Fancy Footwork

This spring, the skaters’ final project for the course “The Art of Athletics,” a short film titled Rehearsal: 11/3/2020, earned national recognition from the ACDA, American College Dance Association. Rehearsal was selected as one of the strongest dance films submitted nationwide for the ACDA’s virtual “Screendance” gala on April 10. “I think one of the […]
Regan Bragg, a mathematics and computer science double major, as she works with the coding program that she’s teaching students of Waterville’s public schools.

Early Exposure

A mathematics and computer science double major, Bragg has imagined and implemented a program to boost young Mainers’ interest in programming and computer science. Bragg’s brainchild is the WJHS Coding Club, an afterschool club for students at Waterville Junior High School. It uses a cadre of 20 Colby mentors to teach 12- and 13-year-olds basic […]
Ben Bogorad ’21, Olivia Hochstadt ’21, Minji Ko ’21, Whitney White ’21

Waiting for a Watson

  Ben Bogorad ’21   Olivia Hochstadt ’21   Minji Ko ’21   Whitney White ’21 In the 51 years that Colby has participated in the program, 65 Colby seniors have won a “Watson,” as it’s informally called. They’ve studied nomads in Mongolia, runners in Kenya, river communities in Southeast Asia, children subsisting on trash […]
A man using laptop computer working on new project idea at his desk in the office late at night - panoramic web banner with copy space on the right

Job Ready

The economics and music double major had never presented recommendations with high-stakes implications to a corporate sales team, and certainly not one for a $317-billion company like LVMH, the retail giant that owns iconic brands like Louis Vuitton, Moet & Chandon, and Tiffany. “It was so cool to see the liberal arts approach to a […]
Lexi Hanus ’20

Predicting Patterns in the World of Ecommerce

A sociology major with a minor in human development, Hanus spent her undergraduate career examining the patterns that people make—understanding why people do what they do and how that fits into broader societal trends. With so many real-world applications, her job search spanned multiple industries from teaching to consulting, eventually zeroing in on marketing. But […]
Mykela Patton

Justice Served

The law that is helping marginalized communities in California, including the one where Patton lives, is Assembly Bill (AB) 617, signed into law in 2017. It requires that the state take action to reduce toxic emissions and pollutants in disadvantaged communities. Studying remotely this semester, Patton is part of the effort, working through an internship […]
Blair Sullivan ’22

A Matter of Policy

So said a report published recently by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), one of the world’s most respected and influential think tanks. Much of the 50-page report, “Creative Economies in the Indo-Pacific and Covid-19: The Show Must Go On,” was written by contributing authors Blair Sullivan ’22 and fellow intern Duke University […]

Vivaldi Alfresco

The alfresco performance from the string section of the Colby Symphony Orchestra was a much-needed gift to a Colby community weary of screens and earbuds. We were there, in person, awash in the immediacy and delicacy of their talent.   “Music has the power to bring everybody together,” said Conductor Jinwook Park, who organized the […]
Will Johnson 20


It’s early in the 2019 season and Colby, the reigning NESCAC champion, has just come off a 3-0 win over Thomas College. The team works on situational drills, three-on-two breaks, hoping to hone the offense for the upcoming game against Connecticut College. Listening closely as Coach Ewan Seabrook delivers instruction to his forwards, Johnson is […]

Greater Good?

Last summer she traveled to Atlanta for a CDC meeting on immunization practices that anti-vaxxers often attend. She listened to their emotional speeches and found that one woman’s words stuck with her: It’s just so sad that all my civil rights are being taken. “I never really heard or thought about the anti-vax movement in […]