Winning on the Court—and in the Classroom

Lydia plans to study neuropsychology and is working as a research assistant in the neuroscience lab of Associate Professor of Psychology Melissa Glenn this summer. Gabriela Venditti is planning to major in government and psychology, and has great things to say about her classes with Associate Professor of Government Walter Hatch and Goldfarb Family Distinguished […]
Experience the World at Home

When Immigrants Teach Students

Dipping into the Melting Pot Colby students live and work in Portland’s vibrant immigrant community There’s no need to leave Maine to study immigration, varied cultures, and the modern diaspora. Six students did earlier this year, living and working with refugee families in the Portland area for the Jan Plan Study Abroad: Living and Working […]
Colby student Sam Willson playing basketball

Court Musician

If he was tired from the win—Willson contributed eight points and five rebounds in the 66-64 upset—he didn’t show it. He expertly accompanied each hymn and played pieces of his choosing before and after the service. “I love this church,” he said of his four-year gig. “They’ve been very, very good to me.” It’s a […]
Members of Colby Posse '13

A Posse Comes East

For Parker and other members of the Houston Posse, coming to Mayflower Hill meant leaving a sprawling metropolis and one of the most diverse cities in the United States. “If you took New York City and just spread it out more, that’s Houston,” Parker said. Parker is one of nine students in Colby Posse 13, […]

Smallest Creatures Could Change the Big Picture '18

It takes an expansive mind to connect microscopic marine copepods (certain crustacean plankton) unwittingly chomping on floating microplastics with a bigger picture: the planet’s carbon pump and global climate change. But that’s what Brian Kim ’18 decided to investigate during Jan Plan, working with Bigelow Laboratory Senior Research Scientist David Fields. The story unfolds with […]
Joebelle Bonete ’18

First Person

“We were shooting a video for admissions and I was asked about something I wrote on my LinkedIn summary about my life moving in big leaps. I hadn’t thought of that in a while and it kind of caught me off guard. I thought, ‘Oh boy. Why would anyone want to know my story?’ And […]


Esmat arrived on Mayflower Hill from Kabul, Afghanistan, by way of Massachusetts (four years at Deerfield Academy) and Jordan (a postgraduate year at King’s Academy) and decided to explore. He took geology, psychology, English, and, in the same spirit of exploration, his first foray into art history, a class on East Asian art with Professor of Art Ankeney […]
Taxi cabs, confusing image

The Memory Professor

At Colby Coane will continue to study how we integrate knowledge and words into semantic ononemory—the knowledge that’s accessible without context and instantly connected to related information. The words castanet and Casablanca were examples in her grant application, and it’s estimated that the average adult has 50,000 of these entries stored up. She first became […]


Brendan Leonard ’16 had his first acting role in the fourth grade. He played Daddy Warbucks in the school play Annie. He got a lot of laughs, but not for the right reasons. “I came out and I was this little chubby kid with a bald cap on and my first line was just, ‘Hello, […]
Dan Meyer at Fenway Park, Tuesday, May 19, 2015 in Boston. Photo by Mary Schwalm.

From the Classroom to the Big Leagues

Last fall, like thousands of other wannabes across the country, Dan Meyer ’16 wrote to all of the Major League Baseball teams asking about internship opportunities. The response wasn’t what Meyer expected. “A number of them said, ‘I’m actually familiar with your work. You do some really cool stuff,’” he said. “That came as a […]