Tanya Sheehan, Associate professor of art

The Intersection of Art and Medicine

Tanya Sheehan arrived at Georgetown University intending to become a medical doctor. She aced her organic chemistry lab section, eventually was turned off by the rote memorization the program emphasized, and then discovered art history and film studies. “That changed everything,” she said, “but I never forgot about science and medicine.” In fact, Sheehan rarely […]

Educating by Poetry

I often rouse students in my poetry classes through hypothetical exams. Sometimes the subject of the exam is quite narrow: Is this image of something “falling light as a thistlebloom” effective in Heather’s gritty Manhattan poem? Or the question is vast, universal: What is the purpose of poetry? Why are we sitting here doing this? […]

A Tour of Art Careers

It wasn’t a tour of art museums. It was a tour of art careers. That was the opportunity offered to and taken by senior art majors over fall break, as alumni and friends welcomed students to the varied art world of New York City. The four-day trip, organized by the Department of Art through an […]

How We Think, Feel, Behave

Assistant Professor of Psychology Christopher Soto has good news and bad news. The bad news: “Most kids become less agreeable and less conscientious from about age ten to about age fourteen.” The good news? “Then they turn things around. They get much nicer and more responsible over the course of high school and college years, […]

Seeing the World—and Colby—Through Mark Twain’s Eyes

When I tell people I stayed in Mark Twain’s summer home, I never know what kind of response to expect. One person asked me if I’d gone swimming in the Mississippi; others assumed I was referring to the mansion he built in Hartford. But, every now and then, someone gives me a spellbound look and […]

Samara Gunter, assistant professor of economics

“I love the moment when a new metaphor makes a hard concept suddenly clear. For me, teaching economics, the search for the perfect example is like the hunt for a perfect seashell on a beach with rough waves. Most shells are flawed, but I choose a handful of the best and carry those with me. Still, […]

Exploring Common Ground

Many writers grow close to a subject after years of research, poring over documents and papers, parsing works line by line. Jorge Olivares felt tied to the subject of his latest book, the Cuban writer Reinaldo Arenas, before the project even began. Olivares, the Allen Family Professor of Latin American Literature at Colby, has devoted […]