Spanish Heritage comic strip

With Respect to Heritage

Craig has been one of the students enrolled in a new two-course sequence specifically designed for heritage learners. Like Craig, heritage speakers grow up learning the language at home, usually through their parents. They often have strong speaking abilities but more limited non-spoken ones, such as reading or writing, making their needs vastly different from […]
Art by Ingrid Sant

Reading the Environment

The concentration will train students to wield the tools of literary studies, namely analysis and writing, “not just to communicate ideas about the environment, but to produce new knowledge about the intersection between social justice and environmental change,” said Assistant Professor of English Chris Walker. Because those future possibilities need to be more than clean […]
Randy Nelson writing on white board

Lights, Camera, … Finance!

Amid the pandemic, Nelson, the Douglas Professor of Economics and Finance, has been redefining the way students learn financial literacy and computation in his Corporate Finance I course. When Colby transitioned to distance learning in March, Nelson recalled, “I rushed out and bought a video camera.” He then quickly converted his basement into a teaching […]
Qifan “Frank” Hu ’23 drawing Chinese characters

Gained in Translation

Initiated by one of Cohen’s students, Qifan “Frank” Hu ’23, a Colby-led team made up of prominent scholars of virtue argumentation theory and students has been translating already-published papers from English to Chinese to carry this work over to China. The team hopes to place these works in Chinese journals, with the overarching goal of […]

Frozen in Stone

    While Maine may not be a hotbed for tectonic activity today, the history embedded in its rocks makes it the perfect classroom for educating the next generation of geologists. “The deformation that students are seeing in Maine now is similar to what’s happening in earth’s crust 10 or 20 kilometers deep in environments […]
Teaching class outdoors

Equal Exchange

The Teaching and Learning @ Colby Fellows Program, spearheaded by the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), supports students and faculty through facilitated discussions and workshops with the goal of making learning more accessible and inclusive, said Carol Hurney, associate provost for faculty development and founding director of the CTL. “What these students saw was […]
Genomic epidemiology of novel coronavirus map of transmitions

Big Questions

Pivoting to adapt, she learned through one of her colleagues about a database documenting COVID-19 virus’s own evolution as it sweeps around the globe. This platform by Nextstrain, an open-source project to harness the scientific and public health potential of pathogen genome data, brings together COVID-19 samples from across the world and uses data visualization […]
Lisa Noble, Colby’s director of employer engagement and DavisConnects advisor for finance, consulting, and entrepreneurship in the classroom

The Scoop on Marketing

With almost a hundred participants, the blind taste test—five brands, packaging hidden from view—was a success. A class assignment? A psychology experiment? No. The ice cream tasting was part of an ongoing collaboration between DavisConnects, which facilitates research, internship, and global experiences for all Colby students, and Gifford’s Famous Ice Cream that turned Colby students […]
Data and DNA illustration

Big Data

Imagine that the resulting product, that huge number, represents tiny bits of data: information about what makes you human, what gives you brown eyes, and why your hair is curly. Now, take these data, these trillions of facts, this micro-universe of information, and use them to change the world. Far-fetched? Not anymore, and not at […]


Natalie Zelensky Assistant Professor of Music What’s in a picture? Or, rather, what is in a musical note? For the music collected and transcribed by the students of MU493 (Sounds of Maine: Research Methods and Practice in Ethnomusicology), these notes have encompassed a migration history and legacy fraught with joy, hardship, tears, and camaraderie. These […]