Liam O’Brien and Alane O’Connor ’96 confer in O’Brien’s office at Colby

A Better Way

Before she became an addiction-medicine specialist, O’Connor ’96 studied environmental economics at Colby, and for several years consulted on pollution cleanup and nuclear waste storage. O’Brien first studied physics and mathematics, eyed medical school, and early on put his analytical skills to work for a psychiatric hospital. O’Connor went on to earn a doctorate in […]
Students working in robotics lab

One Step at a Time

Last summer Eaton, assistant professor of computer science, hired three students to collaborate with her in the Colby College Computational Physiology and Optimization Lab (C3PO) to make and test those parts—specifically three-dimensional synthetic tendons. Eaton, who did her doctoral research at the University of South Florida, isn’t the first roboticist to consider using pliable materials in […]
Graphic showing higher and lower probabilities of a vehicle having a moose-vehicle collision

Crash Course

  The project began in 2004 when Alex Jospe ’06, a Nordic skier who traveled Maine roads to meets, decided to use skills learned in a GIS class taught by Associate Professor of Environmental Studies Philip Nyhus. Jospe used data supplied by state transportation officials to map moose-collision hot zones. On a trip to Vermont, […]
Short Bigeye fish

Small Fish, Big Discovery

Andy Li ’18, from Salt Lake City, was also on the trip. After a quick search that didn’t turn up any common fish in the Gulf of Maine that are bright orange, Li posted a photo—along with other geo-tagged photos of crabs, seaweed, etc.—on Next day he looked at his phone and there were […]

The Company We Keep

William and Margaret Montgoris Assistant Professor in Psychology Allecia Reid explains the statistical analyses used in a study to Carly Taylor ’15 (far left), Caroline Minott ’16 (left), and Ali Belzer ’17 (right). It would be tough to find a research subject more relevant to college students’ social lives than the one William and Margaret […]

World-Class Research

Read more Could Childhood Nutrition Set Stage for Brain Health Late in Life? Unlocking the Secrets of Neurodegenerative Diseases Hitting the Lab Running From top, Chris Krasniak ’16 at the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory; Hallie Jester ’16 at the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences; Colby Achievement Program in the Sciences participant Grace Uwase ’18 […]

When the Rules Don’t Apply '22

As the only first-year student on the Baylor University Model United Nations Team some 15 years ago, Laura Seay got the last pick of the available topics, and that meant one thing—Africa. Charged with tracking refugee movement in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Seay found herself considering a country where civil war had broken out […]

Geneticist Angelini Awarded $800,000 NSF Grant

Something has been bugging Colby geneticist David Angelini. How, Angelini wonders, can a single species (in this case the soapberry bug) produce two distinctly different forms, one with long wings and one with short, that are not linked to sex? What is the genetic mechanism that causes the wings to develop differently? “Why does it […]

What Birds Tell Us

On a Monday morning during Jan Plan, Katerina Faust ’14 started her day with a walk in Colby’s Perkins Arboretum. There was snow on the ground, and freezing rain was falling. The temperature was 19 degrees. She placed a small plastic speaker on a mound of frozen earth and took out her notebook. “This will […]

Changing the Face of Science

Shamika Murray ’14 was a high-achieving science student from a big public high school in Philadelphia. But soon after arriving on Mayflower Hill she learned that Colby academics were at a whole new level. “I had a really tough freshman year,” she said. “Academically, I wasn’t ready for the workload. It was nothing like my […]