Q&A: Bevin Engman

You’ve been at Colby 23 years. Has your teaching changed? When I was a younger teacher, I thought, “How shall I teach this?” And then after several years it became, “How should I teach this differently?” And then it moved into the question of, “How did they learn?” which is really different. And I would […]
Professor of English Jennifer Boylan

The Professor Plan

To pull this off, I took the usual quota of four courses for credit per semester, but I also audited an additional two. I had a wish list of Colby professors who I’d either encountered myself or had heard legend of. Some are still teaching, others will ring a warm-toned bell for graduates about my […]
Girl's dress

When Children Shape a Society

“In many ways, and for very good reason, we [children] were a target of a lot of interventions in imagining a new democratic South Africa,” she said. “And I suppose that at least part of that experience made me interested in the experiences of children as reasonable, thinking, feeling subjects who should be taken seriously.” […]
Google Street View, Baltimore, Maryland

Neighborhood Watch

“I remember telling my undergrad advisor, ‘I think they talked to each other,’” she recalled. “He said, ‘There’s no way there’s spillover. People don’t talk to their neighbors.’ I said, ‘But in poor neighborhoods people use space differently.’” A political scientist and an assistant professor of government at Colby, LeVan is still studying how where […]

A Good Place for Moral Philosophy

      So you, Michael Schur, and William Jackson Harper on stage. How did that happen?  My brother wrote to me and said, “ I think you should probably watch this show because it’s about moral philosophy.” And I thought, well, that can’t be true. Maybe it references moral philosophy somewhere but it can’t […]
Central American immigrants walk into Texas after crossing the Rio Grande from Mexico

Cause and Effect

How will cutting aid to the Northern Triangle countries affect people living in those countries? Before entering graduate school, I worked for the U.S. Agency for International Development, working on similar aid projects. The United States has provided aid to Central American countries much like it provides aid to dozens of countries throughout the world. […]
Tenured faculty portraits

Colby Faculty Receive Promotion and Tenure

These assistant professors have received tenure and been promoted to associate professor: Denise Bruesewitz, environmental studies; Tasha Dunn, geology; Daniel LaFave, economics; Elizabeth McGrath, physics and astronomy; Ronald Peck, biology; Sonja Thomas, women’s, gender, and sexuality studies; and Natalie Zelensky; music. Receiving a promotion to full professor are María Dolores Bollo-Panadero, Spanish; Adrian Blevins, creative […]
Yang Fan, Todger Anderson Assistant Professor of Investing and Behavioral Economics

When an Economist Is a Mentor

As a student, Fan’s life has been impacted by great teachers and mentors. Whether he was earning his M.A. from San Francisco State University or an economics Ph.D. from University of Washington (where he studied the impact of corporate boards), they pushed him to find what mattered to him. “I really like the student-teacher interaction […]