Kevin Plummer '89

When Kevin Plummer ’89 started as head of Tampa Preparatory School, in 2007, he knew he had to take his passion as an educator beyond the classroom. And in a city where swashbuckling pirates take over once a year, he recognized underage drinking at that celebration presented a challenge where he could make a difference. […]

Linda Wrigley '89

When Linda Wrigley ’89 pulled into the driveway of her home on the outskirts of Anchorage and saw a severed moose leg, she had one thought: Where’s the grizzly? But just as dangerous as wild animals in Alaska is the sun—and the lack of it. Summer’s rays hit people all day and into the night […]

Lindsey Williams ’02 and Carolyn Lindley '02

Carolyn Lindley ’02 and Lindsey Williams ’02, both staffers at the National Ocean Service. Carolyn Lindley ’02 and Lindsey Williams ’02 approached their careers from different angles: Lindley took the hard-science route, while Williams focused on policy. Yet both ended up working at the National Ocean Service, an arm of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric […]

Yuri Maruyama '12

Yuri Maruyama ’12 Yuri Maruyama’s post-graduation move to Washington, D.C., coincided with a big event in the nation’s capital: the 2012 presidential election. Even better, the election was Maruyama’s first chance to vote as an American citizen. Maruyama was born in Japan but grew up in Irvine, Calif., where her family moved when she was […]

Rose Marie del Rio '87

Rose Marie del Rio ’87 Rose Marie del Rio ’87, of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, never actually applied to Colby. But she spent her youth in a series of business ventures (“I was always selling stuff around the neighborhood,” she said), planned on studying business in college. The fact that Colby didn’t have a business major […]

Brian MacQuarrie '74

Boston Globe reporter Brian MacQuarrie ’74 on assignment covering the Iraq War. Brian MacQuarrie ’74 is, in the best sense of the word, an old-school journalist. For the veteran newspaper reporter, it’s all about the story—whether he’s in Waterville, Maine, interviewing the mother of the first soldier killed in Iraq, or on the Kuwait-Iraq border […]

Gabriel Duncan '02

Somewhere between touring the American West in a 1976 Winnebago and freestyle rapping in an underground hip-hop competition in Shanghai, China, Gabriel Duncan ’02 turned his globetrotting lifestyle into a business and a life.  He left the confines of Mayflower Hill in spring 2002, and within months his life had become wanderlust made manifest, as […]

Tiffany Ng '08

Tiffany Ng ’08 has created a gastronomic niche that is part food, part fashion, part musical theater. Really. The genesis of what would become Ng’s Silver.Spoon enterprise began when she spent the first six months after graduation writing white papers and delivering talks for the Danish Atlantic Treaty Association. A master’s program (international law, economics, […]

David Marcus '82

David Marcus ’82 David Marcus ’82 has witnessed his share of drama, intrigue, and deceit in the courtroom. His cases have covered bank robberies, drug shootings, white-collar crime, political corruption, insurance fraud, and technology wars. Over 25 years Marcus has prosecuted scores of criminals and litigated complicated civil cases with billions of dollars at stake. […]

Annie Chen '12

  The workday flies by when you’re putting thugs, terrorists, and other assorted bad guys behind bars. Just ask Annie Chen ’12, a paralegal with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York. Chen recently found herself sitting in a courtroom with a terror suspect accused of bombing embassies in Africa and […]