After the Quake

When the strongest earthquake ever recorded in Japan hit on March 11, 2011, Melissa Meyer ’16 was stuck for eight hours on a bus between her home in Tokyo and her high school in the suburbs. Then, when she learned the earthquake and resultant tsunami had caused a meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power […]

When the Rules Don’t Apply '22

As the only first-year student on the Baylor University Model United Nations Team some 15 years ago, Laura Seay got the last pick of the available topics, and that meant one thing—Africa. Charged with tracking refugee movement in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Seay found herself considering a country where civil war had broken out […]

Byron Meinerth '09

Byron Meinerth ’09 graduated with a double major in international studies and Spanish, so it’s not surprising to find him studying and working abroad. But in China? “East Asia is the most dynamic place in the entire world right now,” Meinerth said in a recent Skype interview. “But, more important than that, I was looking […]

Daniel Martin '01

What do Bill Nye, Apolo Anton Ohno, Bristol Palin, and Daniel Martin ’01 have in common? Not much—unless they’re around the dance floor. Each week millions of viewers tune in to Dancing With the Stars, the popular TV show that pits celebrities against one another. Partnered with a professional dancer, each star learns the basics […]

Andrew Volk '05

Behind the Hunt & Alpine Club bar—35 feet of brushed galvanized steel inside 75 Market Street in Portland’s Old Port—Andrew Volk ’05 moves with staccato assurance. He taps to check if patrons need a refill, swings to wash glasses in a hidden sink, and moves his Boston shaker with a speed and energy usually reserved […]

Erica Eysenbach '89

Erica Eysenbach ’89 says her earliest artistic inspiration was the board game Masterpiece, in which players aim to build portfolios and become successful art collectors. That didn’t happen to the art history major, but Eysenbach did end up putting art in the hands of millions every year. Eysenbach oversees the design of catalog covers for […]

David Barr Kirtley '00

David Barr Kirtley ’00 It seems David Barr Kirtley ’00 was destined to become a science fiction writer.  Before he could even read, Kirtley was writing stories, dictating them to his mother. His father was a sci-fi-loving physics professor. An avid reader growing up, Kirtley published his first story at 16. Kirtley went on to […]

Alana McGee '05

Alana McGee ’05 The cold morning air carried the scent of pine and damp earth as Alana McGee ’05 and her dog, Lolo, headed into the forest in the foothills of Washington’s Cascade Mountains. Lolo—a brown and white Lagotto Romagnolo, an Italian breed—caught the scent and bolted through the ferns.  When Lolo stopped at a […]

Theodora Wright Weston '42

Theodora Wright Weston ’42 During her time at Colby, Theodora Wright Weston ’42 came to know legendary Dean Ninetta Runnals, chatted with visiting First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, traipsed around the pastures of Mayflower Hill (a favorite destination for Colby romance; she got poison ivy), and, in January of her senior year, got married. It was […]

Hannah Converse '09

Hannah Converse calls her fledgling farming operation “Pedaling Vegetables,” and she’s hardly spinning her wheels. As she tends her newly planted melon seedlings and prepares the three-quarter acre of rented fields at Open View Farm for her first season as a Community Supported Agriculture venture, the 26-year-old Hampden, Mass., native is already hatching plans to […]