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Banff Mountain Film Fest 2018-02-11

Primary Leader: Caughron, Anna M.
Secondary Leader: Legault, Monique M.
Trip Description:
Excursion to see the Banff Mountain Film Festival World tour in Portland. A night of incredible and inspiring films of outdoor activities from all around the world. We will leave at 5:15 pm and return around 11 pm.
Status: Active
Slots: 8 Available: 0
Waitlist Slots: 20 Available: 13
Member Sign up Date: 2018-02-07
Open Sign up Date: 2018-02-07

Hanschka, Lena S. Active
Leskiw, Dominick A. Active
Anderson, Aliza M. Active
Claman, Sarrah J. Active
Johnson, Hannah L. Active
Smith, Molly P. Active
Ewing, Elizabeth H. Active
Jackson, Scott L. Active
Ho, Nicholas J. Waitlist
Lee, Austin J. Waitlist
Smith, Molly P. Waitlist
Waichler, Claire E. Waitlist
Peters, Benjamin J. Waitlist
Ford, Brett H. Waitlist
Hartnett, Megan E. Waitlist