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Denzel Crocker 2018-02-10

Primary Leader: Denlinger, Soren A.
Secondary Leader: Reardon, Christopher G.
Trip Description:
Join Soren Denlinger and Chris Reardon on a trip up North Crocker this Saturday! Our journey will be a 10-12 mile trip, depending on if we decide to check out South Crocker too. Well be using snowshoes and microspikes, due to snowy / icy conditions. Itll be strenuous and all-day (leaving early in the morning), so its rated 4/5 for difficulty. GET HYPE
Status: Active
Slots: 5 Available: 0
Waitlist Slots: 10 Available: 9
Member Sign up Date: 2018-02-06
Open Sign up Date: 2018-02-06

Abramson, Maxwell R. Active
Ishiguro, James H. Active
Waite, Taryn R. Active
Strup, Dean D. Active
Doud, Henry R. Active
Sahagun, Seynt Jiro P. Waitlist