This virtual retreat is open to Jewish adults, ages 22-33. Join us for a weekend of connection and reconnection to our roots in the Maine landscape and Jewish community. As young Jewish adults living in Maine and the greater New England area, it can be a little lonely at times. The Maine Roots retreat is an opportunity to connect with our heritage, reinvigorate our Jewish practices, and enjoy being in a dynamic and inclusive community together. Our schedule will weave in and out of programming for the Fall Shabbaton—with dedicated sessions and experiences just for our cohort.

2020 Maine Roots Retreat Virtual Schedule

SATURDAY, November 7

7-8:30 pm

Havdalah and Concert with Deborah Sacks Mintz from the Hadar Rising Song Collective

8:40-9:40 pm

Virtual Retreat Welcome and “Happy Hour” with retreat participants… it’s an hour, it will be happy, and we can enjoy our own beverages of choice as we get to know each other. There may or may not be some Jewish trivia in the mix. More on this soon.

SUNDAY, November 8

10-11:15 am Inside and Out: Racial Equity in Today’s Jewish Community with Yoshi Silverstein

Amongst the many challenges of the past year, 2020 has cracked open even wider the national conversation on racial equity in our country. Many in the Jewish community are similarly asking questions about how we push forward racial equity work as Jewish individuals and communities, both in the sense of external relationships to other communities, and of internal discourse and learning around the racial make-up of our own community. In this session, we’ll learn about Jews of Color and what our American Jewish community really looks like now and moving into the future from the lenses of both statistics and personal story; and discuss what it means to be “anti-racist” in our Jewish work, lives, and community-building.

11:30 a.m.-12:30 pm All Wrapped Up Together with Daniel Heinrich

Global Jewry is connected in a thousand different ways: through shared culture, tradition, language, religion and more. But few ties bind us closer together than our shared penchant for eating stuffed vegetables. Halushkes, Seboya Reynadas, Dolmas, Mechshie, Memualim; Cabbage, Onions, Grape Leaves, Peppers, Artichokes – you name it, we’ve stuffed it full of rice or meat. While it may seem difficult, you’ll find that with a little bit of guidance it’s much easier than you think. In our session, we’ll explore three options for vegetarian rice-stuffed veggies for you to follow along at home: Onion (Sephardic Seboya Reynadas), Cabbage (Ashkenazi Halushkes), and Grape Leaf (Kurdish-style Dolmas). You’re invited to try just one or follow along for all three.

1-2:30 pm Intro to Jewish Movement & Embodied Practice with Yoshi Silverstein

This tumultuous year has challenged us to adapt to an ever-changing environment and we need tools for building resiliency to help us weather and manage change more than ever. This session will introduce embodied practices and frameworks grounded in Jewish wisdom, tradition, text, and cosmology to help us find and strengthen our ballast on these stormy seas in service of more resilient bodies, minds, and spirits. Expect to spend most of the session in active physical movement (low to moderate intensity — dress in comfortable, non-restrictive clothing and try to set-up somewhere with some space to move around in) alongside some text-based learning and discussion.

2:30 – 3:15 pm

Music as a Source of Comfort and Strength, Power and Struggle With Deborah Sacks Mintz

How has music been an expression of both power and privilege, joy and suffering throughout the Jewish people’s narrative? Where do we see our own experiences embedded within these stories? In this text-based class, we’ll explore classical texts, punctuating our learning with mindful song. Please note that Deborah’s session begins at 2, so we will step into her song and Torah learning experience at an inconvenient interval. We will record this session and share it with folks after the fact!

3:30-4 pm Closing—Siyum

Debrief from the experience together and plan for more community time in the coming year. More information on this informal final moment of the retreat soon.

*denotes sessions with the full Fall Shabbaton Jewish community

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This retreat is generously supported by Moishe House and the Center for Small Town Jewish Life.