Julia Grady '20


Tuesday After Ross Gay And the crab apple out back quivers with the current, drowns out the small flicker of sunlight, and the last of mom’s chrysanthemums cling to the soggy soil while the rain strips the varnish off dad’s pearly white arbor (it’s not used to this), rose water trickles from peonies flapping in […]
Jackson Pollock, Composition with Masked Forms, 1941

This Caught Our Attention

Masterpiece Adrienne Kaplowitz ’21, left, a psychology and studio art double major, and Esther Bo Kim ’21, who is majoring in government, ponder Jackson Pollock’s Composition with Masked Forms, a recent and major acquisition by the Colby College Museum of Art. The painting is critical in that it reflects a watershed moment in Pollock’s transition […]
Marnay Avant ’18


Diminutive in stature but large in ambition, from the moment she arrived on Mayflower Hill Avant was determined to pursue every opportunity, challenge herself every day, and fully embrace a life of scholarship. What she didn’t know was the number of people who would line up to support her. Chosen by her class to speak […]
Ernesto Esquivel-Amores ’19

The Next Door Opens

In his mid-50s, wearing a grey sweatsuit and beanie, Ricky turned out to be from England, an orphan who eventually made a living as a boxer, moved to America, lost his way with drugs, and pulled himself back up. When Esquivel-Amores confided that he was thinking of giving up on LA, Ricky replied with the […]
Brit Biddle ’19

Designing a Future

Biddle could have looked at Cal Poly, Stanford, or UC Berkeley, but instead she set her sights on the East Coast, looking for a place where she could both thrive in her chosen fields and explore a new part of the country. “I feel like I’m getting an entirely different education [at Colby],” said Biddle, […]
James Ross ’18

Silence is Golden

But even if he had, his eventual choice wouldn’t even have made the list. The one-time Marine Corps ROTC cadet is a philosophy major who moved to Nepal to continue his study of Buddhism through silent meditation. While majoring in biology during his first year, Ross learned that the military would pay for medical school. […]
founding members of Colby’s Baseball Analytics Club

Their Ticket to the Show

The founding members of Colby’s Baseball Analytics Club had done well. Launched in 2014, the club was an extension of its founding members’ shared background. In high school, their love of math and stats was rivaled only by their passion for baseball. All played ball to some degree—Schoenfeld is a pitcher for Colby—but their major […]
Data and DNA illustration

Big Data

Imagine that the resulting product, that huge number, represents tiny bits of data: information about what makes you human, what gives you brown eyes, and why your hair is curly. Now, take these data, these trillions of facts, this micro-universe of information, and use them to change the world. Far-fetched? Not anymore, and not at […]
Colby College student Nick Pattison ’18 and William “Brownie” Brown in a nursing home, Waterville, Maine

Common Ground

Every Sunday for more than a year and a half, Pattison has been “barging in” at Lakewood Continuing Care Center where Brownie lives. Pattison arrived as a hospice volunteer assigned to the then-99-year-old former hunting guide and retired paper mill worker. “He turned out to be a pretty good guy, too,” Brownie said between long […]
Austin Nantkes '19 and Chris Marcello '19

Up to Code

CGI, Inc., a Montreal-based computer consulting firm that Colby recruited to Waterville as part of ongoing downtown revitalization efforts, chose to do more than the usual application process for the paid summer positions. “During Jan Plan we competed with another team to pitch an idea,” Nantkes said. Based on the pitches, the company would decide […]