Meredith Crane ’04

Leaping Into the Forefront of Biochemistry Research

A chemistry major concentrating in biochemistry, Armillei pursued her honors thesis with Julie Millard, the Dr. Gerald and Myra Dorros Professor of Chemistry, exploring whether genetics determines your ability to taste bitter foods—like hoppy IPAs, dark chocolate, or leafy greens. This kind of first-hand research, in addition to several summers of undergraduate research at the […]
Chaz Langelier

Illuminating the Blueprint of Disease

The cells of patients with infectious diseases harbor patterns of gene expression that can reveal far more about the illness than conventional diagnostic tests. Chaz Langelier ’00 is decoding these patterns with a technique called metagenomic sequencing at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), where he is a practicing physician and associate professor of […]
Zoom meeting on laptop

Office Culture Goes Virtual

An overload of eye contact and being tuned in to facial expressions, says Evan McGee ’03, is what makes most online meetings so exhausting. His company, SignalWire, recently debuted a platform that aims to make the digital workday feel more natural. SignalWire Work aims to create a virtual office, complete with a lobby, break room, […]
Margaux LeBlanc

All Charged Up

  LeBlanc graduated from Colby with a degree in computer science before continuing with the 3-2 program through Colby’s partnership with Dartmouth College, receiving her B.E. in mechatronics. While her engineering program gave her the technical skills to work with the best in the automotive business, she cites her liberal arts degree as what makes […]
Sophie Dipti Sarkar '11

Must-have Voices

While feeling mesmerized by the Sierra Nevadas, for instance, she never forgets how her grandmother was incarcerated in the Japanese-American concentration camps at the base of those mountains during World War II. “It’s this mixture of loving and longing for nature, but also not feeling like I belong.” Sarkar thinks that a lot of Black, […]
COVID-19 and world illustration

When COVID-19 Strikes Children

The hyperinflammatory response to the virus in some children is just one of many mysteries Leora Feldstein ’08 is attempting to unravel as an epidemiologist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta, Ga. Previously focused on influenza, she is now working marathon hours as part of the CDC’s pandemic response, collecting […]
This is Our City

Bearing Witness

Batiste is an English teacher at the Blake School in Minneapolis, and as the movement sparked by the death of Floyd and so many other Black people by police has swept the country and the world, it’s been the study of art and literature that’s helped him stay grounded and make sense of current events. […]

In a Pandemic, Healthcare as a Right

The testing sites, Kurien said, are in clinics, schools, libraries, a former bank, the parking lot of a sports club, a park. COVID-19 tests are offered to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay, whether they have insurance, their immigration status.  Pre-COVID-19, as senior director of operations for NYC Care at NYC Health + Hospitals, […]
Christine Hein runs in Cumberland and North Yarmouth

Running Toward The Challenge

But when nothing in her life feels controllable, running is Hein’s constant. “I developed this love for running for many different aspects. It became about running for myself and my health and the peace it could bring me.” Running, and the skills Hein has learned with it, have provided her with a reprieve from the […]
Olivia Siegel '21 (left) and Heather Jarling '21, interns from summer 2019, working with Outdoorly CEO Theo Satloff '19. Satloff

Onward and Upward—with Colby Talent

“Every intern, every employee we get [from Colby] has been phenomenal for us,” said Ian Patterson ’18, Outdoorly’s cofounder and director of partnerships. “We definitely want to do our part and realize that a lot of what we’ve accomplished, the connections we built, are from Colby. And we want to pay it forward.” Outdoorly has […]