Class Correspondent:

Caity Murphy

Hey everyone! Andy Rougeot was recently commissioned as a second lieutenant and is headed to Carson, Colo., to be a military intelligence officer at the 4th Infantry Division. * Ben Rooney finished a farm management position at an urban farming nonprofit in Portland, Maine, and is off to Zimbabwe to start a sustainable agriculture program. * Bridget Ely fundraises and event plans for the UK charity Wellbeing of Women. * Hanna Pickwell returned to the U.S. from China to start work at a nonprofit that provides social services to immigrants in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. * Sakshi Balani returned to India and started working with a nonpartisan policy research think tank. * After road-tripping cross-country, Peter Johansson works in an economic think-tank in Beijing. * Katrina Gravel and Dan Vassallo ’07 got engaged in October. They live in the Boston area and see Colby grads regularly. * Jordan Schoonover is busy with her environmental law program at Lewis & Clark Law School. * Dan Reeves and Ross Connor hang out with Adam Paine and Liz Disney when the latter two manage to escape med school. * Kat Cosgrove wrapped up her first quarter of grad school and loves Denver. * Charlie Klassen has been working on grants for the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health while pursuing an M.S. in biomedical engineering at Hopkins. * Congratulations to Aaron Block for being accepted into a P.A. program! * Jennifer Dahnke is now at the Monterey Institute of International Studies doing a master’s in nonproliferation and terrorism studies. * Tim Jeon works for KPMG and lives with Will Harrington in Boston. * Delia Langan has been displaying her jewelry at shows and was recently contracted to design jewelry for a professional advertisement. * Elise Randall, Kelsey Gibbs, Matt Silverman ’12, Alec Oot, Jess Levasseur, Danny Hoshino ’11, Leigh Bullion, and other grads attended Zack Ezor’s New Year’s Eve wedding in Atlanta. * Kaitlyn Lynch Oroho got married in October in NJ amongst friends and family. * Allison Straw moved to Laramie, Wyo., and regularly meets Emily Stimpson ’09. * Megan Browning has settled in Cambridge post-travels and loves living with Hannah Holbrook. * While charting his next steps, Hasan Bhatti volunteers at community social services agencies in Chapel Hill, N.C. * Ruth Doherty teaches high school math and coaches fitness with a rambunctious group of seventh and eighth graders at the Hopkins School, Conn. * Nestled in the mountains of Leadville, Colo., Julia Stifler teaches French and leads backpacking expeditions at High Mountain Institute. * Kari Rivers moved to St. Louis and works at a French immersion school as a kindergarten assistant teacher. * Devon Rook teaches third grade at a public charter school and loves the daily excitement! * An IT consultant by day, by night  Andrew Cox is part of a trivia team that competes statewide in Wyoming. * Ryan Conlon recently moved to Mystic, Conn., and manages a Pepsi sales territory along the coast of CT. * Jessica Balukas works in the lab at the Department of Environmental Protection in Augusta, Maine, and will continue a second AmeriCorps term there. * Emily Pavelle and Kelsey Gibbs decided to occupy Portland’s East End, but indoors and without a permit. * Jeoff Jarnot is the director of seacoast expansion for Atlantic Heritage Insurance, coaches hockey, and plays bass for the Joint Chiefs. * Megan Towe landed a job with startup LiveIntent. A great article about Megan’s journey to this company is in Business Insider—check it out! * Lamont Henry is happy to have great friends like Hamdi Sheriff, who still plays jokes on him. Although Lamont is not actually married, as Hamdi claimed, he does live in Virginia Beach, where he is a college unit director and financial planner for Northwestern Mutual Financial Network. * Keep writing! It’s great to be in touch.

2000 Newsmakers


Ellen London ’09
Ellen London ’09

Ellen London '09 knew she was passionate about journalism when she found herself picking through a Manhattan Dumpster researching a story as a graduate student at the Columbia School of Journalism. “There I was climbing under a lid into trash with a recorder and a notepad in hand,” she said.


London was following extreme, eco-friendly individuals called “freegans,” who try to reduce waste by eating discarded food. The story took her to alleyways at night and into waste receptacles behind bakeries and supermarkets—all to capture the story and passion of people she just met. “That experience showed me if you’re willing to pursue a story and go out of your comfort zone, you can get some really incredible insights,” she said.

Her assigned beat was covering food in New York City for a course that taught the fundamentals of writing and reporting. For London it was a 10-month period of storytelling and self-discovery, using tales of New York to earn an M.S. in magazine journalism.

Despite the fast-paced nature of living in one of the world’s largest cities, the Maine native recalled her youth, in Topsham, when she read Harriet the Spy and began filling up notebooks with childhood observations.

London brought that inquisitive drive with her to Colby, where she double-majored in English and government and minored in classics, and where she was features editor of the Echo—her first foray into journalism. “I think about Tuesday nights in the Echo office: just completely nerding out about where to put a comma, coming up with crazy headlines, and dancing to our ‘booty mix’ CD.” At Colby London learned how to write, how to parse information, and the importance and meaning of the words, she said.

These skills and passions carried her to a summer internship with Down East magazine in 2009, when she won a Lovejoy Journalism Internship from the Goldfarb Center. “I came [to Down East] at a really pivotal time and was able to come in and really get my hands dirty,” she said. She flourished in the “all hands on deck” atmosphere and published several articles featuring her byline.

The Down East internship, combined with skills acquired at Columbia, prepared London for her latest role as COO of Nothing But Gold Productions, a multimedia company “focused on creating accessible financial content across various platforms.”  London spearheads former CNN and CNBC anchor Nicole Lapin’s television, digital, and print projects working to reach an audience London feels has been left behind. “Youth has been incredibly marginalized [during the financial crisis],” she said. “I think we offer good, solid reporting from a young voice.” Nothing But Gold tries to fill that gap through Lapin’s television appearances, books that decode money-related topics, online resources, and digital content.

With a solid background and journalism credentials, London has risen in a profession that has grown more competitive as it has faced challenges adapting to new media. Where will London go next? “The best journalists are willing to adjust as they go—to follow the thread when they find it and go to something great,” she said. —Dash Wasserman ’12

2000 Newsmakers

Evan Reece ’01 was featured in a Boston Globe article about his company Liftopia.com. The company, based in San Francisco, “has established the standard for Internet sales in the snow sports industry.” Skiers can buy lift tickets for 150 mountains, shopping for last-minute deals and long-range bargains, the report said.

2000 Newsmakers

Marie Lorrain Cerat ’00 won the 2011 Family Court Legal Services Advocacy Award. The award is presented by the New York City Administration for Children’s Services to recognize efforts to protect children and strengthen families.


Class Correspondent:

Olivia Sterling

Elizabeth Zagroba works for NY Public Radio and lives in Brooklyn. She sees Kat Brzozowski and Wes Miller ’08. * Alex Richards works for UBS and lives in NYC, where he sees Alex Hoder and Lissa Martin. He saw Maxime Guillaume, Ben Goldenberg, and Simon Levy when they visited for a partial Apt. 231 reunion. Jay Larmon and Chris Vancisin were not missed at all (just kidding). Alex also saw Sam Hoff and Caitlin Leibenhaut at The Hunt in October. * Abby Sussman and Devon Anderson moved to Portland, Ore., in August. Devon attends Oregon Health & Science University for an M.D./Ph.D., and Abby works in admissions at Reed College. They see Spencer Crim and John Lewallen ’10. Abby met up with Samantha Given-Dennis in San Francisco. * Shirmila Cooray returned from a trip to Nepal, where she worked on human trafficking and gender-based violence programs for the Asia Foundation. She capped off her trip with a vacation in Australia and the Cook Islands. * Chelsea Eakin lives in Beijing and works for the China Greentech Initiative, a commercial collaboration focused on green technology solutions. Byron Meinerth, studying with Johns Hopkins in Nanjing, uses her apartment as storage space. * Dylan Perry moved from DC to Worcester, Mass., to study at the UMass Medical School. He’s bunking up with med classmates Geoff Buckle ’07 and Josh Kahane ’07. * Laura Bisbee teaches English at a primary school in Hangzhou, China. * Paolo Pepe moved twice last year for his job: first from New York to Atlanta, and most recently to Boston, where he hangs out with Katie-Elyse Turner and Sam Gillies ’11. * After two years as a newspaper reporter in Rockland, Maine, Fritz Freudenberger moved to Durango, Colo., to earn geology credits at Fort Lewis College to pursue a master’s in geology. * Kat Brzozowski and Wes Miller ’08 live in Queens, N.Y. Kat is an assistant editor at Thomas Dunne Books, where she recently acquired her first book as an editor. * Chris Copeland works in Portland, Maine, at the mobile marketing firm Liquid Wireless. He hangs out with Ben Many, Krishan Rele, Nick Cody Friedman ’10, Brandon Pollock ’10, and Jared Hourihan ’11. * Bryan Brown is in Hawaii helping with a humpback whale study. * Nikolai Barnwell is setting up an accelerator space for East African web/mobile start-ups in Nairobi. He works as the country manager for the Danish investment fund 88mph. * Tyler Plourde married Jaime Bisson Aug. 20 in Woolwich, Maine. John Wagner, Greg Zartarian, and Tom Milaschewski attended. Tyler is athletic director at the Hyde School in Bath. He saw Denis Cronin when Tilton School (where Denis coaches) played Hyde’s football team. * Ned Warner lives in Laramie, Wyo., and is applying to graduate schools to study art teaching. * Mark Phillips married Raven Adams ’08 May 29 in Denver. Mules in attendance were Mike Piacentini ’07, Ian London ’07, Melyn McKay ’08, Courtney Johnson ’08, Emily Wilson Connelly ’08, Angela Martinelli ’08, Menya Hinga, Eben Witherspoon, Xander Kotsatos, Adam Lowenstein, Nick Van Niel ’10, Amy Snickenberger ’10, Elizabeth Disney ’10, Sam Brakeley ’10, Anna Kelemen ’11, Raleigh Werner ’11, Kevin Baier ’11, and Austin Sutherland ’11. It was a beautiful spring evening with lots of great dancing. The couple honeymooned in Costa Rica, and are now finishing up law school. * Amy Keefe works in marketing at the mobile gaming company ngmoco. She moved from San Francisco to transfer to her company’s Brooklyn, N.Y., office. * Sally Drescher works at Milton Academy as officer of parent programs and lives with Justine Scott ’08, Matt Ahern, and Sara Burbine. * Lokesh Todi still works at Analysis Group and is applying to business schools. * Sam Hoff is working on applications to law school for fall 2012 and also serves as chairman of the Mayflower Foundation’s Boston committee. He lives in the North End with Logan King and Sam Witherspoon. * Kimberly Cohen and Chris Neil ’07 got engaged on a recent trip to Maine. Maggie Hayes and Rachel Baird took her out for a fun night in Boston to celebrate. Chris is a Ph.D. student studying molecular biology at Brown, and Kimberly is in her first year as a biology Ph.D. student at BU studying bats and disease ecology. * Adam Goldfarb received his certificate in fundraising from Canisius College. He’s working as the VISTA program manager at the Service Collaborative of WNY, Inc., and is getting his M.S. from Buffalo State College in higher education administration. * Rebecca Lynch was elected the youngest Democratic district leader for the Queens County Democratic Organization. She took a road trip to Nashville with Sara Gutt while visiting her in Atlanta. * Julia Bacon lives in DC and will marry Sam Fabens ’08 next fall. * Prabhdeep Singh is in New Delhi, India, working for American Express. He was one of two people selected from Amex in India to represent Amex at the One Young World Summit in Zurich in September.


