judea-capta-coinAvi Avidov, Beit Berl College, Israel

Tuesday, Sept. 30 / 7:00 pm / Lovejoy 213

What is antisemitism and how long has it been with us? Given that the term itself is coinage from late 19th century, can we find validity in its applications to more or less similar phenomena in earlier periods? If we assume that some unique traits of this particular form of out-group hatred justify such a procedure, why have the Jews, of all people, remained at the at the receiving end in this unique and repeated fashion throughout the ages?  Avidov, the author of Not Reckoned Among Nations: The Origins of the So-Called Jewish Question in Roman Antiquity, explains the emergence and persistence of antisemitism by focusing on structural similarities of the Jews’ position within the larger socio-political entities into which they repeatedly failed to integrate fully.

Co-sponsored by the Classics Department, the Religious Studies Department, and the Jewish Studies Program.