Susan Zimmermann '88

  Three years ago, Susan Zimmermann ’88 received an invitation from classmate Amy Lumbard Holbrook ’88 to participate in a Massachusetts cycling trek fundraiser for Best Buddies International, a nonprofit that fosters one-to-one friendships, employment, and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Susan Zimmermann ’88 and her son Oliver Although she detests […]

Jan Volk '68

  Since leaving his post as general manager of the Boston Celtics in 1997, Jan Volk ’68 has become an everyman in the world of sports. Jan Volk ’68 He spends his days as the CEO of SportsPix, a company he founded that photographs sporting events throughout the region. Until last year, he had worked […]

Ole Amundsen '90

Ole Amundsen ’90 has good reason to love his work as in the field of conservation. “There’s nothing like being involved in a project and at the end of that project you look out at a hundred-acre farm field that you helped conserve or a thousand acres you added to a state forest,” he said. […]

Ellen Langford '90

What makes Mississippi chickens different from other chickens? Their accents, of course. So says Ellen Langford ’90, who paints barnyard fowl, along with clotheslines, dogs, and children. She has built an entire career around documenting these images of her rural state. Clotheslines are iconic in the Delta, she says, and all her friends have them. […]

Peter DelGreco '94

Peter DelGreco ’94 keeps an extra pair of dress shoes in the corner of his office and a stack of pressed dress shirts in a desk drawer. He never knows when a visit to a muddy construction site will be followed by an impromptu meeting with a Fortune 1000 executive. For DelGreco it’s all part […]

Jocelyn Giangrande '88

Jocelyn Wooten Giangrande ’88 uses her corporate experience to help women build careers. What’s in your career sandwich? Jocelyn Wooten Giangrande ’88 has built a business around helping women answer that question. An ambitious employee with an undergraduate psychology degree from Colby and a master’s in human resources management from Marygrove College, Giangrande rose quickly […]

Todd Pritsky '91

A guy who once pontificated from a saggy armchair in his Mary Low dorm room is seeking a wider audience for his political vision. Todd Pritsky ’91 is running for Vermont House of Representatives. Todd Pritsky ’91, a former technology consultant, is running for the Vermont House of Representatives. Two years ago he ran as […]

John Walden '07

After studying plants, woody and otherwise, at Colby, John Walden ’07 made his way into an industry where he studies the simplest plants of all: algae. Walden works for Solix BioSystems, a company that designs and builds systems for the growth, harvesting, and evaluation of algae. The company and Walden reflect growing interest in industrial […]

Ellen London '09

  Ellen London ’09 Ellen London ’09 knew she was passionate about journalism when she found herself picking through a Manhattan Dumpster researching a story as a graduate student at the Columbia School of Journalism. “There I was climbing under a lid into trash with a recorder and a notepad in hand,” she said.   […]

Meaghan Dwyer-Ryan '96

The conventional wisdom is that immigrants jumping into the melting pot of 19th-century America banded tightly together, keeping a wary eye on other ethnic clans and interacting only to protect their turf. That may have been true with the recently arrived working classes, says Meaghan Dwyer-Ryan ’96, but for the upper classes—and yes, there were […]