Class Correspondent:

Palmer McAuliff DePre

Thanks for all of the news! Jenna Walsh and David Bethoney are engaged and plan an August 2012 wedding in Newport, R.I. Last year David received his master’s in living marine resource management at the School of Marine Science and Technology (SMAST) at UMass Dartmouth. His thesis was cited by the National Shellfisheries Association and his work was published in the scientific journal Diseases of Aquatic Organisms. He’s working on his Ph.D. at SMAST. Jenna received a degree at Johnson & Wales and works as a chef at Persimmon in Bristol, R.I. * Hanna Gerlovin lives in Boston and will complete her master’s in biostatics this spring at BU. On Nov. 12 she ventured to DC with Caitlin Coit and Matt Haefele to celebrate Nicole Terrillion’s wedding, at which she and Caitlin sang. * After more than two years as the talent buyer for a small music venue in Manhattan, Adam Geringer-Dunn is now the talent buyer at Brooklyn Bowl (www.brooklynbowl.com) in Williamsburg. The venue is a 600-capacity concert space with a16-lane bowling alley and a Blue Ribbon restaurant. If you’re in Brooklyn


Class Correspondent:

Annie Mears

Kendall Kirby received her master’s in marketing from Emerson College and works at Mullen Advertising as an account executive. She and Jeff Miller ’06 are engaged and will marry this summer with bridesmaids Jennifer Murphy, Lee Kozakiewicz, Cassie Sancartier ’08, and Jessie Prentice ’08. * After completing a Carnegie fellowship at ABC News Investigative Unit, Robin Respaut works as a research reporter at ProPublica, an investigative journalism organization in NYC. She lives in Brooklyn, where she regularly grabs a beer with Matt Wahl. * Elisa Chiniara had a misguided adventure with Karli Gasteazoro visiting Erin Schlossman in Maine before a weekend on the Cape with Alisa Perry. * Carolyn Adler married Jon Jessup, a Middlebury grad and her high school boyfriend, April 30 at the Old North Church; their reception was at the Boston Public Library. Courtney Goodie was a bridesmaid. They honeymooned in Peru, visiting Machu Picchu and hiking in the Andes. Last fall they moved to Philadelphia and started at Wharton for their M.B.A.s. * In October Meg Distinti and Elizabeth (Z) Finn visited Genni Dubuque for her bridesmaid weekend in preparation for her August 2012 wedding. They also had a Halloween party with Eva Farina-Henry and Zak Starr ’08. * James Cryan is excited to have founded a new PK-8 charter school in Denver. He’s looking for great teachers and leaders to join him in this fun work! Visit www.rockymountainprep.org. When not working he skis and hangs out with Liz Coogan


Class Correspondent:

Lindsey Boyle McKee

Despite the unexpected arrival of Hurricane Irene, Lindsay Barada married Jake Bayley Aug. 27 in Nantucket, Mass. Nick Bayley ’05 was best man and Amy Cronin was a bridesmaid. After five and a half years living in separate countries, Lindsay moved to Cambridge, Ontario, at the end of last year to FINALLY be with Jake! * Jess Minty was gearing up for the U.S Olympic marathon trials that took place in Houston in mid-January. She looks forward to the wedding of Hillary Easter in June and hopes to visit Elizabeth Turner in Albuquerque! * Katie Ryckman proudly announces the birth of her daughter, Lily Shea, born Aug. 8 and weighing eight pounds! Katie moved to Irvine, Calif., for a job as marketing manager at Neudesic, a Microsoft consulting company. * Eric Richmond became engaged to Beth Scherer ’05 last May. An August 2012 wedding is planned. Against their better judgment, Brian Parise will give a toast. Eric is pursuing his M.B.A at the Wharton School. * Nate Stone and Stephen Planas are still roommates in DC, and recently hosted an epic Oregon Trail trivia game night. Melissa McNulty and Cait Miller were part of the wagon train, and fortunately neither one contracted typhoid or perished on the journey. * Francis Chapuredima continues to teach math and economics at the Holderness School in NH. Francis was on Mayflower Hill and was very impressed with what the African students are doing with the Colby African Society. Jen Coliflores invited Francis to be a keynote speaker at the Massachusetts Youth Leadership Foundation’s “Make a Difference Day” conference. MYLF is nonprofit that focuses on student citizenship and leadership for high school students. * Bobby Redwood is an emergency medicine resident in Madison, Wis. He loves working on the field at the UW football games and on his med flight helicopter rotations. * Nani Phillips finished her master’s of public health at UConn in May and started medical school at Albany Medical College along with Peter Allfather ’11 and Lisa Park ’11. Nani had a celebratory beverage with fellow Albany-dwelling Matt Mitchell, who is pursuing his Ph.D. at SUNY Albany in ecology and evolutionary biology, after he won the Best Talk Award For Excellence in Scientific Presentation at the University of Albany’s Life Sciences Research Symposium. * Emily Greene and Josh Kahn ’05 were married Oct. 15 in Boston. The wedding party included Annie Lewallen, Kirsten Lawson, Will van der Veen ’05, and John Pollakowski ’05. * Jenna Morrison and Dave Civitello were married Aug. 20 in Plymouth, Mass. Their wedding party included Katie Chin (married to Curtis Chin ’05), Mike Civitello ’05, Kate Zeigler Lera, Holly Eydenberg, Katy Sage Barus, Daniel Oliphant, and Conor Sullivan. Jenna and Dave enjoyed barrier reef and Mayan rainforest adventures on their honeymoon in Belize. * Sarah Lim married Ethan Gray last summer in California. Sarah is now in an accelerated nursing program at UMass Amherst after a two-year stint in Indianapolis, where she worked in public health. She spent time with Lindsey Brewer, Steven Djordjevich, Aya Costantino, Sara Booth Petrosillo, Grey Brooks, Heather Ryder, Clifford White ’07, and Sarah Wright ’04 over the summer. * Barbara Hough teaches middle school general music in Haverhill, Mass., while concurrently doing her student teaching to earn her master’s of music education. She plans to graduate from the Boston Conservatory in May. She continues teaching private flute lessons and directing her church choir in Haverhill. * In October Garry Bertholf presented a paper at the annual meeting of the Caribbean Philosophical Association, and it will be published in the spring issue of Anthurium: A Caribbean Studies Journal. * On Aug. 7 Kim Devine married John McDevitt (Bates ’04) in Newport, R.I. Celebrating with them were Buffy LaMantia, Kait Taylor, Bethany Peck, and Shari Katz as well as Sam Kennedy ’09, Kaitlin Gangl ’07, Matt Gangl ’05, and Rachel Noiseux ’04. The proud parents of the bride are John ’78 and Pamela Cleaves Devine ’78.


Class Correspondent:

Kate Slemp Douglas

Lauren Baumgarten moved to New Orleans, where she began medical school at Tulane. * Melissa Mullen completed her Ph.D. in chemistry at Penn State and moved to Cleveland to start a postdoc at the Lerner Research Institute. She’s engaged to Michael Davis, whom she met at Penn State. * Mallory Young shares wedding announcements. Ken Pitter and Meghan Barringer were married in the Poconos last summer and live in Manhattan, where Ken is working toward his M.D./Ph.D. and Meg is working as a physical therapist. * Lori and Chris Duncombe were married in Portland, Maine, last June. Mike Booras, Brendan Crighton, and Daniel Oliphant ’06 were groomsmen. * Lauren Smith and John Camera were married in Annapolis, Md., in August; Heather DeVito was a bridesmaid. * While traveling, Tim Roberts took shelter with Eva Gougian ’08 in the Dominican Republic during Hurricane Irene. * Katie Crocker Jordan still lives in London with her husband, Tom, where she completed her Ph.D. in systems biology at Warwick University. Kate started medical school at Imperial College. Isabelle Reining and Jeremy Little recently stayed with Katie and Tom while in London. * Michael Walsh married Brianna Tufts ’07 at Lorimer Chapel and celebrated with a reception in Page Commons. Brianna completed her M.B.A. at Cornell, where Mike is finishing his Ph.D. They recently relocated to Somerville, Mass. * Joe and Julianna Green Schump, who live in Fort Collins, Colo., welcomed a baby girl, Claire Elizabeth, in August. * Nico ’06 and Melissa Hernandez Mwai relocated from NYC to Washington, D.C., for new job opportunities. * David Acker visited Will van der Veen in Cairo in December 2010 and recently finished his M.B.A and master’s in education at Stanford. He lives in San Francisco. * Megan Loosigian went on a cross-country road trip and stayed with Colby classmates along the way. She currently lives in seacoast New Hampshire, where she helps with her family’s new apple farm business. * Shawn Sato is in his second year of his radiology residency at the University of Iowa. Wife Kate (Durda) took a new job at the University of Iowa Cancer Center. They welcomed a new addition to their family—a puppy named Snoop! * Adelin Cai is in her fourth year at Google in Mountain View, Calif., where she works on policy issues related to Google’s commerce portfolio. After a short engagement last spring, she was married in October in a small, family ceremony on the High Line in New York. * Patrick Harner was married to UMass grad Leah Boisvert in September. Xavier Garcia was a groomsman, and Greg Lynch ’04 read Scripture. * Patrick McGowan is engaged and will wed in April in Newport, R.I. * Lauren Wolpin married Ben Bruno in August and now works at Middlebury. Lydia Durant and Jillian Parker Blakeslee were bridesmaids. Lauren was a bridesmaid in Jillian’s wedding to Paul Blakeslee in June. Lydia is engaged to Sathish Umapathy and currently lives in London. * Cheka Gage married Michael Bobys Oct. 15 in Florence, Italy. Close friend Courtney Morris married Bowdoin graduate Mark Drauschke June 4. * Alan Ashbaugh works at a Web design company based in Portland, Ore., and is partnering with Doug Calhoun ’04, who is leading business strategy for the company. * Kevin Yardi is engaged to Bates grad Libby Getzendanner and plans a summer 2012 wedding. * Cory Cramer teaches high school English and history in Santa Barbara, Calif. He lives with his fiancée, Kate Fox, and they plan an August wedding in Maine. * Megan Burd-Harris is studying at Wesley Seminary in DC, where she’s working on her master of divinity and toward ordination as an elder in the United Methodist Church. * Alana McGee started a small business hunting truffles with her dog, Duff, in the Pacific Northwest. * Liam McDonnell works as an engineer on the U.S. Coast Guard cutter Midgett and is in the process of applying to officer candidate school. * Kat Perez and Justin Fahey still live in Portland, Ore., where they see Nicole Conrad, Meggie Finn, Dae Ho Kim, Trevor McWilliams, and Rachel Ritchie. Justin works for nonprofit Teach for All and Kat recently curated her first exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Craft. * Enjoy the winter!


