The Libraries are central to Colby’s scholarship, providing scholarly resources and services to advance students’ and faculty’s teaching, learning and research experiences.

To fulfill our mission we:

  • Teach and guide students to discover, evaluate and ethically use information
  • Collaborate with faculty to enable their individual teaching and research needs
  • Identify, acquire, preserve, and provide access to scholarly works and resources that support teaching and faculty and student research
  • Manage, preserve and promote use of the college’s rare and unique materials, among other primary sources
  • Provide user-centered spaces for group and individual research, study, collaboration, and contemplation


We will remain indispensable to Colby’s mission and priorities by:

  • Collaborating with faculty to integrate library and information resources into the curriculum and research processes.
  • Re-conceptualizing our physical and virtual spaces to best support the Colby experience
  • Managing the shift to increasingly digital collections and continuing to acquire and preserve physical materials as critical for scholarship
  • Focusing on services in which all users are valued and accommodated
  • Continuing to develop our incredible staff to foster a flexible and innovative organization
  • Partnering with the wider community to provide broader access to resources
  • Instilling a culture of assessment to evaluate and continuously improve our collections and services

Core Values

In pursuing our mission and vision we are guided by commitment to:

  • Liberal Arts Teaching, Research and Scholarship: we encourage the process of discovery, learning, and the development of the mind through investigation and discourse
  • Customer-focused Service: we commit to service excellence, diversity and to meeting the evolving needs of our users