ric DeCosta ’93, the general manager of the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens

A Football Odyssey

DeCosta, beginning his first season as the Baltimore Ravens’ general manager, places a premium on enthusiasm. And consistency. And loyalty. And humility. He’s the top executive for an NFL franchise—there are just 31 other such jobs in the entire world—and a league leader in using analytics to evaluate players and guide organizational decisions. A Ravens’ […]
Former coach Tom Austin

“I want to play for this guy.”

The following is excerpted from an upcoming Colby Magazine profile of Eric DeCosta ’93, general manager of the NFL’s Baltimore Ravens. DeCosta, former captain of the Colby football team, led fundraising to name the football/lacrosse locker room in the new Colby College athletics center for his coach and mentor, Tom Austin.   In their first […]
Liam O’Brien and Alane O’Connor ’96 confer in O’Brien’s office at Colby

A Better Way

Before she became an addiction-medicine specialist, O’Connor ’96 studied environmental economics at Colby, and for several years consulted on pollution cleanup and nuclear waste storage. O’Brien first studied physics and mathematics, eyed medical school, and early on put his analytical skills to work for a psychiatric hospital. O’Connor went on to earn a doctorate in […]
Charlotte Wilder '11

All the Tools

So I tap the phone and, sure enough, there’s the story, freshly posted. It’s about the former (as in fired) NFL coach Jeff Fisher and what he’s been up to, other than being the butt of running jokes about football mediocrity. Wilder starts it like this: Jeff Fisher is careening down the side of a […]
Devin Gibbs '14

Doors Pushed Open

As he waited to hear from Colby admissions Devin Gibbs ’14 received an invitation. The letter offered to pay for all his expenses to bring him to campus so he could get a feel for the school. What it didn’t say was he had, in essence, been admitted. Gibbs, who lived in Waterville just minutes […]
Carl Lovejoy ’79 talking with resident

Stepping In

Lovejoy was approached by a board member of a group that ran nonprofits. The group was considering addressing the problem of acute adolescent anxiety—kids who are bright, talented, often have every advantage, and yet are no longer able to bring themselves to go to school. To play sports or music. To have friends. Listening to […]
Cam Coval ’16 and Francisco Rodriguez outside the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention center in Portland, Oregon

Opening Doors

It’s a common story for people imprisoned in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention facilities. Thanks in large part to Pueblo Unido of Portland, Oregon, the man was released and able to return to his family and job, assured that he would never be deported. Since April 2017, when Cam Coval ’16 and Francisco Rodriguez […]
Charlotte Wilder '11

On Track

At 29, Charlotte Wilder ’11 has arrived. She’s the youngest senior writer at Sports Illustrated, where her contract was negotiated by her agent at Creative Artists Agency. Her long-form stories about everything from the NFL to the demolition derby at Maine’s Union Fair are both finely crafted and digitally successful. The TV show, The Wilder […]
Marion Thompson Osborne, Colby Class of 1900 (Mrs. Duncan Matheson) with speculative voiceprint. 2004-5. Mixed media (charcoal, monoprinted oil paint) on paper. 44 x 30”

Ground Breaker

Drawn by artist and Colby Visual Resources Curator Maggie Libby ’81, this portrait of Colby’s first female African-American graduate, Marion Osborne (Class of 1900), was displayed at the University of Maine at Farmington Art Gallery from Feb. 7 to March 14. Libby’s exhibition, Across References: Mapping the Paths of Glaciers, Rivers, Women’s Lives, also included […]

Colby Confidential

Dearest Colby Alumni, I have a secret to share. Please do not tell anyone—not even yourself. But I love being class correspondent! Oh sure, I try to make out like it’s an effort. Occasionally I complain about how busy I am or my impending carpal tunnel. But it’s all a deliberate act. Truly, I have […]