Class Correspondent:

Emma McCandless

Lots of classmates welcomed babies this year! Alex Gaeth and his wife, Alison, celebrated the arrival of their daughter, Sydney Grace. * Phil and Laura Barrow Geiger welcomed their first daughter, Alexa Marie, July 30. * Erin Dube and her husband, Adam, welcomed their second daughter, Norah Elizabeth. They live in Rhode Island. * Melissa Rosales Neff and her husband welcomed their second baby girl Sept. 22—Olivia Salem. They still live in North Carolina. * Peter and Susie Blair Rufo welcomed their first child, Ryan Charles, May 7. * Marley Orr is still in San Francisco and settling into a new job at AKQA, a digital advertising agency, and working on the Xbox. She finished her first half marathon and looks forward to running another soon now that she has her running legs back. In late summer she vacationed in Maine and visited Colby long enough for a trip to Big G’s. She also saw Susie Blair Rufo and her gorgeous son, Ryan. * Nick and Jen Barrett Crocker moved to Boston in September and had their first baby, Thomas Chadbourne, Nov 3. They love being back in Boston closer to their families and near a bunch of Colby friends! * Cynthia Davies started a new job at Southern Maine Medical Center in Biddeford as a physician’s assistant. * Ryan and Grace Becker Lochhead moved to PEI for Grace’s job. It’s been an exciting change for them, and they’re slowly getting used to the Canadians! Benson Hyde, Bill Younker, and Rose Becker ’08 have already visited during their first two months of residence there. * Betsy Ramos started a new job teaching at a public high school in her hometown of Lynn, Mass. She and her girlfriend of more than five years bought a new house. * Morgan Pratt is engaged to Cooper Arvisais. They live in Colorado. He proposed during a surprise flight on a Flight for Life Helicopter over the summit of Gray’s and Torrey’s peaks. They’re shooting for a spring 2013 wedding. She’s been bit by the triathlon bug and plans to do a couple Olympic distance races next summer. * Kristin Saucier wrapped up her M.P.H. and M.A. in international development from George Washington University last spring and moved to Nicaragua as an international fellow for Population Services International, for whom she had previously worked in DC. * Rebecca Evans is completing her residency in anesthesiology at the University of Utah and Teresa Leyro is completing her internship in clinical psychology at UCSF. They recently reunited in San Francisco for the U.S. half marathon, which brought them across the Golden Gate Bridge and up the grueling Marin Headlands. They placed 14th and 27th in their age group. * Sarah Wright and Christopher Sussman ’02 married Oct. 15 at Sleepy Hollow in Huntington, Vt. In attendance were Devon Anderson ’09, Greyson Brooks ’06, Ryland Brooks ’07, Andrew Bruening-Wright ’93, John de Perczel, Jennifer Munroe Downs, Isaac Griffith-Onnen, Daniel Kosmala, Kim Strader O’Leary, Claire Riley ’05, Anna Royer, Jennifer Rosenberg Schwartz, Robert Selover, Abigail Sussman ’09, Elizabeth Magner Tov, Rafal Urban, and Sarah Webster ’05. Sarah and Chris live in Belmont, Mass., and plan to through-hike the Pacific Crest Trail this summer for their honeymoon. * Nick ’05 and Becca Taylor Malick live in Oakland with daughter Juliet. They expect their second child this spring. Becca teaches elementary music at a charter school in Oakland, and Nick teaches middle school humanities in Lafayette. * Emily Quann Luth works as a special education teacher with the New England Center for Children and recently received her certification as a behavior analyst. She and her husband, Eric ’05, live in Newton, Mass., with their dog, Luna, and expect a baby boy in early January.


Class Correspondent:

Rich Riedel

Hello Class of 2003! Hope everyone had a safe, healthy, and happy holiday season. We had quite a few first time contributors … exciting to hear from classmates we haven’t heard from in almost 10 years! * Sara Blask has been busy since we last heard from her (probably from Mayflower Hill!). She recently left the AP newsroom in New York to join the corporate communications team at the Wall Street Journal/Dow Jones. On Sept. 10 she officiated the perfect wedding of Jennifer Santini ’04 and Matthew Benson held in Rockport, Mass, where Jen Mojo ’04 and Clark Stevens were in attendance. The following weekend she saw Phil ’04 and Laura Barrow Geiger ’04 and their beautiful baby, Alexa Marie, born July 30 in Chicago. * Susan Ellsworth moved to California from DC two years ago and recently finished a master’s in community development focused on agriculture and food systems. She lives in Winters, Calif., where she works with farmers while picking olives on the side and setting things in motion to start a flower CSA this spring. * Katie Altneu completed four years of grad school at Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder, Colo., and received her M.S. in Oriental medicine. She’s a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist and started a business, a holistic health center called The Point, in Denver. Good luck, Katie! * Jon Allen participated in AIDS/LifeCycle 10, a 545-mile bicycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles, to raise money for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center. The event raised more than $13 million, making it the largest single fundraiser for HIV/AIDS in the world. The ride was an amazing experience—Jon met many great people and challenged himself both physically and mentally. He credits his success partly to the support of his many Colby friends! * Peter Loverso moved into the house that he built last spring. He got promoted to senior manager for mail pharmacy services at Catalyst Rx. He travels a lot for work, so look for him at an airport near you! * Laura Shufelt married Patrick Kenney on Peaks Island, Maine, June 25. It was a great weekend and a fun reunion of the Colby ladies (they found time for their traditional human pyramid). The wedding officiant was Professor Tom Longstaff, Laura’s advisor. * Christine O’Donnell married Dan Hagan Aug. 13 in Salem, Mass. Stacy Thurston Barton, Kara Hubbard ’02, and Amanda Walsh ’05 were bridesmaids. Other alums in attendance included Brock Barton, Jasmine Ashe Hodgson, Abby Kussell ’02, Adam Cohen, Dan Parise, Lauren and Ian MacPherson, Anna Schierberl Scherr, Katie Trainor, and Rick Forster ’81. Christine and Dan live in Burlington, Vt. * Rebecca Stern married Brendan Schulte Sept. 10 by the ocean in South Thomaston, Maine. They met in 2003 in Jackson, Wyo., and currently reside there. Rebecca is the owner and creator of RS Photography (www.rs-photography.com). Check out their wedding photo on our class page at www.colby.edu/alumni. * Pam Sawyer received her Ph.D. in social psychology from the University of California


Class Correspondent:

Bridget Zakielarz Duffy

Ali Ghaffari completed a master’s in philosophy at Holy Apostles College and Seminary in Cromwell, Conn. Ali and his wife, Mary, moved to Corpus Christi, Texas. Ali stays in touch with Josh Ladieu and Joe O’Connell. * Eric and Melanie Ouellette Karlins welcomed their daughter, Elsinore “Elsie” Clara, Aug. 31. Lindsey Williams was there to meet Elsie after the birth. * Jesse Kucenic was married at Seven Springs Mountain Resort in PA over Labor Day weekend. He works as a GIS mapping specialist for URS Group. * Brian Wezowicz married Anne Kulli in Rochester, N.Y., in August. Geoff Ward was the best man. They honeymooned in Hawaii. * Leila Porteous will marry Rob Eggington in June in Boothbay Harbor. Leila is an editor at McGraw-Hill Professional and lives in Brooklyn Heights. * Chris Hale still lives in Medellin, Colombia, working with demobilized former guerrilla and paramilitary combatants and victims of violence for the Organization of American States Mission to Support the Peace Process, as the Northwestern Colombia regional coordinator. * Sister Madeleine Miller OSB (Sarah) moved to the Winnebago Indian Reservation and teaches religion K-5 at St. Augustine’s Indian Mission School. * Anna L’Hommedieu and her husband, Greg Boyer, bought a home in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood and enjoy the beautiful Pacific Northwest. * Spencer and Whitney Alford Mallozzi introduce their baby girl, Annie, born in August: welcome Annie Pouch Mallozzi. The Mallozzi clan resides in Norwalk, Conn. * Natalie Buccola moved from Seattle to Dallas for the next year. Natalie is taking time off from working as a nurse practitioner and enjoying her two boys, 3 1/2 and 16 months. * Katie Egan Wertheimer is expecting baby number two in early March. Katie teaches English at Westfield (N.J.) High School but will take maternity leave for the rest of the school year after the baby arrives. * Ed Jastrem’s firm, Heritage Financial Services. Inc., was named to Barron’s Top 100 Independent Financial Advisors. Ed catches up with Chris Lorentzen and Jon Weber around Boston. * Jen Smyth Curti graduated from PA school in July, and she and husband Matt have moved to Taos, N.M., where Jen took a surgical position at Holy Cross hospital. * Becky Sharp bought her first home in Steamboat Springs, Colo. * Kate Dalton and her husband had a second baby boy, Aidan Matthew, in August. Kate is finishing her last year of a five-year general surgery residency at Henry Ford and will take a job as a general/trauma surgeon at a local hospital. * Kevin Simons lives in Oslo, Norway, with Grete Rød ’03 and their month-old daughter, Ella. * Matthew Koontz works for Microsoft as a leading global strategist for their digital advertising business in Seattle and sees Ashley Landbloom from time to time. * Gavin and Bridget Zakielarz Duffy live in Atlanta, where Bridget works as a pediatrician. They welcomed son Finnegan Stanley in June. * Carl Tugberk married Jennifer Summers in Washington, D.C. Jay Freedman ’01 and Russ Casper were groomsmen, and Chris Long and Ben Cooper ’03 were also in attendance. * Tammie Sebelius moved to Lucerne, Switzerland, for the next two years. * Kristy Malm married David Loiselle in November in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. * Kathryn Kosuda married Sina Yeganeh in October in Cambridge, Mass. Kristy Malm Loiselle, Tammie Sebelius, and Nicki McNair were bridesmaids. Also in attendance were Russ Mink, Jon Ryder, Martin Schnermann, and Carreau Mueller ’05. * I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at reunion in June! Make plans now! We’re planning some great events. Check out the Colby 2002 Reunion Facebook page for updates.


Class Correspondent:

Ben Mackay

After three and a half years living in Dallas, I’m moving to Jackson Hole January through March to see if I can split my time. I’m looking forward to being back in the mountains, especially during another La Niña winter. Let me know if you’re coming through town and want to make some turns! * Jen Kassakian Anderson sailed on the fifth-place boat in the 2011 Swiftsure round trip from Victoria, B.C., to Cape Flattery, Wash. She also had an incredible three-week trip to Patagonia. She started a new job that takes her to Boston frequently, allowing her to catch up with Colby folks—too many to list. * With a business partner from Boston, Limi Marie Perry Bauer opened up an English-language institute that focuses on business English, conversation groups, tutoring, and experiential learning. The place is called East Coast English. So even though she calls Austria “home” these days, she has a little America within her four walls. Her day job is working as a fifth-grade teacher in the local middle school, which is its own culture clash experiment—and never boring. * Both Phoebe (Lehmann ’01) and Jay Zarnetske recently received their Ph.D.s and moved back across the country to start postdoctoral fellowships at Yale. They’re adjusting to being back in New England and city life and are happy to be closer to family and many Colby friends. * John and Kelley Moore Kendall welcomed their third child, Alexander Gregory, last July. Katarina, 8, and John, 5, are very proud of their baby brother! Kelley is completing her M.S.W. at Southern CT State University and continues to work full time as a case manager for Connecticut’s Department of Developmental Services. * Hilary Smyth Wirtz works in the advancement office at Concord Academy and lives in Southborough, Mass., at St. Mark’s School, where her husband is assistant head/dean of faculty. They welcomed a baby boy, Richard Charles “Charlie,” July 28! * Erik Waters is coming up on one year with Ascend Learning, where he is responsible for strategy and business development. Great company. If anyone is looking for a career change, they’re always looking for bright folks. There’s already a good contingent of Colby grads in their Burlington, Mass., headquarters. On the family side, he and Amy (Forrer ’98) are doing well. Their twins, Elsa and Olin, turn three in February and are ready to start preschool. * Brian Hanseth is opening seven restaurants in the Boston Area as a franchisee. * Kathryn Reber Colcher has joined the faculty of the Georgetown University School of Nursing and Health Studies as an adjunct instructor. * James ’99 and Jenny O’Donnell Spidle had a baby boy, Charlie, May 14. They can’t imagine life without him—he’s the greatest! * Alex Moskos continues to live the dream in Boston. In August he met JR Rudman, Chris Bonafide, James Mason, and Brian Hiester in Philly. Although they never made their goal of locating Johnny Hammond, they did get to see Mason swim in the Schuylkill River. They also randomly spotted Kevin Bacon in his hometown of Philly—now they’re separated by one degree. * Greg ’98 and Vanessa Wade Wehmeyer bought their first house in Plainville, Mass., at the end of December. They’re excited about the move, as is their daughter, Ella Marie, who looks forward to a pink bedroom, her own playroom, and pool play dates next summer. * Brian ’99 and Tacy Conard Quinn welcomed Theodore (Teddy) Mahoney Oct. 29. Big brother Charlie is 3. They’re having fun as a family of four and hope to get out west and visit the grandparents for spring skiing. * Greg de St Maurice was in Kyoto in January researching an IIE Fulbright. He stopped through Boston and saw Chie and Jason Ri, Carlos and Jess Mulready Dominguez, and Kate Henry. Jason started a master’s in counseling through Leslie University this year. Kate is pastry chef de cuisine at Oleana in Cambridge and, along with her partner, Molly Hansen, and their adorable daughter, Beverly, she impatiently awaits the addition of another little girl to their family.

