Another Century, in Real Time

Imagine a country where children and women work long hours in gruesome factories for pennies a day, where food and drugs are produced in unsanitary facilities and marketed unscrupulously, where railroads control state legislatures, tyrannical party bosses dominate elections, and corrupt political machines run nearly every large city. That was America in September of 1901 […]

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The Kingdom of Golf in America The Kingdom of Golf in America By Richard J. “Pete” Moss (history emeritus) University of Nebraska Press (2013) Starting in 1915, Charles Beach and a few friends launched a golf club called Olympia Fields outside Chicago. Just nine holes on flat farmland. The initiation fee was $60 and annual […]

Recent Releases

Let the Water Hold Me Down Michael Spurgeon ’92 Ad Lumen Press (2013) When you’re witness to the beginning of a revolution and your future wife serves lasagna to the guerillas, you know you have material for a novel. Michael Spurgeon ’92 published Let the Water Hold Me Down (Ad Lumen Press) in June with […]

On the Golf Course, Father and Son Come to Grips with Life and Each Other

  Walking with Jack: A Father’s Journey to Become His Son’s Caddie Don J. Snyder ’72 Doubleday (2013)   No one can accuse Don J. Snyder ’72 of living an unexamined life. Novelist, nonfiction writer, and memoirist, the author of The Cliff Walk has spent his career reflecting deeply on relationships, real and fictional. In […]

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  Religion and State Formation in Postrevolutionary Mexico Ben Fallaw (Latin American studies) Duke University Press (2013) The Mexican Revolution was intended to set off a wave of agrarian and education reform. But, as Ben Fallaw’s new book shows, the Roman Catholic Church remained a force at local and state levels and had a profound […]

Food for Thought

Documentary Explores Lives of Immigrant Farm Workers in the United States

Lifesaving Lessons: Notes from an Accidental Mother

The tag line for Greenlaw’s latest? “Famed swordfish boat captain Linda Greenlaw faces her greatest battle with nature—a newly adopted teenage daughter.” Fans of the bestselling writer launched by the book and movie The Perfect Storm know Greenlaw as one tough customer. She can wrestle an 800-pound swordfish, manage a crew of obstreperous fishermen, and […]

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  The Laundry Monster Jeanne Morrison Cook ’87 Minor Storm Press (2011) Cook’s first children’s book (there are more coming in the “I Can Help!” series) was inspired as she waded through real-life laundry generated by four children, a husband, and a dog named Colby. Perhaps not the dog, but the rest of the family […]