A Good Place for Moral Philosophy

      So you, Michael Schur, and William Jackson Harper on stage. How did that happen?  My brother wrote to me and said, “ I think you should probably watch this show because it’s about moral philosophy.” And I thought, well, that can’t be true. Maybe it references moral philosophy somewhere but it can’t […]
Central American immigrants walk into Texas after crossing the Rio Grande from Mexico

Cause and Effect

How will cutting aid to the Northern Triangle countries affect people living in those countries? Before entering graduate school, I worked for the U.S. Agency for International Development, working on similar aid projects. The United States has provided aid to Central American countries much like it provides aid to dozens of countries throughout the world. […]
Tenured faculty portraits

Colby Faculty Receive Promotion and Tenure

These assistant professors have received tenure and been promoted to associate professor: Denise Bruesewitz, environmental studies; Tasha Dunn, geology; Daniel LaFave, economics; Elizabeth McGrath, physics and astronomy; Ronald Peck, biology; Sonja Thomas, women’s, gender, and sexuality studies; and Natalie Zelensky; music. Receiving a promotion to full professor are María Dolores Bollo-Panadero, Spanish; Adrian Blevins, creative […]
Yang Fan, Todger Anderson Assistant Professor of Investing and Behavioral Economics

When an Economist Is a Mentor

As a student, Fan’s life has been impacted by great teachers and mentors. Whether he was earning his M.A. from San Francisco State University or an economics Ph.D. from University of Washington (where he studied the impact of corporate boards), they pushed him to find what mattered to him. “I really like the student-teacher interaction […]
Notre-Dame Cathedral

Colby Faculty Reflect on the Power of Notre-Dame

“I’ll never forget the moment when I touched the stone when I walked inside and I was almost overcome by it,” she said. It was, Taylor explained, the feeling of touching hundreds of years of history and experiencing the Middle Ages beyond readings for the first time. “I remember my eyes were drawn up by […]
Lily Funahashi teaching piano

For the Love of Music

Born in Kyoto, Japan, Funahashi was started on the piano at the age of three by her parents, and they immediately recognized that she had an aptitude for music. Over the rest of her childhood, as her family moved back and forth between the United States and Japan for her father’s medical career, music would […]
Sonja Thomas, assistant professor of women’s, gender, and sexuality studies

Deep North

This was in eastern Montana, where her father moved the family from Washington, D.C., to take a job as a medical doctor at the local VA clinic. Thomas was the fourth of six children in a strictly observant Catholic household. Growing up, Thomas and her family experienced racial discrimination in small and large ways. “My […]
Unknown photographer, portrait of Georgiana, Vitaline, Eugenie, and Ophelia Poulain, ca. 1894, tintype. Picher-LaVerdiere Family Photograph Collection, Colby College Special Collections, Waterville, Maine.

Tanya Sheehan

Q: The ongoing human migration situation has been chronicled extensively by global media and yet you describe photographic coverage as “highly circumscribed.” What are we missing? When the international press portrays global migration, it tends to publish the same kinds of photographs. Those images focus on dislocated people, presenting them as anonymous victims deserving of […]
Walter Hatch

Q&A: Walter Hatch

Q: How did Oak change under your leadership? A: Mostly we expanded. Originally, Oak had a singular mission: It brought a human rights activist to campus every fall, giving them a chance to take a breather from the front lines of activism. The activist led a seminar, and Oak scheduled programs to educate the community […]
Illustration of birds and trees

Essay: From Teachers comes the Gift of Teaching Writing—and Writers

American Lit. Honors, Lathrop High School, Fairbanks, Alaska, Fall, 1987: our teacher, John Selle, acts out the “gazing grain” in Emily Dickinson’s “Because I could not stop for Death.” He bends his knees slightly, holding them together as if he is about to slalom between our desks, and, motionless, stares off into the horizon at […]