Peter Anderson '66

When the National Park Service held a signing ceremony to establish a sister park agreement between Pinnacles National Monument and Parque Nacionale Quebrada del Condorito (Canyon of the Little Condor) in Argentina in 2010, Peter Anderson ’66 was there representing Rotary International. Peter Anderson ’66 After initiating professional exchanges between his Rotary Club in Morgan […]

Niles Parker '91

Some people love visiting museums. Niles Parker ’91 loves museum visitors. The veteran museum curator and director has spent his career considering just what a museum should offer its patrons. And he’s had quite a collection of museums to ponder. Parker is executive director of the Maine Discovery Museum in Bangor, the largest children’s museum […]

Antonio Mendez '06

A desire to educate and inspire young people took Antonio Mendez ’06 to a country where only a quarter of the population of 70,000 is native, everyone is trilingual, and the president can be seen—unescorted—ordering at KFC. Mendez spent a year as a Fulbright Fellow in Andorra, the tiny principality in the Pyrenees between France […]

Grayce Hall Studley '61

  Grayce Hall Studley ’61 When Grayce Studley ’61 became director of bilingual ESL programs at the Portland, Maine, school system in 1983, five language groups were represented and she had six staff members. When she retired in 2003, 57 language groups were represented, and the Office of Multilingual and Multicultural Programs had more than […]

Stephen Orlov '71

Stephen Orlov ’71 and his wife, Karen Kaderavek When Isolated Incident, the play Stephen Orlov ’71 co-wrote, garnered the Special Juror’s Prize at the 1989 Quebec Drama Festival, he had only just “discovered” theater the year before. Since then he’s written five more plays that have gained worldwide attention, he continues to work on a […]

Bianca Belcher '03

Bianca Belcher ’03, left, who’s in the physician’s assistant program at Northeastern, with Emily Soto, a student at Edward M. Kennedy Academy for Health Careers in Boston. Soto is a student leader who helped organize Belcher’s health clinic program at the school. (Photo by Julia Bertozzi) Bianca Belcher ’03 says she “sort of stumbled” into […]

James Cryan '07

When new teacher James Cryan ’07 walked into his sixth grade reading and writing classroom on the first day of school in 2007, he was faced with a daunting task. Teach For America had placed Cryan in a public school in southwest Denver. Ninety-five percent of the students were at or below the poverty level, […]

Melissa Early Ruwitch '89

College freshmen have a lot to do their first month on campus. Talking about sexual health and alcohol abuse, however, is typically not high on their list. Melissa Early Ruwitch ’89 understands this, but raises the topic anyway. As chief of health promotion services at Washington University in St. Louis, Ruwitch oversees programs to educate […]

Jed Snyder '76

Jed Snyder ’76 picked up a new hobby in each of the countries where he’s lived. In Bahrain he played chess with local cab drivers. In Croatia he polished his cooking skills, hosting a dinner party at his place every Sunday. And in Italy he went to the opera. But while these activities kept Snyder […]

Rashad Randolph ’02 and Coy Dailey '01

Rashad Randolph ’02, left, and Coy Daily ’01 It was an exchange that could have happened (and no doubt did) in the Dana five-man where Coy Dailey ’01 and Rashad Randolph ’02 were roommates a decade ago. Dailey: “Me and Mr. Randolph played basketball last night and my knee’s killing me.” Randolph: “Want some cheese […]