Will Johnson 20


It’s early in the 2019 season and Colby, the reigning NESCAC champion, has just come off a 3-0 win over Thomas College. The team works on situational drills, three-on-two breaks, hoping to hone the offense for the upcoming game against Connecticut College. Listening closely as Coach Ewan Seabrook delivers instruction to his forwards, Johnson is […]
Kristin Yorke women's lacrosse senior year reflection_

For Seniors, Colby Athletic Careers are Over; Memories Live On

The last season for all senior spring athletes at Colby abruptly came to an end amid the COVID-19 global pandemic. Something that seemed so far away had suddenly forced me to say goodbye to my best friends and peers, some of whom I knew I’d never see again, completely changed the trajectory of the next […]
Zane Fields '19 resting during practice

Shooting for the World Cup

In June the U.S. Biathlon Association selected Fields and one other recent college Nordic ski star, Luke Brown of Dartmouth, for its two-man X-Team, which is reserved, as coach Tim Burke puts it, for “strong skiers with shooting promise.” The biathlon is, remember, that strange hybrid sport that sees competitors careening along on skis and […]
ric DeCosta ’93, the general manager of the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens

A Football Odyssey

DeCosta, in his first—and very successful—season as the Baltimore Ravens’ general manager, places a premium on enthusiasm. And consistency. And loyalty. And humility. He’s the top executive for an NFL franchise—there are just 31 other such jobs in the entire world—and a league leader in using analytics to evaluate players and guide organizational decisions. A […]

Strengthening a Community—Literally

It’s why the former USA Hockey strength and conditioning coach threw herself into learning about Nordic skiing. Why, as the coach responsible for ensuring Colby’s NCAA athletes reached peak performance, she also taught strength classes for the entire campus community. Why it meant so much when a non-varsity athlete asked for a personalized strength plan […]

“We got this!”

It was time to take deep breaths to steady nerves. Clouse was Colby’s top goal-scorer and a co-captain. Instead of falling to the turf in misery, covering his head with his arms, Clouse wheeled to face his teammates waiting their turn at the Williams College goalkeeper. Clouse pointed at them. “We got this!” he yelled. […]
Dan Dupont of Colby College

The Miracle Mules

Just to clarify, I’m not much of a sports fan. Following the Washington Senators as a kid cured me of that. I’m with Robin in Annie Hall, when she asks Woody Allen, “Alvy, what is so fascinating about a group of pituitary cases trying to stuff the ball through a hoop?” Or move a pigskin […]
founding members of Colby’s Baseball Analytics Club

Their Ticket to the Show

The founding members of Colby’s Baseball Analytics Club had done well. Launched in 2014, the club was an extension of its founding members’ shared background. In high school, their love of math and stats was rivaled only by their passion for baseball. All played ball to some degree—Schoenfeld is a pitcher for Colby—but their major […]
Jack Burton Takes the Ice for Chicago Blackhawks farm team, the Indy Fuel

From One Hockey
Dream to Another

Toto, I don’t think we’re at Colby anymore. “At Colby, you’ve got a couple hundred fans, some of whom are your friends and some who know you by name from class,” said Burton. “This is different. There’s more pressure. It makes your heart beat a little faster.” Burton graduated from Colby in May, with a […]
Former Colby rower Steve Whelpley ’05, who narrowly missed qualifying for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Whelpley returned to Colby this fall as assistant crew coach.

Making Seconds Count

For world-class rowers like Steve Whelpley ’05, victory is often measured in tenths of a second or even less. So is defeat. But after a near-miss to make the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro the former Colby rower—who this summer joined the College as assistant to his former crew mentor, head crew coach […]