What’s On Your Mind?

Professor Erin Sheets studies how Facebook really makes us feel—and finds that it isn’t always better

Silver Tsunami

Colby research project examines challenges facing China’s aging population

Reconstructing Violet Paget

Professor Phyllis Mannocchi has spent 35 years reconstructing the life of the enigmatic and forward-thinking British writer who used the pen name Vernon Lee.

Natural Colby

In Perkins Arboretum there are birds of all feathers, trees that tell a story, and even romance (especially if you’re a frog)

Scheck Traces POW Account to Senegalese Luminary

Raffael Scheck in the French National Archives with documents including the anonymous POW’s report he later proved was written by Léopold Senghor. Photo by Vincent Fournier,Jeune Afrique History Professor Raffael Scheck’s 2006 book, Hitler’s African Victims, opened old wounds in Europe and Africa when it revealed that the German army massacred thousands of black African […]

Boots On the Ground

At 40, growing Environmental Studies Program equips students to tackle real-world problems

Real Problems, Real Solutions

Research Assistant William Supple IV ’12 uses a glass-bottomed bucket to view the shallow-water substrate of Great Pond. Supple and five other students worked this summer with professors Russell Cole, Catherine Bevier, and Herbert Wilson to investigate the impacts of shoreland development on the lake’s shallow-water ecosystem.   Colby has focused its environmental resources on […]

A Natural Writer

With carefully chosen words, Blair Braverman ’11 sets out to raise environmental awareness.