Kate Bolick ’95 started her magazine journalism career as an editorial assistant at The Atlantic magazine. Several stops later—including freelance assignments for Colby—the New York-based freelance writer wrote the cover story—and made the cover.

AtlanticBolick’s full-page photo graced the cover of the November issue along with the headline for her story, “What, Me Marry?” The story, about the ways men’s diminished prospects and achievement have significantly narrowed options for single women, describes a cultural sea change. Women are marrying later and less often and increasingly choosing to have children without a husband.

“Foremost among the reasons for all these changes in family structure are the gains of the women’s movement,” Bolick writes. “Over the past half-century, women have steadily gained on—and are in some ways surpassing—men in education and employment.”

It’s a wide-ranging article—historical, sociological, and cultural. And though the facts that support its premise are all around us, the story hit with a bang. Bolick appeared on the television talk shows, was interviewed far and wide, and saw her story optioned by Sony Television for a television series. If you didn’t see the story the first time around, you may see it coming to your home.