Daniel “Jazzy D” Raymont ’91 wasn’t always a successful film, television, and stage actor working with some of the biggest names in the industry. For Raymont the road to success entailed a lot of hard work and even more creative thinking.

Raymont has acted in shows on HBO, CBS, NBC, the BBC, and Fox, starred in The Naked Brothers Band on Nickelodeon, and worked alongside Lucy Liu and Steve Landesberg, among others. Most recently Raymont has been enjoying the good press that followed this year’s release of BuzzKill, a film about a struggling writer who acquires fame in an unusual way. Of his star role as Ray Wyatt, the writer, Raymont said, “It’s great to be starring, but also to be the least recognizable face in the movie. It means I’m working with a brilliant cast and director.”

He’s come a long way.

Before acting, Raymont was a presidential campaign staffer and worked in retail and fashion design. He’s traveled in the jungles of Mexico doing anthropological fieldwork. All of those experiences, “the good and the bad,” he said, gave him a better foundation for his future.

“Acting is brutal work. It’s a phenomenal profession … when one is working,” Raymont said. “You have to be creative instead of waiting around for the phone to ring.” In addition to press work for the  premiere of BuzzKill at the Hollywood Film Festival in L.A., Raymont has been working to convert his one-man stage show, The Store, into a webisode and eventually a television series. When he’s not filming, Raymont also helps design clothing in New York. “You do have to balance the romantic aspect of being an artist with the practical elements of the cost of living.”

Raymont’s acting career has taken him to locations around the United States and as far away as Iceland (for The Good Heart starring Paul Dano and Brian Cox). He has played a Japanese dance guru and a British rocker, using just a couple of the accents he fell into during his phone interview for this article. Some of his favorite roles, he said, have been those that have required something unexpected.        

“The films that I’ve had to work for are the best. When you can be creative and think outside the box every day as a means of success, you know you’re in the right line of work.”

Alexandra Desaulniers ’11