1990 Newsmakers

The conventional wisdom is that immigrants jumping into the melting pot of 19th-century America banded tightly together, keeping a wary eye on other ethnic clans and interacting only to protect their turf.

That may have been true with the recently arrived working classes, says Meaghan Dwyer-Ryan ’96, but for the upper classes—and yes, there were immigrants in those ranks—it was a very different story.

“A lot of it was played up, ethnic antagonisms through politics, that sort of thing,” Dwyer-Ryan said, “whereas with the upper classes, particularly in the late nineteenth century, there seemed to be much more room for negotiation. There’s a lot more working together.”

As a historian specializing in immigrant history, she peels away preconceptions and stereotypes, trying to determine how things happened and why.

Meaghan Dwyer-Ryan ’96
Meaghan Dwyer-Ryan ’96
Trained as an archivist (master’s degree, NYU) and a historian (Ph.D., Boston College), Dwyer-Ryan has the tools to revive and analyze the past. She found, for example, that two influential Bostonians, Jewish merchant and philanthropist Abraham Shuman and Irish journalist and poet John Boyle O’Reilly, had much in common—in particular an interest in Irish nationalism. “Fascinating,” she said.

Speaking with Dwyer-Ryan reinforces the notion of historian as detective. She’s worked at the New York Historical Society and combed the archives at Ellis Island. As an Irish-American (her parents were pleased when she studied abroad in Cork, she said, because her Irish cousins could look out for her), she has focused on that ethnic group—comparing the Irish to Jewish immigrants of the time.

Dwyer-Ryan, who teaches history at Eastern Connecticut State, plunged into the study of Irish-American culture knowing she’d have to convince some that there is more to examine than “shamrocks and shillelaghs.” She considers ethnic consciousness as it overlaps with acculturation as immigrants tried to figure out how to become Americans.

That’s the subject of her dissertation, completed in 2010. That followed by a year the publication of Becoming American Jews (Brandeis University Press), which Dwyer-Ryan cowrote. Next up? She said she wants to explore the idea of ethnic authenticity and ethnicity as a conscious choice. “What does it mean to be really Irish?’ she said. “Can you be Irish if you’re born American? … How can I prove my Irishness, Jewishness? That sort of transition is something I’m really interested in pursuing.”

The daughter of a high school social studies teacher, Dwyer-Ryan was raised to ask questions and to make inquiry part of her life and university teaching. At Colby she took a wide variety of history classes, from medieval to African history. She and her Irish-born husband, Anthony Ryan, recently had their first child, a son named Cian (Irish for “ancient”), but she said she’s continuing to publish articles and is looking for a publisher for a book based on her doctoral research.

Her work is a living reminder of a saying often applied to immigrants. Said Dwyer-Ryan, “The first generation remembers, the second wants to forget, the third remembers again.” —Gerry Boyle ’78

1990 Newsmakers

Thomas Harrop ’95 was named a managing director at Goldman Sachs.

1990 Newsmakers

Galen Carr ’97 continues as the Boston Red Sox special assignment scout, according to the (Quincy) Patriot Ledger.

1990 Newsmakers

Brian O’Halloran ’93 was promoted by new Boston Red Sox General Manager Ben Cherington. O’Halloran was named vice president/assistant general manager.

1990 Newsmakers

The work of artist Ellen Langford ’90 was part of a show at Studio 561 in Jackson, Tenn., in November. The show was part of an effort to showcase historic restoration in Jackson. Langford, a painter, lives in Jackson, Miss. She was profiled in the Jackson Sun newspaper.


Class Correspondent:

Lindsay Hayes Hurty

Joshua DeScherer and Jaime Jones happily welcomed their first child, daughter Zella Liv Jones DeScherer, July 27. Joshua teaches music theory and contrabass at the Portland Conservatory of Music and recently performed at Colby for the first time since graduation as a member of the chamber ensemble Les Sorciers Perdus. * Marty Whitmore lives in Boston, works as a buyer for TJX, and was engaged this fall to Jessica Vazquez. They plan to get married in Boston next August. * Megan Watson delivered (while her husband, Jason, supported) their son, Finnian James Schissel, Oct. 25 at 11:36 p.m. He was seven pounds, seven ounces, 20 inches long, and cute as can be! * After leaving Colby Christina Lemieux spent three years in San Francisco, living and working in the midst, and aftermath, of the dot-com bubble. She then spent three years in NYC before moving to London, where she has lived and worked for the last six years. She’s married to a Brit and has a beautiful 10-month-old daughter, Anya, who is the light of her life. Christina’s career focus is advertising, and she currently works as a strategy director at a digital/brand behavior agency. She is also writing a book about the art of lobster fishing in Down East Maine. The book, published by History Press, is due out this spring. * Kim Nagy is engaged to Mark Monnin from Wells, Maine. * Ryan Aldrich and his wife had their first child, a baby girl named Avery. They moved to Bethlehem, N.H., where they both work at the White Mountain School. * Jonathan and Alli DeGroot Tyler welcomed a baby boy July 28, Callum Robert Tyler. They live in Montclair, N.J. * Jo Reardon Prince, her husband, and their daughter moved to southern Switzerland, where Jo teaches fourth grade at TASIS, an American School. They love exploring the area and look forward to skiing in the Alps this winter. * Melissa Thouin Federman headed to NYC last fall to celebrate Payal Luthra’s wedding. Laura D’Afflitti Weierman was also in attendance. * Brad Sicchitano happily reports that there are finally other Colby grads working at Fay School in Southborough, Mass., where Brad is the director of primary and lower school admission. Elizabeth Lyons ’09 and Devan FitzPatrick ’09 joined the school this fall and brought in the love of Maine and Mayflower Hill. Brad is a proud Fay parent, as his three children are now there. Brad says working at Fay has been a wonderful experience meeting families with his Colby banner in the background. It has led to many great conversations and meeting other Colby (as well as Bates and Bowdoin) graduates and sharing stories of living in Maine. He hopes they’ll continue to attract other Colby alumni to the school as faculty, staff, and future parents. * Eric and Amy Erdmann Sholk welcomed another little boy! Andrew Sholk was born Nov. 16, and his two big brothers are thrilled to have him in the family (for now)! * Kristopher Murphy completed his two-seat homebuilt aircraft and enjoyed flying it to the annual EAA convention in Oshkosh. The project took nine years of intermittent work, but now he flies with local friends and his two daughters. * Keep the news coming!


Class Correspondent:

Brian Gill

Many congratulations to those with new additions! Andrew Porter and his wife welcomed their third child, Margaret Marion Porter, Nov. 17. Maggie is big and happy and healthy. She keeps her two older brothers and her parents busy. * Pete and Sarah Eno Felmly welcomed a daughter, Georgia Elizabeth, Oct. 20. * Beth (Monahan ’01) and Paul Caruso had their first child, Christian Thomas, Oct. 12. They’re all doing well. * Peter and Meredith Greene Ross had their second son, Isaac, in March 2011 and they moved to Hamden, Conn. * K.C. McClelland Krieger gave birth to a little girl, Maggie, in June. She joins her two brothers, Michael and Matthew. K.C. has returned to work full time as the director of investments for Eli Broad’s family office and foundations. * Eben Peck and his wife, Colette, welcomed their first child, Lucy Antonia Peck. Six pounds, five ounces, and a shock of red hair, she looks forward to hanging out with the many other Colby babies in the Washington, D.C. area. * Andrew Littell and his wife, Margo, welcomed Greta Whittemore Oct. 27. Greta joins sister Lucia in Brooklyn. Andrew enjoys his work on the strategic partnerships team at Google. * Katherine Littell married Pat Hinchey in October. KB and Dave Dodwell, Pete and Sarah Eno Felmly, Lisa and Jon Foster, Raja and Liz Hooper Bala, Brian and Kristelle Aherne Gill, Rachel Westgate, and Meghan Hauptli were there. * Jenn Smith received a postdoctoral fellowship to support her behavioral ecology research on yellow-bellied marmots at UCLA and the Rocky Mountain Biological Lab. * Derek Luke reports that the brewery is busy and anticipates filling 8,000 kegs this year. They also produced 80 wooden casks of Thomas Tew Single Barrel rum. Derek is getting married in New Zealand in February to Annie Sherman of Newport, R.I. * Kevin Landis is assistant professor of theater and the director of the theater program at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs. He also acts at Theatreworks and produces a theater lecture series called Prologue. * Raja and Liz Hooper Bala are currently auditioning for the Amazing Race. * Ross ’99 and Monica Staaterman McEwen have two daughters, Claire and Marissa. After 11 years in software sales with Cognos (which was acquired by IBM), Monica has begun a new job with Qliktech and will start its federal sales division. She frequently sees John and Julie Fidaleo Madison, who recently welcomed their second daughter, Whitney Kathleen. * Vanessa Hernandez-Elmore still lives in Santa Fe, N.M., where she switched jobs from a focus on antique/historic Native American art at Morning Star Gallery to delving into the world of contemporary Native American art at Blue Rain Gallery. Vanessa and her husband, Paul, had a baby girl, Samantha Rose (Rosy). * Amanda Bakian completed a master’s in statistics and a Ph.D. in ecology from Utah State University. Amanda and her husband, Ian McAlexander, live in Salt Lake City, where she works as an assistant professor in the department of psychiatry at the University of Utah’s School of Medicine. * Chad and Jeana Flahive Pimentel are happily raising four beautiful children, 8 to 4 months. They’re all homeschooled, beach-bumming, organic, environmentally friendly little hippies. Living on the beach and doing as much traveling, hiking, surfing, and yoga as the kids will allow. * Harris Eisenstadt lives in Brooklyn with wife, Sara, and son, Owen. He spent the fall teaching at SUNY Maritime and SUNY Empire State and on tour in Austria and the UK. * Thank you for your contributions and enjoy the winter.


