gerry-boylePerhaps it was because two of the professors featured here, Elizabeth McGrath and Dale Kocevski, are extragalactic astronomers, but in the process of preparing this issue of Colby Magazine I began to think of faculty office doors as portals. Pass through that portal and you enter a new and fascinating world. And there are hundreds of these portals on Mayflower Hill, each with the potential to broaden your experience and knowledge and enrich your life.

I say this having had my English-major mind boggled by McGrath’s and Kocevski’s cutting-edge research on the ways galaxies are born—and die. The images beamed down by the Hubble Space Telescope, including a batch downloaded as I sat in Kocevski’s office in the Mudd Science Building, contain clues as to how the universe evolved hundreds of millions of years ago.

This issue is full of such Colby portals—and this is just a small sample.

Tanya Sheehan, associate professor of art, explains how medicine and art intersect—and reflect the ways that culture influences the result. Allecia Reid, assistant professor of psychology, studies the way group dynamics and pressures affect college-student drinking. Adrian Blevins, associate professor of English, writes about the reason she teaches students to write poetry. Think metaphor.

The report of published faculty books and articles goes on for four pages: the art of Terry Winters, Montaigne’s essays, the fate of French colonial soldiers captured during World War II, the enormous environmental challenges facing the world’s oceans.

After 15 years as editor of this magazine, I’m still struck by the remarkable work that goes on here.

It’s snowing today. Mayflower Hill seems quiet. But that’s only on the surface.

Gerry Boyle






Gerry Boyle ’78, P’06
Managing Editor