China Pictorial Magazine covers

A Rare Glimpse into Chinese National Memory

Associate Professor Hong Zhang, chair of the East Asian Studies Department, is building a database of more than 70 years of cover images from Chinese periodicals. Assembled with the help of student research assistants on campus and abroad, the covers range from the Mao era to contemporary publications and feature an array of culturally significant […]
CT-scan in progress

Detecting Sarcoma at the Right Time

Until recently, the answer stemmed from expert opinion, which can be subjective. Now, thanks to a study coauthored by Charles A. Dana Professor of Statistics Liam O’Brien, the answers come from data. Using statistical modeling, the research showed that the optimal interval can be estimated based on the tumor’s growth rate. This knowledge promises to […]
Josh Browning, Laura Kleiman, Marius Stan, and Ora Tanner

Experts Welcome Davis Institute for Artificial Intelligence—and Colby—to the Conversation

The College recently announced a $30-million gift to establish the first cross-disciplinary institute for artificial intelligence (AI) at a liberal arts college—an important moment for higher education. “Colby College is a pioneer in an area that I can only see growing,” said Marius Stan, program lead for intelligent materials design at Argonne National Laboratory in […]
Data points from genome sequencing

Opening a Window to Evolution

This data visualization wall, inside the Paul J. Schupf Scientific Computing Center, is one of the newest academic innovations at Colby that is utilized by students as the College integrates data science throughout its curriculum, thanks to a gift from Trustee Rick McVey P’12, ’16. Read more about the creation of the McVey multidisciplinary data […]
Helicopter crash simulation graphic

When the Body Deceives

The helicopter carrying Bryant, his daughter, and seven others was flying in foggy conditions when it crashed near Calabasas, Calif., on the morning of Jan. 26, 2020. About 40 minutes into the flight, the pilot told air traffic controllers he was climbing to 4,000 feet, according to a preliminary report from the National Transportation Safety […]
Assistant Professor of Computer Science Hannah Wolfe

Something Doesn’t Compute

Data allows computers to build what’s called neural networks—computing systems inspired by human brains. It’s the fodder from which machines learn, find patterns, and build artificial intelligence. But here’s the catch: data isn’t neutral. It’s littered with human biases, says Assistant Professor of Computer Science Hannah Wolfe, whose work in robotics and interactive art brings […]

Who Gets Ahead in the Workplace?

Prepare yourself, agreeable person, for some good news. Because a group of researchers, including Associate Professor of Psychology Christopher Soto, found that it doesn’t. The team, led by Cameron Anderson from the University of California, Berkeley, carried out two longitudinal studies (recently published), where they measured more than 650 participants’ personality traits and then revisited […]
Assistant Professor of Biology Suegene Noh working with Emily Larson ’21 in her lab.

The Mystery of Infection

The research aims to identify genes that impact infection between amoebas (the host) and bacteria (the symbiont). Noh’s goal, she explained, is to better understand how and why fitness—a general term describing health—outcomes of amoebas vary when they encounter the same bacteria. In the study, Noh will infect single-cell Dictyostelium discoideum amoebas with Burkholderia bacteria. […]
mobile phone with Twitter on the screen

Hints in the Language

Younger and older adults both better remember content of tweets, but when trying to recall the source information, older adults rely a lot more on content to determine where something might have come from, according to a new study, which compared tweets and news headlines, by Kimberly Bourne ’16, Sarah Boland ’17, Grace Arnold ’17, […]
Genomic epidemiology of novel coronavirus map of transmitions

Big Questions

Pivoting to adapt, she learned through one of her colleagues about a database documenting COVID-19 virus’s own evolution as it sweeps around the globe. This platform by Nextstrain, an open-source project to harness the scientific and public health potential of pathogen genome data, brings together COVID-19 samples from across the world and uses data visualization […]