Class Correspondent:

Tom DeCoff

Stephanie Blackman Stokamer finished her dissertation and earned an Ed.D. in educational leadership from Portland State. She started a new position as an assistant professor and the director of the center for civic engagement at Pacific University in Oregon. Being at a small college has brought back lots of Colby memories for her—and she would love visitors if anyone passes through. * Also in Portland, Zoë Kaplan Presley enjoyed a mini Colby reunion and some great new music at the Pickathon music festival with James Loveland ’96 and Jen Vogt, Lindsay Frantz Field ’96, Andy Meeks ’96 and Sarah Eustis ’96, Jess Boyles ’96, and Jill Picard Paine ’96. * Becca Durham Whithed works as a botanist at the MPG Ranch in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana. She wrote a piece in The Place Where You Live section of Orion Magazine that was to be published in the Nov./Dec. 2011 issue. In September she attended the Colby alumni Welcome to the City event in where else? Portland, Ore.! Not only did she have a “fabulous time,” but she won a Colby blanket. * Megan and Gray Macmillan welcomed twins, Lily and Andrew, May 31. Gray wrote, “Lily and Andrew look forward to visiting Maine soon and intend to apply for early-early admission.” * Marc Hebert lives in Washington, D.C. He and his wife expect twins in June while son, Luc, is still a toddler! “Mercy…,” he wrote, “three kids in diapers at the same time!” * In April Jenny Higgins welcomed son Atticus. She left her post at Columbia University to accept a new faculty position at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she’ll teach a large class on women’s health and bodies, continue her research on sexual health, and finally try to learn how to ice skate backward. * Al Madrid lives in Philadelphia, where he works as a civil defense attorney, having earned his J.D. from Temple Law. His wife, Jessi Schwarz ’99, works as a midwife at Children’s Hospital there, and they have four children. Diego, Penelope, Claudia Rose, and Adrian keep them very busy! * Jeff and Kara Marchant Hooper, along with their two boys, visited Leif and Ellie Peters Bergquist and their three children this summer in St. Louis. Kara reported that everyone is doing well, and they even caught a Cardinals game in the new stadium. * Mika Hadani Melamed has been working for five years at The Creative Group, a division of Robert Half International. She recently received a promotion to lead recruiter. Congratulations, Mika! * Sandra Lund Sargisson (NY), Julie Davidson Fisher (Boston), Chrissy Killheffer Sinclair (Seattle), and Wendy Ridder Bergh (San Francisco), all roommates senior year, got together in November in Scottsdale, Ariz., for a weekend of fun and catching up. * Peter Sheren lives in Singapore and explores Southeast Asia through work trips and vacations. He recently flew home to Washington, D.C., and had a BBQ with Drew Minkiewicz ’96 and family. At the time he e-mailed, he was planning to celebrate New Year’s with Andrew Weber and his family in London. * Amanda Sprang moved from rural Pennsylvania back to her hometown of Seattle in May and then moved again in September to Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. She still works for a company in the oil and gas logistics industry, and reports that PNG is the perfect mix of adventure, work, friends, and the unexpected. * Chris and Jen Atwood Lesky welcomed their first child, Caroline, April 6, 2011. They live in Newton, Mass., and Jen works part time as a private tutor as she spends most of her days with little Caroline. Jen looks forward to our reunion in June! * Speaking of reunion, please mark your calendars for May 31-June 3 and plan to join us on Mayflower Hill!


Class Correspondent:

Brad Smith

Remember Bad Beer Fest? Well that was almost 20 years ago, and the Class of 1996 has really been on the rise ever since. Then again, we could only go up from there, right? * For one, Kate Radley opened a multidisciplinary law firm in Denver that specializes in best-interest representation of children in dependency and neglect cases. She was also married in June to an as-yet-unnamed person at the Denver Botanic Gardens with Kate Swenson, Elizabeth Garbe, and Marybeth Thomson in attendance. * And yeah, there’s more. Sarah Langan welcomed her second daughter, Frances Carolina Petty, Oct. 19, joining big sister Clementine, 2. Her radio play, Is This Seat Taken, was released in a boxed set called Tales From Beyond the Pale, produced by Larry Fessenden and Glen McQuaid. Sarah’s also penned a bunch of short stories in a bunch of magazines and anthologies. Say what! * Oh, and there’s this too: beginning last August Jonathan Bardzik spent Saturdays doing live cooking demos at Washington, D.C.’s historic Eastern Market, working in partnership with local farmers to serve free samples of fresh vegetable dishes and provide recipe cards to inspire visitors to cook more at home. He posts his recipes on his blog www.whatIhaventcookedyet.com and on his Facebook page of the same name. * But this really floored me: our very own Lauren Iannotti is the deputy editor at Glamour magazine


Class Correspondent:

Yuhgo Yamaguchi

Brent McLean recently traded in the beaches of southern California for the snowcapped Cascade peaks of Bend, Ore., and is VP of sales and marketing for the Northview Hotel Group. He’s also engaged to Tara Shimmin of San Diego. The wedding will take place in Kennebunk, Maine, in August 2012. * Brian Rayback and Alysa Cohen had their third child, Benjamin Striker, July 30. He joins big sisters Lucy, 6 and Maisie, 4. * Abe Rogers is obtaining his master’s of education at Boston University. He also coaches the Harvard masters swim team. * Brett Hudson has been living in a tent as part of the occupy San Francisco movement; he’s marched with protests in San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley. He earned an M.A. in creative writing and is planning to teach English at a university in the Persian Gulf region. * Michelle Grdina and Sandra Jewers Dow had an impromptu reunion with Bob DiVito and Jason Spooner at a recent performance by The Spooner Trio in Portland, Maine. Michelle lives in Boston and recently started a new position as program manager for the Deshpande Center at MIT.


Class Correspondent:

Kimberly Valentine Walsh

As we’re hitting many milestones (ahem, 40), I asked not only for updates but for reflections of how Colby friends have played a part in our lives these past 20 years. * I loved catching up with Jessica Drislane when she visited Minneapolis. It was as if a day hadn’t passed (except we’re more gorgeous and wiser, of course). * Josh and Laura Pavlenko Lutton celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary and the 20th anniversary of their first date at Colby—breakfast before a homecoming Colby Echo tailgate. * Katie Morrison just celebrated her 10th ordination anniversary and reflected on the journey as a challenging one, since she was a trailblazing out lesbian in the Presbyterian church. Her Colby friends were some of the most supportive during that process: Karlene Burrell McRae, Maria Kim ’93, and John Cook ’92. She gives thanks for the dear Colby friends she’s still in touch with and for the countless others who were supportive of The Bridge and other efforts toward creating a more welcoming school environment for LGBT persons. * Jennifer Walker Hemmen reached a difficult milestone that others of us may have as well—the passing of her dad—and appreciates how wonderful Colby friends have been during a difficult year. * Adriana Sulak Bombard “treasures the friends made at Colby—they are my deepest connections. It’s odd to think they’re now fully the ’old’ friends, since we’ve known each other half my life! I’d be lost without them.” She celebrated her 40th in San Francisco with Tanya Nygaard ’92, Jeff ’93 and Connie Huffine Zlot, and Stacey Warner and new husband Ross Piper ’95. A little karaoke adventure reminded her of celebrating Connie’s 20th in Sydney. There was also a party to celebrate Stacey and Ross’s recent marriage that included Tanya, Jeff and Connie, Greg Christopher, Chris Abbott, Nick Abbott ’95, Caroline Morris Peabody ’92, and Marty Krolewski ’95. Congrats Stacey and Ross! Check out the photo on our class website at www.colby.edu/alumni. * Mike ’93 and Kristen Zier Pietraszek welcomed baby Olivia Jean July 24. Big brother Owen


Class Correspondent:

Jill Moran Baxter

Aaron and Diana MacKendrick Kielhack moved to Bismarck, N.D., where Aaron works for North Dakota’s information technology agency as a project manager. Diana stays busy with their children, Lillian, 8, Giselle, 5, and Winston, 3, and their activities. Aaron and Diana say, “We miss the East Coast (Stamford, Conn.), but things are booming out here and we’re looking forward to winter (skating, sledding, etc.).” * Ari Druker visited NYC for a few days, traveling from Tokyo, and he caught up with Jon Yormak, David Beatus, and Rob Hostler. He reports that everyone was well—enjoying parenthood and looking forward to our next class reunion. * Amanda White lives in Waltham, Mass., with her boyfriend of 10 years, Rob Reuter. Amanda taught in the language-based learning disabilities program at Reading Memorial High School starting in 2000. This year Amanda enrolled in a cohort of the National Institute For School Leadership. She occasionally hangs out with Jim Kelley, who lives in Ashby, Mass. * Jon Eddinger’s fall was busy after taking a job in Portland, Maine, at Mercy Hospital as a staff cardiologist. It’s going very well and he’s glad to be back in Maine. Jon has a son, Jackson, 3, who is a joy. * Phil and Kimberly Blatz Orbell live in Wyoming with their sons, 5 and 9. Kimberly and her husband are both middle school teachers. * Nancy Emerson Kress teaches math at Hanover (N.H.) High School, while her husband, Brian, does physics research and teaches at Dartmouth. She’s also busy raising three boys: Clay, 8, Glen, 6, and Lyle, 2. Watch this space as Nancy and her husband expected to add to their family in late January. * David and Cristen Coleman Mastroianni welcomed a baby boy in October. Luke joins brother Jake, 2 1/2. Cristen enjoyed being home on maternity leave and returned to her job at Fidelity in January. * Bree Jeppson and her husband, James Bassett, happily announce the birth of their baby boy, Lucas Bassett, last April. * Anne Griffin still lives in Sofia, Bulgaria, and loves every minute of it. She was busy preparing her company, Bulgarian Pottery and Gifts, for a Christmas village in Philadelphia and the New York International Gift Fair. She hopes for a lot of snow in Bansko Ski Resort, Bulgaria, this winter. * Doug Hutton, a science teacher at Glastonbury (CT) High, won the Milken Educator Award during a surprise school assembly Oct. 20. The award, which Teacher Magazine dubbed the “Oscars of teaching,” includes a $25,000 unrestricted gift and recognizes outstanding teachers for what they have achieved and the promise of what they will accomplish in the future. * Last but never least, Scott Parker e-mailed a well-crafted blurb that I’m including verbatim: “Murph alert … Mike Murphy, his wife Denise, and baby Rio visited the Big Apple in November (from their home in Alaska). After a busy day of trying to organize Occupy Wall Street (literally), Murph blew off some steam with 1%’ers John Bonello and Scott Parker at his first NFL game (where happily for Murph and Parker, the Patriots romped the Jets 37-16). Bonello was miffed at the Jets loss, but was able to wipe his tears on the bib of his new baby boy, John Jr. There was also a Colby reunion of sorts at the retirement party Dilan Siritunga ’92 helped host for Professor Meehan at the Harvard Club (where’s our Colby club?), where Parker, Bonello and Bill Miller (aka Vanilli) were joined by Ricky ’White Shoes’ (Rick Wallace) for a night of debauchery. Greg Burns was going to join, but bailed last minute because his skirt ripped.” * After reading Scott’s entry, it’s clear who should be writing our class notes—and perhaps also planning the upcoming 20th reunion? As always, thanks for writing in!


