Lisa Arellano

No Easy Answers

In other words, if this is Queer Politics Lite, it’s not for me. “Somehow she had mistakenly thought that we were going to talk about why homophobia is bad,” said Arellano, associate professor of American studies and women’s, gender, and sexuality studies. “I think the class would have been about that ten years ago. So […]
Drugs, Thugs, and Diplomats book cover

Winifred Tate

One of the real joys I find is connecting my research process to the ways I can mentor students doing their research. For example, for Drugs, Thugs, and Diplomats (P. 28) I did a huge range of research over a decade: analyzed declassified government documents, went to workshops with peasant farmers in the Amazon, interviewed […]
Taxi cabs, confusing image

The Memory Professor

At Colby Coane will continue to study how we integrate knowledge and words into semantic ononemory—the knowledge that’s accessible without context and instantly connected to related information. The words castanet and Casablanca were examples in her grant application, and it’s estimated that the average adult has 50,000 of these entries stored up. She first became […]

The Glenn Lab

White rats scrabble in their cages; others swim in a large metal vat of water. Students in lab coats dole out food and carefully monitor the buzzing rat activity throughout. This is the behavioral neuroscience lab of Associate Professor of Psychology Melissa Glenn, where she and her students conduct cutting-edge research on the dietary causes […]

John Turner, associate professor of history

I want students to argue with the material and me. I’m always telling them they shouldn’t just listen and take it in. They need to listen, dissect it, and respond. It would be sad and boring for me to go into my History of Iran class and just tell them about the history of Iran. Instead, […]

Read: Tilar Mazzeo, Associate Professor of English

I am in the final mad dash-to-the-finish on a draft of my next book, Irena’s Children (forthcoming from Gallery/Simon & Schuster, autumn 2016). It is the story of Holocaust-era heroine Irena Sendler, who helped 2,500 Jewish children flee the Warsaw ghetto. Some of those children live today in the United States, especially in New York […]
Arne Koch

All Things German

For Koch, an energetic proselytizer of German culture, it’s crucial for students to understand that learning foreign languages doesn’t take place only in the classroom. “Ideally, it’s a 24/7 immersive experience,” he said. That experience might include screenings of a film by German director Wim Wenders, time at the German language table at Foss dining […]

Extragalactic Explorers

From their offices on the fourth floor of the Mudd Science Building, Elizabeth McGrath and Dale Kocevski enjoy a view that takes in the terraced lawn of the academic quad, the rooftops of Lovejoy and Cotter Union—and distant galaxies as they appeared when the universe was young. McGrath and Kocevski are extragalactic astronomers, tied to the […]

The Company We Keep

William and Margaret Montgoris Assistant Professor in Psychology Allecia Reid explains the statistical analyses used in a study to Carly Taylor ’15 (far left), Caroline Minott ’16 (left), and Ali Belzer ’17 (right). It would be tough to find a research subject more relevant to college students’ social lives than the one William and Margaret […]

Teaching: Sahan T. M. Dissanayake

As a scholar, I see teaching as a way to share the thrill of finding answers to research questions. When I see a light bulb going off in a student’s mind—be it in the classroom when I try to explain a concept like how having zero pollution is not economically efficient because cleaning up the […]