Handwritten card at Lunar New Year celebration

A Taste of their Home

Coming Together Inside, the first to arrive were already filling up their plates with signature Chinese dishes: vegetable egg rolls with plum sauce, sweet rice dumplings with red bean paste, and Sichuan spicy boiled fish. White and red parasols hung above the food. Red lanterns and fu (福) signs livened up the walls for good […]
Regina Martinez '20

Moving North and Finding Answers

Martinez had a sinus infection. She and her mother were at the doctor’s office in Juarez, Mexico, across the border from their home in El Paso, Texas. As they left the office, an email arrived informing of a status update on her college application. She hurriedly clicked on “Status Update.” The announcement loaded and said, […]
Claire Mepyans '19

The Path to the Front Lines

“It’s like trying to explain how most things work,” said the senior from Fairfield, Conn. “It’s a combination of math and critical thinking … and our professors push you to try your hardest.” This passion and determination led Mepyans ’19 to be the first student selected for a new internship at Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) […]
Portrait of Hannah Springhorn '19

Food, Culture,
and Running

“Watson year is a gift,” Springhorn said. “I think it’s one that everyone should have, because how often do you get the chance to spend 12 months getting to know yourself as a person, and getting to know who you want to become [or] how you want to change the world?” Since 1968 the Thomas […]
Alfred Stieglitz, The Steerage, 1907 (detail)


“I think that there is a powerful relationship between art that can stimulate conversation. The way that we frame art in relation to other works of art, but also our own lives, and the audience, is something I’ve been captivated by. It’s been transformative for me.” —Caroline Webb ’19 on her experiences curating the exhibition […]
Chloé Powers at window, Istanbul at night beyond

No Going Back

“It’s incredibly human and incredibly personal in ways that are really hard to describe,” Powers said. “Half of us would end up crying, about issues of migration, gender and sexuality, discrimination, friends who had spent time in prison in their home countries on the issue of queerness, and were having a hard time finding a […]
Student in kayak doing research on lake with image of Cyclopidae in background

Body of Evidence

Grace Andrews ’21 collects a sample from remote Horns Pond in the Bigelow Preserve in western Maine last summer. Andrews, an environmental science major from Farmington, Maine, was studying how alpine lakes respond to climate change. In addition to studying zooplankton, including the Cyclopidae shown here, Andrews collected data on water temperature and dissolved oxygen. […]
Julia Grady '20


Tuesday After Ross Gay And the crab apple out back quivers with the current, drowns out the small flicker of sunlight, and the last of mom’s chrysanthemums cling to the soggy soil while the rain strips the varnish off dad’s pearly white arbor (it’s not used to this), rose water trickles from peonies flapping in […]
Jackson Pollock, Composition with Masked Forms, 1941

This Caught Our Attention

Masterpiece Adrienne Kaplowitz ’21, left, a psychology and studio art double major, and Esther Bo Kim ’21, who is majoring in government, ponder Jackson Pollock’s Composition with Masked Forms, a recent and major acquisition by the Colby College Museum of Art. The painting is critical in that it reflects a watershed moment in Pollock’s transition […]
Marnay Avant ’18


Diminutive in stature but large in ambition, from the moment she arrived on Mayflower Hill Avant was determined to pursue every opportunity, challenge herself every day, and fully embrace a life of scholarship. What she didn’t know was the number of people who would line up to support her. Chosen by her class to speak […]