Class Correspondent:

Molly Beale Constable

Hello and welcome to the year of our 20th reunion! Can you believe it’s just around the corner? * Annaliesa and Scott Alprin announce the birth of Jacob Eno Thomas Alprin, born Sept. 17 in Washington, D.C. The Alprins wanted their second child about two years after their first, and they accomplished that: sister Marlie turned 2 Sept. 15. They suspect joint birthday parties will not be tolerated by either child. * Nicole Farkas Mogul enjoys living in a house in DC that she and her husband gutted and renovated. She stays in touch with Scott Alprin. * Last August Eric Johnson and his wife welcomed their second son, Chase Hudson. Chase was born in NY as Eric is in the middle of a two-year assignment there for PIMCO. In October Eric hung out with Dave Dore during a quick trip to Luxembourg, where Dave and his wife, Anita, have lived for four years. * Dana Mackin Pilchik is in her final year working toward her doctorate in clinical psychology. She’s finishing her dissertation and applying for internships around the country (hoping for Boston). * Carol Chamberlain Hebert caught up with old friend Beth Baumer LeBlanc at a beautiful and peaceful log cabin on Rangeley Lake in Maine. Beth lives in Auburn, Maine, with her husband and boys Joey, 5, and Tommy, 3, and works for L.L.Bean. Carol, a high school math teacher, lives on Cape Cod with her husband, son Daniel, 14, and stepdaughter Mandy, 13. * Norm Stillman is a small-animal veterinarian and owns a three-doctor practice in Plymouth, Mass. He’s married to Diane (Osgood ’91) and they have two daughters, Emma, 12, and Hannah, 10. Norm was recently at Colby to introduce the kids to their parents’ alma mater. He hardly recognized the place. Of course he went to Big G’s for his favorite sandwich (the Myles Standwich). The location had changed, but the food was exactly as he remembered it. * Rachel Klein-Ash recently returned from Christy O’Rourke and Scott Habetz’s amazing wedding in Sausalito, Calif. Scott is originally from NC, but the happy couple resides in San Francisco. The morning of the wedding, Christy, leading enthusiastically, encouraged a group on a hike up into the Marin Headlands, where they had spectacular, expansive views of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. Other Colbians in attendance were: Katie Martin, Marah Silverberg Derzon, Lisa McMahon-Myhran, KK Smith, Jenny Alfond Seeman, and Katherine Rynearson Tagtmeier. * Katie Drowne is working on a project that may resonate with some of you. She’s in the process of writing a book about Richard Russo, who taught in the English Department while we were at Colby. He’s left Colby but has won the Pulitzer Prize and many other accolades. Though Katie didn’t know him well and never took a class with him, she has discovered that he’s a wonderful writer and finds it a pleasure to write about his work. Her book, Understanding Richard Russo, will be published in 2013 by the University of South Carolina Press. * Pete Hayden moved to the DC area a year ago after returning from his second tour in Iraq. The air conditioning in his rental house broke last summer so he, wife Melissa, and their four kids moved into Pete Carney’s house in Arlington for a week. The two Petes and their families have gotten together a few times, but not often enough. Pete Carney is a partner at White & Case, specializing in international antitrust litigation. He’s busier now that his hands are full with beautiful daughter Claire, born May 27. Over the summer, Pete Hayden saw Yong Kwon and his family when Yong was returning from a mission trip to Tanzania. Yong’s boys, Caleb, 12, and Christian, 10, are almost as tall as Yong, and daughter Evelyn, 5, is growing into a lovely young lady. Pete Hayden is still an Army JAG, working for the chairman of the Joint Chiefs as deputy legal counsel for cyber and intelligence operations. His family is content with life in northern Virginia. Soccer, orchestra, Boy Scouts, lacrosse, and school keep the kids largely out of trouble. * I have just one more column until I pass the reins to the next person. Anyone? Happy New Year! See you in Waterville.


Class Correspondent:

Dave Shumway

Becca Brackett Price has had a wonderful, crazy, intense, exhausting, and fulfilling year. She and husband Lewis traveled to China last November to meet their daughter, Zoe. She’s absolutely amazing, and they’re blessed with an active, friendly 5-and-a-half-year old. They still run their specialty cable business, and Lewis travels around the world several times a year. Fayetteville, Ark., has been their home base for five years. Becca says it’s very much like New England, with shorter winters! * Caitlin Sullivan completed her first half marathon in October after three months training. She has three wonderful children, 4, 7, and 9. They’re a big tennis family and their 7-year-old competed in a USTA tennis tournament. It’s been years since Caitlin has visited Colby, but she’s still very close to her good Colby friends and appreciates them so much! * Gretchen Fisher Orr works for the Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation in Connecticut as an instructor/trainer and is currently enrolled in grad school at UMass Boston in the vision studies program for orientation and mobility (white cane travel for the visually impaired). Happily married for two years to Armond Orr, she shares their home with Sheyenne, a German shepherd, and Bella, a little pit bull/terrier mix with a big personality. * Cory Snow said that Sandy Colhoun had baby number two, Stuart Wood Colhoun, with wife Selina Oct. 6. Everyone is healthy. * Trish Biros Mitchell is an exercise physiologist and runs a pediatric cardiopulmonary exercise laboratory at Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Providence, R.I. She mostly does clinical work but gets involved with occasional research. Last September she presented their most recent research at a biannual pediatric work physiology meeting in Cornwall, England. The best part was crossing the pond five days early to check out London with her hubby sans children! * Since our reunion, DC Comics (now DC Entertainment) relocated C. Evan Metcalf from NYC to the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank, Calif., where he works in the creative services division facilitating the brand extension of DC Comics properties (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern) into videogames, movies, and television. His wife, Amie, and three children—Oscar, 8, Arlo, 6, and Lucy, 3—have joined him in a cozy 1950s ranch home on the flats of Burbank, where it’s always sunny, lizards outnumber squirrels, and orange trees grow in their front yard. * Sue Gouws Korn is still in the San Francisco Bay area, where she’s been for 13 years, and started a new job as VP-finance at peer-to-peer lending marketplace Prosper.com. She loves the startup mentality and is wondering why she didn’t make the switch years ago. Her sons are 6 and 3, and she’s continually amused looking at the world through their eyes. * Katherine Dauge-Roth returned from a great year in Switzerland, husband Alexandre’s home country, where they were both on sabbatical from teaching at Bowdoin and Bates. Katherine writes, “We got lucky and found a house to rent near Neuchatel with a view of the lake and rolling hills of vineyards above it. Alex and I spent our time doing research and writing while our children, Claire, 12, and Aymeric, 4, navigated school and making friends all in French. We hiked a lot, skied a little (no snow over there this year, contrary to what they got in Maine!), ate lots of cheese and chocolate, and just enjoyed living at a different pace as a family for a little while. It is nice to be back in Maine, though as of this writing Aymeric, who abandoned English entirely about two months into our time over there, has yet to speak a word of it!” * On Dec. 26, 2010, Richard and Kaylyn Hipps Groves welcomed their second baby: Maxwell Augustine Groves, a healthy and happy little boy. Lucky for all of them that Max is easy going—sister Mary-Alice, 2, enjoys pushing him over a bit too much. * Great job with the news everyone—keep it coming!


Class Correspondent:

Kristin Hock Davie

Carolyn Reed Kirkpatrick wrote from Queenstown, N.Z., where she and her husband and two sons live on a sheep station. She is involved with several education projects and both boys are on the local ski team. * Matt Ovios was promoted to captain and was deployed to the western Pacific and Arabian Gulf onboard the aircraft carrier John C. Stennis. He was in the midst of launching jets that support missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. Upon return he and his wife will head to Newport, R.I., where Matt will be the director of fleet training at the Navy’s Surface Warfare Officer School. Matt, we wish you a safe return and are humbled by your service to our country. * Carol Lockwood expanded her commercial real estate law practice to include family law. She lives in East Oahu with her two sons. She’s also the stereotypical mom, shuttling boys among school, swim lessons, soccer and, of course, birthday parties. * Reed Bernhard retired from the Navy after 20 years of flying. He has settled in Seattle with his wife and son and looks forward to continuing his flying career. Congratulations on your retirement Reed and, as with Matt, we’re humbled by your service. * David Coleman and family live in Silicon Valley, where he’s the manager of the merchant support team for Playspan. His wife home-schools their two children. They spend weekends in the Napa area riding horses or attending their daughter’s ballet rehearsals. * Annie Band loves life in Wyoming, making time for mountain biking (with her husband and son), hiking, paragliding, swimming, and making lots of jewelry in her newly upgraded studio. She went hiking with Diana Howell O’Brien, who has a thriving physical therapy practice in Jackson. * Dan Spurgin has been in Kansas dominating his family fantasy football league and starting a soccer team last fall for 2-4 year olds, which they call “Mighty Lions Soccer.” * Elaine Kaufman Goldman lives in St. Louis with her husband and three daughters. Her company, Logo Loops, produces embroidered stretch headbands in a variety of colors/designs—think tween girl. Elaine reports that Erica Hoffmeister Supple, Suzanne Quill Feldman, Andrea Ciampa McEachern, Leslie Couture Mourmoura, Kirsten Rossner Buchanan, Valerie Bryer Pettit, and Dr. Gretchen Schwarze Mezrich are all well. * Kristin “Cricket” Girvin Redman checked in from Madison, Wis., where she lives with her husband and dog. She is practicing graphic design, playing some pond hockey, running, and skiing. She sees Laura Senier, who is on the faculty at UW Madison in rural sociology and family medicine. She also gets together with Gretchen Granger Hartley, who is a vascular surgeon and on the faculty at UW Medical School. She also sees Tim Felt ’91, although not often enough. Y Tanja Gross Chevalier checked in from the Chicago area, where she lives with her husband and three kids. They’re enthusiastically involved with music and French culture and enjoy the changing seasons in the Midwest. * John Hayworth became the managing partner of Walker, Tipps & Malone PLC, a litigation boutique firm in Nashville. He and his wife are busy raising two kids, one very mellow lab, and one crazy-ass corgi. He hopes to visit Chip Smith, Scott Schirmeier, and Bob Lian in DC soon. * Congratulations to Pete Sekulow and his wife on the birth of their daughter, Veronica Mia Sekulow, born Sept. 8 in Virginia. * After 20 years working in sports, mostly as a baseball writer, Larry Rocca is in the DC suburbs working as development director at his high school alma mater (some may remember his Georgetown Prep letter jacket). * Cinda Jones is president of her family’s Timberland and Real Estate Co. in Massachusetts. She’s redeveloping a former sawmill site into a village center just a half mile north of UMass Amherst.

1980 Newsmakers

Therese Langlois ’85 has been promoted to senior vice president at Citizens Bank. Langlois will lead a team providing analytical and reporting support to several executive management teams at the Providence, R.I.-based bank.

1980 Newsmakers

Aviva Sapers ’83 was recognized by the Family Business Association for her work as CEO of insurance and investment company Sapers & Wallack Inc., in Newton, Mass. Sapers and others were noted for striking a balance between work and family, according to the Boston Business Journal.

1980 Newsmakers

Shaun Sutner ’80, an investigative reporter for the Telegram & Gazette newspaper in Worcester, Mass., was part of a team reporting from Haiti in December. Sutner wrote about the continued work there in memory of Britney Gengel, a college student who went to Haiti to work with orphans but died in the earthquake in January.


Class Correspondent:

