Joebelle Bonete ’18“We were shooting a video for admissions and I was asked about something I wrote on my LinkedIn summary about my life moving in big leaps. I hadn’t thought of that in a while and it kind of caught me off guard. I thought, ‘Oh boy. Why would anyone want to know my story?’ And then I remembered my struggles. Breathe, I thought. Just be you and tell them how Colby was the best thing that’s ever happened to you. Breathe. There are others out there who are now experiencing what you did during the college hunt. Breathe. I got emotional deep down inside because no matter what I could manage to get out, no words could wholly describe the opportunity that Colby has been in my life. I look at this photo and I see my passionate self, ready to boast to the world, ‘The Colby experience is a life-changing opportunity, but you need to experience it for yourself. Don’t take my word for it but at the same time, do!’”

—Joebelle Bonete ’18

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