Colby College junior Hwida Sevigny rings the Colby College’s Revere Bell the college’s 204th Convocation on Tuesday, September 7, 2021. At right is junior Evan Domonkos, who rang the bell just before Sevigny.

The Revere Bell Rings Again

“We’d all stand around and take turns ringing the bell,” recalled Billy Parker ’16. “We’d ring it only after a win,” said the defensive end from Methuen, Mass. “It was the highlight of winning a game,” and it couldn’t wait until morning. However, the bell that Parker and his teammates rang wasn’t Colby’s storied Revere […]
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Top 10 Media Stories of 2020

New York Times Colby Helps to Revitalize Downtown Waterville Wall Street Journal Colby Poll Shows Tough Re-Election Race In Maine NPR/Marketplace This College Pledges to Find Jobs for 100% of its 2020 Graduates Fox News Colby College Helps New Grads Land Jobs CNBC Colby College Guarantees Employment for all 500 Graduates Washington Post On Some […]

The Past All Around Us

Road to Nowhere The path of a road that once crossed Mayflower Hill, when it was used for farming, is evident despite decades of tree growth. Let Pearson, an instructor in the Environmental Studies Program, lead you around the campus and you’ll see grapevines that graced the dooryard of a long-gone farmhouse, the almost invisible […]

This Caught
Our Attention

On a High Note The last Colby-Bowdoin hockey contests in Alfond Ice Rink were festive occasions, with former coaches and players gathering on center ice. The games marked the 65th season for the Mayflower Hill arena, which opened in 1955 and will be replaced by the rink in the new Colby athletics center in the […]

Oak Human Rights Fellow Jinyan Zeng interviews artist, activist Ai Weiwei

During her semester at Colby, the 2017 Oak Human Rights Fellow Jinyan Zeng, a Chinese filmmaker, blogger, activist, and scholar, interviewed the renowned artist and activist Ai Weiwei to discuss art, politics and exile. This interview was conducted and transcribed in Mandarin and translated into English. Zeng: First, I’d like to understand what motivates you […]
Former Vice President Joe Biden at Commencement

A look back at the #YearofColby

It starts at the top Get to know President David A. Greene and his vision for Colby. Colby students are changing the world Last year we followed Benard Kibet ’18 as he made a life-changing contribution to his village in Kenya. This story, Maji, just earned one of the highest accolades in higher ed. But […]

A Collaborative Note

After a final warm-up trill, the room quiets and conductor Stan Renard reaches for the baton. As the musicians watch him intently, he raises his arms, takes a breath, and delivers the opening cue. With that, Colby students and faculty, high schoolers, local amateurs, and seasoned professionals begin to play. This is the Colby Symphony Orchestra, […]

Confronting Sexual Conduct

It’s a conversation that’s hard to start and even more difficult to keep percolating as students go about their lives in academic, social, and residential spaces on campus. After all, it isn’t easy to discuss sex with intimate friends, much less with random classmates. But that’s what Colby first- and second-year students are doing as […]

Strengthening a Special Town-Gown Bond

For generations, collaboration between Colby and central Maine’s Jewish community has been one of the strong threads in the fabric of the town-gown partnership, and in recent years it’s grown even stronger. Now a new initiative will extend that tie, attempting to bottle the formula that connects Colby, Hillel, and Waterville’s Beth Israel Congregation so […]