Mighty Impressive

After 38 years as dean, vice president, dancer, and friend, Janice Kassman retires. But her legacy lives on.

Class Action

Homeless in high school, Jessica Boyle '12 fought to make Colby a place where students from all backgrounds can thrive.

From the Hill

Q&A: Jean-Jacques Ndayisenga ’13

Jean-Jacques Ndayisenga ’13 on economics, giving back, and why there's more to Rwanda than the movie

A Final Note

Bernhard Professor Paul Machlin conducts farewell concert, ending a 38-year run

For the Record

Creative writing class sends students into the community, with recorders, to tell stories in sound

Fast Track: A Q&A with Dom Kone ’13

From a remote biology research internship, the national champion answers questions by e-mail

In Developing Countries, Fueling the Engine for Growth

Nonprofit builds industry in Latin America and Africa by going beyond microfinance

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Molly Hodson ’13, Louisa, 2012, archival pigment print, 36″x36″.