Jewish Studies


Are you interested in learning about Jews and Judaism? Are you intrigued by the connections between peoples, religions, and cultures? The Jewish Studies Program at Colby covers these topics and more.

Students in the program study the breadth and complexities of Jewish history, religion, politics, and literature through courses that explore diverse themes, including identity formation, prejudice, and intercultural relations. Students have the opportunity to develop fluency in Hebrew, the primary vehicle of Jewish expression. Truly interdisciplinary, the Jewish studies curriculum gives students opportunities to develop skills in the humanities and social sciences through close interaction with professors in departments such as religious studies, history, government, French, and art.

Professors in Colby’s Jewish Studies Program actively engage with the local Jewish community, providing students with hands-on learning opportunities. Through lectures, seminars, internships, and extensive research on Jewish life in Maine, the program serves not only Colby students but also residents of Waterville and other towns around the state.