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Nicholas Gauge 2018-03-03

Primary Leader: Goldberg-Courtney, Emma P.
Secondary Leader: Broadwater, Macey R.
Trip Description:
Come join Macey Bonchwater and Emma Pasta on a snowy jaunt on the Narrow Gauge Trail up at our friendly sugarous bread bakers. Snow shoes will be on feet (safety). There will be minor trekking along trail. 1/5 difficulty due to flatness and fun goals. No snowshoeing experience necessary. Hopes for a bountiful ice harvest this fine year.
Status: Active
Slots: 5 Available: 0
Waitlist Slots: 3 Available: 2
Member Sign up Date: 2018-02-27
Open Sign up Date: 2018-02-27

Molani, Madiha Active
Hartnett, Megan E. Active
Carlini, Madeline A. Active
Neumiller, Grace C. Active
Heisler, Alexandra R. Active
Hochstadt, Olivia G. Waitlist