, Alexander W. Active
Rembetsy-Brown, Julia M. Active
Lin, Elenia L. Active
Pimpi, Johanna Waitlist