A Gift to All

For the past four weeks, Eugene’s living room had been a gathering place for the three. Same time, same day of the week. Surrounded by bits and pieces from his life, Eugene (last names of Woodlands residents have been omitted to protect their identities) had been sharing memories from his childhood up to the current […]
Students in Freetown, Sierra Leone

The Right Path

Poverty and crime. Fractured families, dysfunctional schools. Homelessness and unemployment. Gangs and prostitution. And everywhere, children. Aimless, bored, hungry—children and teens loitered in his neighborhood of Aberdeen, a peninsula extending from Freetown proper. He wondered—why are so many kids around? “I thought they were on school vacation or something,” said Mami, who had returned to secure […]
Portrait of Corrie Marinaro '00

Balancing Act

“[People] need to spend more time with their community,” Marinaro says. “They need to pay attention to what goes into their bodies, they need to drink water, they need to breathe healthy air, get outside from time to time.” Since opening its doors in 2012 “Dr. Corrie’s” practice has seen steady success, growing rapidly to […]
Bladder cancer illustration

Giving Back After Cancer

Pulver, a trustee from the Class of 1963, has been cancer free for 10 years, and he’s punctuated his cancer-free decade with publication of Bladder Cancer: A Patient-Friendly Guide to Understanding Your Diagnosis and Treatment Options. The book—written with bladder-cancer expert Dr. Mark Schoenberg and Pulver’s sister Fran Pulver, a writer—aims to provide a road […]

Friends in Need

Between high school and Colby, Emily Muller ’17 took a gap year that included travel in Latin America. During a homestay in Guatemala’s highlands, the father of her host family recounted his trips north to work in the United States without documents. He would walk through the Sonoran Desert at night, burying himself in the […]

Colby Volunteer Center Puts Service in Spring Break

  Ten Colby students helped build the foundation of a small school in Las Cebitas, Nicaragua.   There was a time when thoughts of spring break conjured images of beaches and beer. And they may still—for some. But these days demand for alternative spring break programs exceeds capacity. The Goldfarb Center, which oversees some of […]

Who Was Elizabeth Hanson?

Book by Washington Post reporter reveals the secret circumstances surrounding the death of the CIA’s rising star