The Language Resource Center (Lovejoy 404/406) offers the following resources for students:

  • Hardware:
    • Each computer in the lab is equipped with headphones and a microphone.
    • The lab has 2 scanners – they can be used for scanning images, documents, and negative slides.
  • Productivity software:
    • Microsoft Office 2016 – this suite includes Word, Excel and Powerpoint.
    • Adobe Acrobat DC – used for viewing and editing PDF documents.
  • Language learning software:
    • Antidote – for French grammar correction and word lookup.
    • Auf geht’s! – an interactive program for learning German language and culture.
    • NJ Start – a program for writing Chinese.
    • Rosetta Stone – software for learning Portuguese, Arabic, Karen, Hindi, Swahili, etc. Students can use it in the lab or request online access here.
  • Multimedia software:
    • iMovie and Final Cut Pro – used for video editing.
    • Audacity – for audio recording and editing.
    • MPEG Streamclip and QuickTime 7 Pro – for video conversion.
    • Handbrake – for DVD ripping.

Students are encouraged to ask the LRC lab monitors for help with using any of the LRC’s resources.