Future of the Arts

This position is not only new for you but also for the College. How do you see your role? I see my role as a community engagement professional first and foremost by exploring what exists within the arts realm here at Colby and determining how it connects to the broader community of Waterville and Maine. […]
Central American immigrants walk into Texas after crossing the Rio Grande from Mexico

Cause and Effect

How will cutting aid to the Northern Triangle countries affect people living in those countries? Before entering graduate school, I worked for the U.S. Agency for International Development, working on similar aid projects. The United States has provided aid to Central American countries much like it provides aid to dozens of countries throughout the world. […]
Andrew Volk ’05 mixing a drink

Food and Drink, with a DASH of History

You and Briana are like professors of food and drink. Did your inspiration begin at Colby? I’m not sure if professors is the correct word, but there was absolutely an interest and seed of opportunity in food and drink that developed at Colby. I can remember taking weekends and making meals with friends in the […]