Academic Department

Area Subject Specialist
African-American Studies Ana Noriega
American Studies Laine Thielstrom
Anthropology Erin Rhodes
Art Fannie Ouyang
Biology Kara Kugelmeyer
Chemistry Kara Kugelmeyer
Cinema Studies Laine Thielstrom
Classics Karen Gillum
Computer Science Kara Kugelmeyer
East Asian Studies Karen Gillum
Economics Hilary Baribeau
Education Laine Thielstrom
English and Creative Writing Laine Thielstrom
Environmental Studies Kara Kugelmeyer
French Karen Gillum
Geology Kara Kugelmeyer
German Karen Gillum
Global Studies Hilary Baribeau
Government Hilary Baribeau
History Mike McGuire
Italian Karen Gillum
Jewish Studies Karen Gillum
Latin American Studies Laine Thielstrom
Law Hilary Baribeau
Mathematics and Statistics Kara Kugelmeyer
Music Max Bowman
Philosophy Karen Gillum
Physics and Astronomy Kara Kugelmeyer
Psychology Kara Kugelmeyer
Religious Studies Karen Gillum
Russian Karen Gillum
Science, Technology, and Society Kara Kugelmeyer
Sociology Hilary Baribeau
Spanish Karen Gillum
Theater and Dance Laine Thielstrom
Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Hilary Baribeau

Administrative Department

Area Liaison 20/21
Alumni Experience + Network Erin Rhodes
Admissions Katie Donahue
Campus Life Katie Donahue
Center for Teaching and Learning Kara Kugelmeyer
College Advancement Lareese Hall
Communications Darylyne Provost
DavisConnects Darylyne Provost
Dean of Students/Studies Pat Burdick
ITS Mike McGuire
Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Matt LeVan
President’s Office Lareese Hall
Provost and Dean of Faculty Lareese Hall
Special Programs Stephanie Frost

Co-Curricular Area

Area Liaison 20/21
Athletics Katie Donahue
Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences Kara Kugelmeyer
Center for Arts and Humanities Lareese Hall
Civic Engagement and Community Partnerships Kara Kugelmeyer
Farnham Writers’ Center Laine Thielstrom
Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs Hilary Baribeau
Language Resource Center Karen Gillum
Museum Fannie Ouyang
Oak Institute for Human Rights Erin Rhodes
Pugh Center Erin Rhodes


Here are just a few reasons to contact and utilize the expertise of subject specialist:

  • Have questions about locating and using resources for research or assignments in a particular subject area
  • Are interested in developing and refining your research topic
  • Want to learn more about the research process
  • Are interested in how to cite and want to use a citation tool
  • Want to explore the resources in the library
  • Need support optimizing your search strategies
  • Want to use Google more effectively

Not sure who to contact with your question(s)? Email us at


Subject specialists can collaborate with you to support your classes and research. Examples of when to contact us include if you:

  • Want to provide your class or students with research consultations and library instruction
  • Would like to offer asynchronous modules to support your course’s research projects
  • Would like feedback on research assignments
  • Are interested in us sending announcements about library services and relevant programs or events to the class
  • Want support locating or using a resource

Not sure who to contact with your question(s)? Email us at