Craig Zevin

Could Healthcare Really Be That Simple?

That’s what UBERDOC hopes to change. The Boston-based tech startup directly connects patients with doctors with a set price for services, prescriptions, and appointments. “Somehow, that’s a revolutionary concept in the healthcare market, that it really can be that simple,” said Craig Zevin ’11, COO. When Zevin’s former advisor Sandy Maisel, Goldfarb Family Distinguished Professor […]
Sam Marchant ’21

Pushed by His Professors, David Bodine ’76 Pays it Forward

Bennett did look at it, however—and she wasn’t having it. She ripped up the form and started a new one, adding challenging classes she told Bodine he could handle, such as physics and organic chemistry. It was a pivotal vote of confidence. “I was a better student when I left that room that day,” Bodine […]
Thomas Deng ’20

Making Music

Note by note, instrument by instrument, Deng recreated the third movement of Chopin’s Second Concerto using an electronic MIDI keyboard. The resulting “MIDI orchestra” is rich with not just technical precision but also emotional nuance. Add in Deng’s impassioned playing and his final, nine-minute video mesmerizes as much as it pleases. “It’s really quite amazing,” […]
Keyon Sprinkle and Chad Higgins '97

Friends for Life

In some ways, this was like other holidays the friends have shared over the past decade. A phone call, a good chat, the best to the family, and a pledge to visit each other soon. This time around that was made difficult by the pandemic. In years past it was impossible because Sprinkle was serving […]

Getting Back to Work

As the world began opening and returning to work last fall, Levintow wondered: How has the federal COVID-19 occupational safety and health (OSH) response been? Has it been enough?  While mulling an idea for a professional paper to answer these questions, Levintow heard about Colby’s Pay it Northward initiative. He saw a perfect opportunity to […]
Hayley Gibson ’20 with Laura Keally Heywood ’94 and Dr. Richard Heywood

The Perfect Prescription

That’s when she turned to familiar friends: DavisConnects and Jessica Matzko, director of pre-health advising there. Matzko had just learned of a job through Colby’s Pay It Northward initiative she felt would be ideal for Gibson. It had the patient contact and exposure to a medical office that Gibson wanted. In July Gibson started that […]
Meredith Crane ’04

Leaping Into the Forefront of Biochemistry Research

A chemistry major concentrating in biochemistry, Armillei pursued her honors thesis with Julie Millard, the Dr. Gerald and Myra Dorros Professor of Chemistry, exploring whether genetics determines your ability to taste bitter foods—like hoppy IPAs, dark chocolate, or leafy greens. This kind of first-hand research, in addition to several summers of undergraduate research at the […]
Chaz Langelier

Illuminating the Blueprint of Disease

The cells of patients with infectious diseases harbor patterns of gene expression that can reveal far more about the illness than conventional diagnostic tests. Chaz Langelier ’00 is decoding these patterns with a technique called metagenomic sequencing at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), where he is a practicing physician and associate professor of […]
Zoom meeting on laptop

Office Culture Goes Virtual

An overload of eye contact and being tuned in to facial expressions, says Evan McGee ’03, is what makes most online meetings so exhausting. His company, SignalWire, recently debuted a platform that aims to make the digital workday feel more natural. SignalWire Work aims to create a virtual office, complete with a lobby, break room, […]
Margaux LeBlanc

All Charged Up

  LeBlanc graduated from Colby with a degree in computer science before continuing with the 3-2 program through Colby’s partnership with Dartmouth College, receiving her B.E. in mechatronics. While her engineering program gave her the technical skills to work with the best in the automotive business, she cites her liberal arts degree as what makes […]