The Colby College Libraries are proud to support this year’s humanities theme, as sponsored by the Center for the Arts and Humanities. Resources include:


Tiny Giants in the Libraries

During the Fall 2015 semester, Miller Library and the Science Library featured enlarged gallery photographs of marine microbes, as captured at the Bigelow Laboratory. You can continue to enjoy the virtual exhibit/audio tour on your smartphone or other mobile device at .

Tiny Giants

Book Exhibits

The Science Library is hosting monthly book exhibits related to this year’s humanities theme. Each exhibit is accompanied by a brief document with resources, archived below.

Bixler Art & Music Library also hosts occasional exhibits as well.

Finally, the Miller Library entryway has more books on display about Human/Nature.

Resources for the Study of Human/Nature

The Colby Libraries provide faculty, students, and visitors with access to over 300 databases of academic articles and over 300,000 physical books, many of which address this year’s Humanities Theme. In preparation for some of our visiting speakers, check out their works from the library!

Library Sessions on Human/Nature

Through library training and individual research consultations, the Colby College Librarians are working with Colby faculty to assist students in this year’s themed courses on research projects engaging this year’s humanities theme:

Marilyn Pukkila (librarian) teaches first-year psychology students in a Human/Nature class.

Marilyn R. Pukkila (a Colby librarian) teaches psychology students in a Human/Nature class.