Anita Terry

This is the column of the long-lost classmates. I heard from more people who had never written in or who hadn’t written in years. Welcome back! Jan Gisholt was married to Hara Mavrikos Sept. 17 in Santorini, Greece. He and Hara practice maritime law in NYC, and he promises not to wait another 22 years to submit. * Terri Edmunds has been living near Chicago since 1996, but she still misses the East Coast. She and her husband have two kids, and she works at Alcatel-Lucent in strategic marketing, where she manages the enterprise global consultant program. You may see Terri on the Food Network one day: she tried out for the first season of Gordon Ramsay’s MasterChef in 2010, and in October she placed fifth out of 227 in the Aetna Food Fight Challenge, vying for a chance to cook for Bobby Flay. * Susan Serino lives in Cambridge with her husband, Steve, and is in her 17th year as a school psychologist/counselor at Acton-Boxborough Regional High School. She also currently serves as her Harvard Square church’s junior warden. * Jeff England finds it ironic that, after being expelled from Colby for bad grades, he is now a professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC responsible for handing out grades. “Thankfully, I’m a better professor than I was a student.” * Jana Christopher lives in Keene, N.H., where, when she isn’t working as a residential educator at a group home for mentally ill adults, she deals tournaments for a charity poker room. Jana is learning sign language and is a peer counselor in Re-evaluation Counseling, so she keeps plenty busy! * Kathleen Murphy Fellbaum enjoyed Jody Zorgdrager’s book, Of Consequence, as well as Gerry Hadden’s book, Never the Hope Itself. * Lawrence Collins also said Gerry’s book is “awesome.” Lawrence’s band is almost finished with a new album, Acoustronika, and will have released a five-song EP version by the time you read this. * Jennifer Johnson Muse lives in Pittsburgh, where, pre-kids, she was an ICU nurse. Now she’s busier than ever shuttling three kids to “every sport under the sun” and volunteering for the Phipps Conservatory and the Carnegie Museum’s Women’s Committee. Jennifer’s oldest, Anna, competed in the world championships in Irish dancing in Dublin last April, and Jennifer got to go along. She’ll go again when Anna competes next spring in Belfast. * After 21 years in California, David Fearon has returned to the East Coast, where he is a data management specialist at the Johns Hopkins library in Baltimore. He reports that JHU’s Georgian campus is like a “bigger, sciencier Colby.” * Nancy Spellman recently caught up with Jenni Underhill in Florida under not-so-great circumstances. Nancy’s mom, who lives in Cape Canaveral, fell and broke her shoulder. Jenni has been encouraging Nancy to get involved in cycling and, while in Florida, Nancy and Jenni rode together. Nancy has completed four metric centuries (62 miles) in the past year, and Jenni has done a full century (100 miles). * John Reynolds still writes and performs on CBS’s The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, where he is trying to get Gerry Hadden some airtime for his book. Gerry and John are not only Colby classmates, but both attended Pelham High School in NY. * Andy Ayers and Rob Erdmann are co-head coaches of the Agawam Mite A (7 to 8-year-olds) travel hockey team in Hamilton, Mass. Andy’s son, Jimmy, and Rob’s son, Jack, both play on the team. * Shaun Dakin had a great visit with Mike Beck this summer on Block Island. Shaun works in DC as a managing partner for training at Webbmedia Group. His son is in second grade, and Mike helped celebrate Shaun’s 14th anniversary with his wife, Dr. Saleena Dakin. Congrats! * Andrew Ian Dodge is busy with his run for U.S. Senate. As he says, it will be “one interesting spring next year and I can’t wait.” * Gretchen Kreahling McKay isn’t a senator, but she was elected to the advisory board for Reacting to the Past. She works with Professor of Art Michael Marlais at Colby to develop a Reacting to the Past game. Starting in January Gretchen will be chair of the department of art and art history at McDaniel College, where she teaches.


Class Correspondent:

Kate Walker

Here’s an update from Johnson third floor 1984/1985. I asked for memories, news, Colby highlights and redos. My freshman roommate, Patty Haffey Clendenen, lives in Wellesley, Mass. Her husband, Pat, practices law in Boston. Patty is looking for a job now that her youngest, Claire, is a senior. Their oldest, Paul, is at Clemson, and Drew is at Miami Ohio. Pat and Patty made the trip to Colby with Claire wondering if they’d finally have a child who appreciates the remote beauty of Maine! I recently enjoyed catching up with Patty during a walk around the Weston, Mass., reservoir with our dogs. * Rob Koff is in Simsbury, Conn., where I used to see him at car washes and a favorite bar, more frequently at the latter. Rob has three kids (two girls, 6 and 9, and a son, 16), owns a real estate investment and management company, and is married. Rob’s redo: to have exercised his talents and played football at Colby! He stays in close contact with Scott Bunker, Peter O’Toole ’89, and freshman roommate Derek Sappenfield. Derek sent the most creative response to my request for favorite Colby memories: “Yianni’s special right before bed, Quebec road trip (including cow tipping), a payback swirlie, day-long wiffle ball games, the anticipation of a full garbage can of water leaning against a door, marathon die games (including one with a certain person’s father).” Derek is a business consultant and has lived in Russia, South Africa, and Belgium and worked virtually everywhere else. He has a son, 8, who bears a strong resemblance and who seems to have inherited the travel bug. * Karen Linde Packman lives in Weston, Mass., with her two girls, 15 and 13. Her husband, Jeff, works in biotech while Karen keeps busy with the girls and with work for a foundation focused on arts and education, particularly in low-income communities in Massachusetts. The family enjoys bicycling and skiing. Karen’s Colby highlight is her life-long friends, including her best friend, Jeff. Redo: volunteering as goalie for the JV lacrosse team freshman year having never before picked up a stick. * Stacey Mendelsohn Marx was Karen’s roommate. Stacey and Josh live on Bainbridge Island in Washington with Sallie, 16, and Nate 14. Stacey works on getting mental health coverage for the underserved. She runs half-marathons, spectates at her kids’ games, and enjoys cooking. Stacey has created a beautiful and warm home overlooking the water, which I enjoyed during a visit with Karen Linde Packman in 2008. * Peter Weltchek lives in San Francisco with his wife, Sara Starr, and boys Charlie (fourth grade) and Owen (first). They live in the city, where Peter is a partner in a real estate company, investing in underperforming shopping centers. He was in NYC over Thanksgiving and enjoyed seeing freshman roommate Chris Whelan. Chris and his wife, Marie Elena (Gravano ’90), live in NJ and have three daughters. Chris works in NYC for Morgan Stanley. Chris and Peter saw Shawn Holt, his wife, and three daughters at their home in NJ. Jon Earl and one of his two daughters were also there. On a visit to Boston, Peter connected with Dean Schwartz and Hilary Seward Kempainen. I see Hilary around Boston with her young son and daughter. The kids always look supremely happy. * And finally, Becca Bruce Dobberfuhl sent news from Austin, Texas. At the time she wrote, Becca and her husband, Steven, were anxiously awaiting the arrival of their baby, who was due via gestational carrier in January. After riding on the infertility roller coaster, they’re thrilled. Becca and Steven, a doctor, went on a medical mission to Honduras last May and treated women and children in makeshift clinics in three remote villages. They celebrated Josh and Stacey Mendelsohn Marx’s 20th anniversary with them in Bainbridge last September. Her Colby redo: learn Spanish. * Thanks to the many who wrote in. Some news wasn’t included since I have a 650-word limit. The next column is already written! Stay tuned and keep it up!


Class Correspondent:

Scott Lainer

Hello, fellow classmates. I have two pieces of news. Which is better than one, and way better than none. Beth Harrison Cutliffe and family relocated from Bedford, N.H., to New Castle, N.H., after 13 years in the same house. (Hopefully they went for walks every once in a while.) Daughter Jessica is a freshman at Roger Williams University, studying secondary education and mathematics. Second daughter, Jenn, is a junior at Portsmouth High School. Beth can’t wait for our reunion! * Tristram Korten signed on to be a contributing editor at the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting. Says Tris, “They’ll underwrite four of my projects this year.” Here’s the link to a feature story he wrote on Medicare fraud that just came out in Fast Company. (www.fastcompany.com/magazine/161/medical-fraud). (I regularly contribute to Slow Company


Class Correspondent:

Susan Maxwell Reisert

Look for Movement for Kids: The Story of NovatoSpirit on Amazon and on your Nook—it’s by Marian Huntington Schinske and highlights the stories of disadvantaged kids who have received athletic scholarships from her nonprofit NovatoSpirit in Novato, Calif. * Steven and Karen-Jo Giammusso Shapiro just celebrated their 25th anniversary. Steve also notes that his Honda Accord, which he’s been driving since graduating Colby, also just turned 25! Karen-Jo recently became a board certified coach and continues coaching with leaders at the Center for Creative Leadership. * Another California girl, Gretchen Bean Lurie, is a new empty-nester with two kids now in college. She’s just bought a house steps away from the Rose Parade and invites any 86ers looking for a warm sunny spot on New Year’s to come by! Gretchen was sorry to miss our 25th reunion but is enjoying the connection to Mayflower Hill via work with the admissions committee of the Colby Alumni Council. * Further north, Mary Lou Kopas has finished graduate school and is practicing midwifery with the University of Washington midwives, a hospital-based group in Seattle. Her elder son, Carson, is applying to college this year. * After a marathon European summer vacation with family (including sister Kate Docherty Lawes ’82), Andy Docherty sent his eldest, Connor, off to William & Mary, while high school senior London settled into the college application process. Having just finished a tour at the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Andy’s next assignment for the U.S. Navy is with the Joint Task Force in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. * When Guy Holbrook headed out from New England to Minnesota for business recently, Heather Reay Rocheford, Chapman Mayo, and Charlie Clippert kept him entertained with a fun, deep-fried, food-filled night at the Minnesota State Fair! Heather Cameron Ploen ’87 would have joined them, but she was on crutches. * On the East Coast, Jen Imhoff Foley has changed careers. After two decades at L.L.Bean, she’s now VP of development at Maine Public Broadcasting Network. A longtime MPBN member, she’s thrilled to be helping secure the organization’s financial future. Jen’s husband, Brad, works towards his third decade of building safe highways and byways for the State of Maine DOT. Eldest son Jamie is in his first semester at Maine College of Art, and Ben is a junior trying to figure out how to deal with an unfair rebalancing of parent-to-child ratio now that Jamie has flown the coop! Both boys are counselors at Birch Rock Camp in Waterford, Maine, with Rich Deering, and they really embrace the “help the other fellow” motto. * Lila Hopson Monahan had a blast at our 25th, having convinced roommate Cindy Castro Minnehan to come from Tampa and Fray Crease ’87 to fly in from Santa Barbara. Lila’s recent news includes putting her proverbial foot in her mouth. When an early winter storm was predicted to cause widespread power outages on Halloween weekend, she commented to everyone, “We never lose power.” After six days without electricity, she was eating those words! * Eve Lynne Ermer’s son, Erik, got married this August (is she our first mother-in-law?!) to Johanna Palmer. They live in Underhill, Vt., where Jo is finishing up grad school at UVM and Erik works in Colchester. * Down south in Sarasota, Fla., we find Gary and Sarah Whittle Stoffel. One daughter started college this year at High Point University in NC, and their son began high school. Their two older daughters live in northern California and outside of Denver. * Across the pond, Laurent Kosbach coaches baseball for his local club in France, which he loves, although some of the players are a third his age and have taken to calling him Papy. Despite this and having celebrated the 30th birthday of his stepdaughter, Clara, he is still feeling young and loving life. * That’s what I wish for all of you—to feel young and to be loving life! Keep me up to date with your doings. It makes me happy to hear from any and all of you!


Class Correspondent:

Tom Colt

It was great to hear from Chris Rona Alban, a fellow mother of twins living in my hometown of Medfield, Mass. Chris has a sixth-grade son and her girls are juniors in high school just beginning the college search process. Chris is working on becoming a certified general real estate appraiser, a two-year process. Chris keeps in touch with Janet Lamoreau Carter, who lives in East Waterboro, Maine, with her husband and twin son and daughter. Both Janet and her husband are teachers in public school districts in the Portland area. Chris also hears from Suzanne Krumm Yerdon, who lives in Chester, N.J., with her husband and high school triplets (one son and two daughters). Chris “again wondered if there was something in the water at Colby as so many of us had multiples—what are the odds?!” * Tom Claytor has been dropping food packages from the air to families cut off by flooding in Ayutthaya and Bangkok. “Families are now living on their roofs,” he writes. “Nine industrial estates are completely flooded. Half the computer hard drives in the world are made here, but not now.” Follow Tom’s journeys and missions at www.claytor.com. * Rob Hazard lives in North Kingston


Class Correspondent:

