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What is Interlibrary Loan?

While the Colby’s library either owns or has subscriptions to A LOT of resources, (books, eBooks, journal articles, films, images, and much, much more) we don’t buy or subscribe to everything.  However libraries have lending/access agreements with each other. Getting access to another libraries resources is called interlibrary loan (ILL).

Using Colby’s Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Before you can use ILL  you need to create your ILL account. To do this  on the Colby library web page, go to ‘My Accounts‘  in the menu bar, and select “My ILLiad Account” from the menu. Fill out all the feilds and submit!   Contact Gabe Stowe if you need help:

When searching Colby’s library website and databases, you may find a bibliographic record  for resources like books or articles that we don’t have in our physical collectoion, or the direct access to the full text of the article.

Geting Full Text For An Article

  • When you come across a article that we don’t have full text to, you’ll get a message that looks like this


  • When you click the hyperlink REQUEST FROM ANOTHER LIBRARY a new browser window will open that takes you to our interlibrary loan service, if you’ve signed up for ILL some information is automatically pulled in from the citation you found. Fill in the date you need it by and SUBMIT!

Submit your request, and our Colby library staff will attempt to locate this article for you. For most articles, you can expect to receive an email notification that your article has arrived within about 2 business days! The article (PDF) can be downloaded from your ILL account.


Geting Access To A Book or Physical Object

  • When you find a record for a book or other physical object that another library has and you want to borrow. Simply log into your ILL account and click on BOOK link (Place a new request) and fill out the required feilds and submit. Books take much longer to get based upon where it is. Additionally the pandemic has made sharing physical resources difficult so email us at AskUs!
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Accessing Your Accounts

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Getting Help

If you have questions on interlibrary loan or the storage facility, please contact:

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