Alaskan landscape

First Person

Thirty Years July 13, 2019, in the middle of what was later known as the hottest July on record in Alaska, the temperature reached over 90 degrees for the first time in history. One can get the sense of “baked Alaska” by standing on ice and feeling sweaty, with the mostly clear sky hazy from […]

First Person

“In all my travels, if there was one place that was as breathtaking as it was life-changing, it was Antarctica. There is no other place with a landscape so dramatic, so stark, that it rattles and bedazzles you all at once. At the time that I took this picture, I couldn’t believe that there existed […]
Photograph by Bassam Khhabieh

Bassam Khabieh

“In February 2018 the Syrian government, backed by Russian air power, led an atrocious military operation in civilian neighborhoods in Eastern Ghouta near Damascus. I tried to cover this attack in Douma city, where I took this picture. I was with friends when there was an airstrike targeting four buildings very close to my family’s […]