Jewish Teens Coming Together for Learning and Playing

It can be a little lonely as a Jewish teen in Maine—so the Center for Small Town Jewish Life is excited to offer the Maine Jewish Youth Connection, bringing together YA Jews from across the state for learning, togetherness, and FUN. This year is different from all other years, and we’ve had to…wait for it…pivot, like everyone else. What that means is so far, we are unable to offer in-person programming, but we have not thrown in the towel. We’re scheming and brainstorming, and will soon be able to share with you what we have in mind. In the meantime, come cook with us from the comfort of your own kitchen on Wednesday, August 12. It’ll be like the Jewish “Chopped,” except no one gets chopped. Register Here! And if you don’t want to miss any news from us, sign up for updates here!