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Conduct in the Colby College Libraries

The Colby College Libraries are meant for reading, studying, writing, and listening, and the libraries frequently host lectures and classes. All users must comply with the following rules for the library to be enjoyable for everyone. Please let us know if you see others disregarding these rules.

  • Any acts in violation of federal, state, or local law or of Colby College rules are prohibited.
  • Possessing, consuming, or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs is prohibited.
  • Possessing, using, or storing weapons of any kind is prohibited.
  • Any behavior that disrupts other library users is prohibited.
  • People younger than age 16 must always be attended by a parent or guardian. (Exceptions: high school students enrolled at Colby or high school children of Colby faculty and staff.)
  • Posting or distributing written materials is prohibited without prior library approval.
  • Lewd or obscene conduct, or sexual misconduct, is prohibited.
  • Viewing pornography on library computers is prohibited.
  • Excessive personal use of the library for non-research activities (e.g. using computers to run a business or play a long computer game), is prohibited, as outlined here.
  • Only service animals are allowed in the libraries.
  • Misusing restrooms (e.g. to change clothes, shave, or bathe) is prohibited; use of library materials in the restrooms is also prohibited.
  • All patrons must leave the building at closing. Remaining in the building after closing is prohibited.
  • Shirt and shoes are required, and offensive statements on clothing are prohibited.

There are consequences if you fail to respect library conduct:

  • We will call Colby Security if a user does not follow the rules of conduct.
  • We will contact the dean of students if a student is in violation of the rules.
  • We will bill the user for lost, missing, mutilated, or defaced items, including a processing fee.
  • Violators will be removed from the building and may lose all library privileges.

Can I use my cell phone in the library?

Please keep the library quiet and productive for study by putting your phone on silent or vibrate and moving to a cell phone zone if you need to take a call.

  • When you enter the library, set your cell phone to “silent” or “vibrate” mode.
  • If you need to make or receive a call, please move to a cell phone zone (closed stairwells, the “Street” in miller, the “arcade” in Olin, or the Bixler hallway).
  • Keep your voice low.
  • Persons talking on cell phones in study areas of the library will be asked to move to a cell phone zone.

Can I talk in the library?

Each library has zones for silent study as well as for quiet conversation. Watch for green signs in areas for studious conversation and group collaboration. Watch for yellow signs in areas where all library users should work silently. In both places, please refrain from phone conversations.

Can I have food or drink in the library?

To maintain the value of our library collections, equipment, and furniture, and to provide a clean and comfortable study atmosphere, we ask you to limit your food and drink in the library. Both can damage books, computers, and other electronics, as well as attract insects and rodents. Our guidelines for snack food and nonalcoholic beverages are as follows:

Bixler Art and Music Library:

Many art and music items can be easily damaged by food and drink, and so we ask that:

  • No food or snacks of any type are allowed.
  • Only drinks in sturdy, spill-proof containers are allowed—no open containers!
  • Drinking is not permitted at computers, printers, copy machines, or in aisles near bookshelves.

Miller Library and Science Library:

Consume only covered drinks and light snack food in these libraries:

  • Chips, nuts, pretzels, and cookies are considered snack foods—pizza, burgers, fries, sandwiches, and salads are not.
  • Use sturdy, spill-proof containers for all food and drinks.
  • Dispose of any food or drink trash in the trash baskets.
  • Report any spills immediately so they can be cleaned as quickly as possible.
  • Eating and drinking are not permitted in Special Collections.
  • You may not order food delivery to the library (except for library-sponsored events, with prior permission).
  • You may not eat or drink near computers, printers, copiers, or within the ‘stacks’ (library bookshelves.

Can I smoke or use tobacco in the library?

The Colby College Libraries provide a tobacco–free environment for all employees, patrons, vendors, outside contractors, and other visitors to library facilities. Please follow the link to read Colby’s campus-wide tobacco-free policy.

Can I borrow a laptop?

Yes. Faculty, staff, students, and partners of Colby College may borrow one (1) laptop and/or laptop charger at a time with their current Colby ID, if they record is not blocked.

How long can I take out a laptop or laptop charger for?

  • Both laptops and laptop chargers can be borrowed, but may not be reserved in advance. If available, you may borrow them for four hours. There are no renewals and no overnight lending.

Where do I save my data?

  • Save your projects in the cloud or to an external drive, and save as often as possible! When the laptop is shut down, all files on the hard drive are deleted forever. You must save to a USB, CD, external hard drive, or to cloud storage such as Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • The library is not responsible for battery errors, data loss, or damage to a personal computer if you use our chargers.

What happens if I don’t return a laptop / don’t return it on time?

  • You will be fined $1 per hour or portion thereof (e.g. 10 minutes later = 60 minutes = $1 fine).
  • If you do not return a laptop, or keep it overnight, you may lose all library privileges. After 24 hours, you will need to pay a full replacement fee for the cost of lost, stolen, or damaged computers and accessories (adapters, batteries).

Am I responsible for damage or theft?

  • Yes. By choosing to borrow a laptop, you are responsible for any damage or theft, whether in or outside of the library. Please do not leave it unattended or unlocked in any location!
  • Do not use food or drink near your borrowed laptop.

What are the privacy policies in the library?

The Colby College Libraries adhere to the American Library Association (ALA) standards and ethics of facilitating, not monitoring, access to information.  We do not collect information about patron activities beyond what is basic and necessary to conduct and fulfill the mission of the library. For additional information, please consult the ALA Library Bill of Rights.