Against the Tide

Amber Ramirez ’14 traveled to Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, in the winter of 2013 to spend time with local residents and activists pressing for justice in the unsolved and largely uninvestigated murders of hundreds of young women in the city. Ramirez said her time in Ciudad Juárez allowed her to “witness firsthand the resistance, resilience, and strength […]

In Their Footsteps, 1964-2013

From parietal hours to protests to the end of fraternities, the period that began with a maelstrom of change ended with Colby emerging stronger than ever.

Game Changer

Diagnosed with terminal cancer, Todd McGovern played on

In Their Footsteps, 1914-1963

Three wars, a devastating economic depression, and creation of a new campus from scratch: during the years 1914-1963 Colby was up to the challenge.

In Their Footsteps, 1864-1913

Waterville College. Colby University. Colby College. The 50-year period that began with the Civil War was marked by dramatic changes that went deeper than a name, including the war, debate of the place of women at the College, and a gift from philanthropist Gardner Colby, who left his name and allowed for the College's survival.

They Can Play

At Colby, gay athletes are coming out—and helping to change the campus culture. Some, like champion sprinter Dominique Kone ’13, say the decision to be honest about their sexuality has made them better athletes.