Gerry BoyleSome longtime friends got together a few weeks back at a cottage on China Lake, and a trio of 1920s-vintage smiling Colby Mules (sketched in wool, framed, prominently displayed over the fieldstone fireplace) presided over it all.

This was the more-or-less-annual gathering of the Colby chapter of the Tri Delta sorority, Class of ’58 or thereabouts. A baker’s dozen of the sorority sisters got together at the lakeside camps of Ellie Shorey Harris ’57 and her family. My wife, Mary (Foley) ’78, and I were invited by our friend Judy Squire ’58. It was a nice time, with good food, a lot of chatting, and some funny moments that echoed the group’s undergraduate days. And I’m sure they’d tell you that hasn’t changed one bit in 53 years.

But what stuck with me was something one of the Tri-Delts said about “the girls.” Yes, they have a good time when they gather for their reunions. But, more importantly, they’ve stuck with each other when things haven’t gone so well. Several times I heard how these Colby friends were tremendously supportive when one Tri-Delt or another needed someone to lean on. “I don’t know what I would have done without them,” one woman said. And then another, and another.

Life isn’t always a party, as we all know, and over five decades everyone is sure to go through some rough times. But this group of Colby friends has stayed together through thick and thin, as they say. And I know they’re one of many to do just that, as the class notes attest.

But still, it was a pleasant reminder—as much for me as for you—that relationships struck up on the Hill can and do last a lifetime, that many of us leave Colby with much more than a degree.

Speaking of Colby bonds and class notes, readers may recall mention of Dana Robinson ’48 in this space in the summer issue. Robinson, who lived and worked in China, corresponded with Colby and Martin Connelly ’08 regarding an article Connelly wrote about Colbians in that country. Robinson died Sept. 17, just five weeks after the death of his wife of 62 years, Harriet Nourse Robinson ’47. The couple met and married at Colby after Dana Robinson returned to the College following service in the Navy during World War II. At Colby, we feel fortunate to have to made his acquaintance.

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