Sailboat at sea with two people in rain slickers at helm

Shoots and Sails

Maine Sail premiered on OutsideTV and screened earlier this month at the Montauk Film Festival. The film follows adventurer Willis Brown as he breaks bread (or shucks oysters) with farmers, fisherwomen, and founders of Maine’s sustainable food movement. Captain Ben Hayden helms the boat while Spike films everything. Touring the state’s most inventive, and often […]
Neon sign on dark street: Please save our coast

Water Works

The oil rig was the Deepwater Horizon, the source of a massive oil spill that became the focus of Ehrenwerth’s work for the next decade. The alum he fell for was Dana Dupre ’01, who married Ehrenwerth a few years later. Today, he and Dupre live with their two children in New Orleans, where he […]
Katie Southworth '16 in her studio.

A Cause For Color

This Boston-based, internationally recognized artist, and art educator, relies on her creativity to help heal herself, emotionally. “It’s not a secret: I lost my mother in 2015 to suicide,” said Southworth ’16, who donates a percentage of sales from her oil paintings to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. She died right before her senior […]
Uzoma “Zo” Orchingwa

Ameliorating the World—One Solution at a Time

“The fact that I end up at Cambridge [University] and they end up incarcerated was not destiny,” said Orchingwa, whose close friends’ experience served as a wake-up call about injustices prevalent in society. “It was a matter of the social conditions that America creates and allows to harbor.” And among those conditions are injustices for […]
Craig Zevin

Could Healthcare Really Be That Simple?

That’s what UBERDOC hopes to change. The Boston-based tech startup directly connects patients with doctors with a set price for services, prescriptions, and appointments. “Somehow, that’s a revolutionary concept in the healthcare market, that it really can be that simple,” said Craig Zevin ’11, COO. When Zevin’s former advisor Sandy Maisel, Goldfarb Family Distinguished Professor […]
Sam Marchant ’21

Pushed by His Professors, David Bodine ’76 Pays it Forward

Bennett did look at it, however—and she wasn’t having it. She ripped up the form and started a new one, adding challenging classes she told Bodine he could handle, such as physics and organic chemistry. It was a pivotal vote of confidence. “I was a better student when I left that room that day,” Bodine […]
Thomas Deng ’20

Making Music

Note by note, instrument by instrument, Deng recreated the third movement of Chopin’s Second Concerto using an electronic MIDI keyboard. The resulting “MIDI orchestra” is rich with not just technical precision but also emotional nuance. Add in Deng’s impassioned playing and his final, nine-minute video mesmerizes as much as it pleases. “It’s really quite amazing,” […]
Keyon Sprinkle and Chad Higgins '97

Friends for Life

In some ways, this was like other holidays the friends have shared over the past decade. A phone call, a good chat, the best to the family, and a pledge to visit each other soon. This time around that was made difficult by the pandemic. In years past it was impossible because Sprinkle was serving […]

Getting Back to Work

As the world began opening and returning to work last fall, Levintow wondered: How has the federal COVID-19 occupational safety and health (OSH) response been? Has it been enough?  While mulling an idea for a professional paper to answer these questions, Levintow heard about Colby’s Pay it Northward initiative. He saw a perfect opportunity to […]
Hayley Gibson ’20 with Laura Keally Heywood ’94 and Dr. Richard Heywood

The Perfect Prescription

That’s when she turned to familiar friends: DavisConnects and Jessica Matzko, director of pre-health advising there. Matzko had just learned of a job through Colby’s Pay It Northward initiative she felt would be ideal for Gibson. It had the patient contact and exposure to a medical office that Gibson wanted. In July Gibson started that […]