A Gift to All

For the past four weeks, Eugene’s living room had been a gathering place for the three. Same time, same day of the week. Surrounded by bits and pieces from his life, Eugene (last names of Woodlands residents have been omitted to protect their identities) had been sharing memories from his childhood up to the current […]

For Kids’ Sake

Rain or shine, this was Carpenter’s ritual for the three weeks that he attended Colby’s STARTALK program, “Learning Chinese Through Art,” over his summer break.  For Carpenter, this was his second stint learning Chinese at Colby. “He kept putting numbers and flyers right by where I sit,” said his father, Israel (their names are spelled […]

Tech’s the Thing

On this stage, an arm swing was enough to change the course of the show. Through the sensor wrapped around their wrist, each performer could trigger sounds or manipulate projections in real time. This was a new kind of artistic freedom and one that explored the interaction between humans and technology. Blending together theater, music, […]

Alumni Attorneys Provide a Different Sort of Law Schooling

“Different places, but definitely a different experience for everyone as well,” said Tracy Nale, who specializes in estate and elderly law. She is now sharing her expertise with Sebastien Philemon ’19. “Wherever I’m going, he’s going,” said Nale. They’re working in the office, attending client meetings, and going to the courthouse. For Philemon, the entire […]
Photograph by Bassam Khabieh

Q&A/ Bassam Khabieh

“She said,‘he died hungry, I couldn’t feed him.’” We’ve seen your photos of Douma in the throes of war. But what was it like there before? Most of the people in Douma are farmers, and the city is surrounded by farms. Grapes and tomatoes and apricots and old olive trees, very old. At some point […]

“We got this!”

It was time to take deep breaths to steady nerves. Clouse was Colby’s top goal-scorer and a co-captain. Instead of falling to the turf in misery, covering his head with his arms, Clouse wheeled to face his teammates waiting their turn at the Williams College goalkeeper. Clouse pointed at them. “We got this!” he yelled. […]

More than a War Hero

  A play about his Civil War service, Ben Butler by the playwright Richard Strand, was staged in October at Portland (Maine) Stage Company, and Elizabeth Leonard, the John J. and Cornelia V. Gibson Professor of History, is researching a Butler biography for the University of North Carolina Press that will tell the whole story […]
Dan Dupont of Colby College

The Miracle Mules

Just to clarify, I’m not much of a sports fan. Following the Washington Senators as a kid cured me of that. I’m with Robin in Annie Hall, when she asks Woody Allen, “Alvy, what is so fascinating about a group of pituitary cases trying to stuff the ball through a hoop?” Or move a pigskin […]
Edwin Torres '12 photographing on the streets of New York City

Edwin Torres

Edwin Torres ’12: How I found my true north “Hello everyone. What an incredible short film. Wow. Shout out to Milton Guillén, also a Colby alum. He made this film about my life. I’m honored to be here. Growing up in a single-parent household in the Bronx, always stressed about getting by, I never imagined […]

Silicon ’Ville

On the top story of the new technology center at 173 Main Street, teams of curious, creative students will convene in newly renovated space with large-screen monitors, whiteboards, and glass-walled offices where they can conceive, build, and grow new enterprises. It’s all part of DavisConnects’ new Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program, which runs the annual business-pitch […]