Jennifer Thayer Naylor

“We’re so impressed with Colby today. It’s remarkable to see how successful our classmates have become as a result of our time together,” says Mike Schafer. Mike is in his ninth year as head of school at Kimball Union Academy in Meriden, N.H. Both Kimball and Colby were founded in 1813, which leads Mike to hope that the bicentennial celebrations don’t conflict, as is often the case with alumni weekends. “The schools share some interesting similarities in their founding, particularly in the longstanding coeducational missions. On a campus visit and interview with our daughter, I had a chance to read excerpts of Professor Bassett’s Colby history, especially the “modern” era—our years—and read the deliberations on the fraternity issue. From my perspective as a school head, I found the entire process fascinating from an educational and leadership standpoint. While there are varying viewpoints still on the whole matter, it was a courageous and I think prescient decision that has helped position Colby today as a leading school of its kind. We have a number of Colby alumni on the faculty—most recently we added Cole Conlin ’94. We’re well represented by Kimball students in Colby’s current student body and enjoy hearing about their engagement and success. We also have a number of Colby alumni whose children attend KUA and last year graduated the son of Chris Murphy ’82.” Mike and Gayle’s daughters study at KUA, Joanna, a freshman, and Hannah, a senior. Their son, Jon, 11, loves life as a “fac-brat.” * Mair Sirakides Hill celebrated her 50th birthday by spending two weeks in Australia. Her oldest son is a freshman at Tufts. * We send prayers to the family of Norman Crook ’52, Becky Crook Rogers’s dad, who died last October. Becky works part time at the YMCA in central Ohio and leads new staff orientations. She’s gone back to school to obtain a human resource management certificate. She’s also raising her second Canine Companion puppy, Steel, a black lab-golden retriever cross. Her son, Michael, is a sophomore at Ohio State studying international law and will continue on to law school. * We’ll need details, but Katy Spencer Donovan, Janet Wyper, Sonya Thompsen Halsey, Bridget Callahan, Leslie Gregory, Theresa Lynch, and Laurellie Jacobs Martinez ’84 got together in Florida for their 50th birthdays. * Deb Fenton and Richard Manley had a great weekend hosting son George ’13 and his mock trial team from Colby when they competed at Brandeis. There were 10 great kids from the Classes of 2012 through ’15. Spent a lot of time poring over old yearbooks and comparing notes on professors still there like Cal Mackenzie, Sandy Maisel, and Ira Sadoff. They heard lots of entertaining stories about frats and the Echo. “It was a great group of talented, smart, and fun kids. Glad to see Colby hasn’t changed.” * Deb Bombaci Pappas now works at Children’s Hospital Boston as senior director of marketing. Deb’s office is literally next to Fenway Park and she’s been told to watch for Red Sox player sightings in the parking lot.


Class Correspondent:

Sarah Lickdyke Morissette

Hello from Maine! * EJ Meade got back on his mountain bike this summer and reconnected with the Colorado backcountry after a hiatus of several years. EJ’s company, Arch 11 Inc., has developed a regional reputation for carbon neutral and net-zero energy-use modern homes and institutional buildings. EJ and his wife, Bridget, are taking their girls to Vietnam this winter. EJ had dinner with Linda Hurwitz a few months ago in Boulder. He’s planning a trip to Maine to take his daughter, Eliot, on the college tour. EJ says he’ll show up to our 30th reunion if Lavinia Stefani is there! * Bob Benjamin shares another update from Afghanistan. He’s been busy working on plans for the reverse surge, as well as managing sustainment for our current efforts. He looks forward to getting back to his “real” job in the classroom. Upon his return Bob will also take a battalion command in New Hampshire. * Mary Rudolph Black continues to practice law in her hometown of Gloucester, Mass. For fun, Mary sings with an all-women’s a cappella group called Leven and participates in her local community theater company, Theatre in the Pines. Mary’s twins, 17, are looking at colleges, and she and her husband, Peter, will make the rounds to Maine. On occasion, Mary sees Adam Bolonsky ’83 and Tammy Jones Howe ’84. Mary throws a “hello” out to (using maiden names) Julanne Cully, Wende Davis, Kathy McHugh, and Ingri Gundersen! * Jen Maire Hagemann recently moved to Freeport, Maine, where she and her family are renting a house, building a boatshed, and finishing up the restoration of a boat over the winter. She and her family hope to go cruising for a year or two starting next summer. Jen still has her business with Juice Plus and appreciates the fact that it affords her the freedom to go cruising. Jen’s oldest daughter is working for an environmental nonprofit in Boston with hopes of heading to grad school in the fall. Her youngest daughter is a junior at UVM, majoring in linguistics and sign language. * Gino ’85 and Alisa Diehl Bernat enjoy the small-town life in Upton, Mass. Alisa’s in her 12th year as a guidance counselor in Southborough Middle School and enjoys her work. Alisa and Gino’s two children, Kiara Bernat Morningstar, 27, and Nicholas Bernat, 25, are in grad school and live close by. This summer Alisa and Gino are starting plans for an off-the-grid, energy-efficient home and welcome any ideas. They see fellow Colby grads in the area and look forward to seeing more at our reunion this year. * Doug and Kim Smith McCartney rode the Pan-Mass Challenge last summer, a two-day, 162-mile bike ride ending in Provincetown. At one of the rest stops, Kim heard a familiar voice— Janice McKeown, who was riding with a group of women from Wellesley to Bourne in memory of a friend. Kim and Doug recently had dinner with Tom and Ann Skinner Rider, who were back East from Minnesota for Bowdoin parents weekend. Ann and Tom’s daughter, Molly, is a freshman at Bowdoin, and Kim and Doug’s son, Will, is a junior. * Mark Hopkins continues to work for Komori America. His oldest daughter, Kristin, just had her second son. His oldest son, Taylor, and second daughter, Brittany, will graduate from college next summer. His second son, Ryan, is a freshman at the University of Dayton and enjoying the college life. Youngest daughter Kaylee’s high school soccer team won the division-one state championship. Mark occasionally connects with John Crowley, who is transitioning to the South from Minnesota.


Class Correspondent:

Ginny Bulford Vesnaver

Not much news this quarter. I only heard from one person, so that’s all I have to share. Please, send me news so our column can be more robust. * On June 18 Mike Cronan hosted the second annual Joel Potvin Memorial Cruise in memory of Joel “Sluggo” Potvin, who died suddenly in March 2010. Mike writes, “We had a cocktail party at my house in Newburyport followed by a dinner cruise out of Plum Island Point. Joel’s family was presented with a check in the amount $5,000 in his name, which the Potvin family will use to establish a scholarship for a deserving student-athlete at his and Marie’s alma mater, Biddeford High School. In attendance were Tim Porter ’78, Jim Crook ’78, Gerry Skinder ’78, Ralph Peterson ’79, Bob Dorval ’79, John Daley, Al Bruzzese, Harry Hadiaris, Steve Pfaff, Dennis Ring, and myself. Shortly after leaving the dock a magnificent double rainbow appeared on the horizon, which was probably Joel’s way of letting us know he was in the neighborhood. Always great to see old friends from Lambda Chi, where the bonds we forged years ago are as strong as ever.” A photo of the gathering is posted on our class page at www.colby.edu/alumni.



Class Correspondent:

Kevin Fahey

Congratulations to the Rev. Jane E. Dibden, who married Michael A. Bishop last June. Michael had a crush on Jane when they were 9 years old, and when Jane moved back to Johnson, Vt., last year, they met again and started dating. Diana Small Snow was present at the wedding, and the two old friends spent an afternoon together before the non-rehearsal dinner. Mike is a retired manager for Meineke, and Jane still pastors and is a substitute teacher. Jane keeps in touch with Kathy Quimby Johnson ’79, who lives in neighboring Cambridge, Vt. * Glen Coral and wife Amy have raised three great kids. Their oldest, Jason, completed a chemistry degree at West Virginia and heads off next fall to graduate school in environmental toxicology at Clemson. Son Jon is in his senior year at Millersville U. playing on the number-one ranked Division II club lacrosse team in the country, and daughter Stacey is a senior in high school. Glen recently reconnected with Ron Levine through LinkedIn. * In November Lynn Collins Francis started a new job in clinical data management at Boston Scientific. She, too, keeps in touch with classmates through LinkedIn and Facebook. * Glenn Rieger will represent the Class of 1980 as a new Colby Overseer. Congratulations Glenn! * Tom Eyman traveled to Mayflower Hill in November to watch Colby trounce Bates (where his daughter is a freshman) on the football field. He was planning a trip to Brunswick to watch Colby try to capture the CBB hockey title. Tom was traveling with Scott Butterfield’s brother, Mark, who reported that Scott was unable to make the trip due to “domestic sanitation engineering issues.” * Our last two columns have been a little sparse, so I encourage those classmates who haven’t written in recently to send me an e-mail and let us all know what you’re up to.

1970 Newsmakers

Gary, Ind. native Savas Zembillas ‘79 was elected metropolitan bishop of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Pittsburgh at the Ecumenical Patriarchate In Constantinople, Turkey. He recently told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that despite his monastic garb and Oxford University doctorate, “I’m from a steel town in Indiana, so I have an affinity for places like Pittsburgh.”

1970 Newsmakers

Attorney James Peale ’77, has been appointed clerk of the Cheshire and Sullivan County Superior Courts. An English major at Colby, Peale has served in the New Hampshire court system since 1987.

1970 Newsmakers

The Patriot’s Path Council, Boy Scouts of America, has awarded Libby Corydon-Apicella ’74 the 2011 Berkeley Heights (N.J.) Good Scout Award. An independent travel consultant, multilingual tour guide, and trustee for the Wharton Music Center, Corydon-Apicella helped found and is now the president of CAST (Creative Arts Support Team), which supports and develops opportunities in the visual and preforming arts for Berkeley Heights public school students.


Class Correspondent:

Cheri Bailey Powers

Cindy Flandreau Helfrich moved from northern to southern California a year ago, where her husband, Jim, and brother-in-law Gary McCarthy started a business together. Cindy and Jim enjoy the beaches, warm weather, and being closer to two of their children. Daughter Carly is a senior at USC, and Jack just graduated from Loyola Marymount. The youngest, Ted, is a sophomore at Georgetown, playing soccer. Cindy has started a small business called Button Up Wraps, which she sells on her website and in stores. She saw Lisa Hall Reed at a USC football game, where Lisa was visiting her daughter, Molly. * Ross Moldoff has had a great year. He made a presentation at the American Planning Association conference in April, and an article he wrote about the presentation was published in the newsletter Zoning Practice. In July Ross and his family spent two weeks in Israel. After the trip Ross climbed Mt. Washington and, while staying overnight at the Lake of the Clouds hut, he met three recent Colby grads working there. In August his family hosted Nick Tucker ’10 and Sam Rouleau ’10 for a night on the pair’s cross-country walking trip. * Craig Garson writes from Halifax, N.S., where he’s practiced law for the last 29 years at his firm Garson MacDonald. Unlike the first half of his career, when he practiced primarily criminal defense, Craig’s practice is now limited almost exclusively to mediation and working for a few international clients. Craig’s oldest, Ellen, 23, graduated with a business degree from St. Mary’s University in Halifax in June and is working for a year while she decides on phase two. Middle daughter, Rosie ’15, is a freshman at Colby, and the youngest, Marybeth, is a senior in high school and undecided which college to attend. Craig looks forward to spending more time skiing this winter in Snowmass, Colo., with his two new knees. * Greg Jalbert watched the wilderness of his youth packaged up and hauled away by the truckload when he gave up his lodge on the Allagash River. He continues the guiding tradition passed down by his father and grandfather as a guide on raft trips through the Grand Canyon and along Idaho’s Salmon River. As if he didn’t have enough going on as a marketing specialist, Greg just received an executive M.B.A. from the University of Denver. * Suzanne Viger Randall’s twin boys graduated from high school and both are in college. They’ve opted to stay local (USM and SMCC) and work part time while in college almost full time. Suzanne is still with UNUM, and her husband is in the Air Force Reserves and works at GrafTek. She has fleeting thoughts about retirement, but nothing serious. * Susan Raymond Geismar spent more than three fabulous weeks in Malawi, Africa, with Go!Malawi, an amazing organization dedicated to education, conservation, and HIV/AIDS prevention support in the Ntchisi district of central Malawi. It was difficult to return home, but she is already planning to go back. She’d be happy to share information on this great NGO. * I reconnected with one of my freshman roommates, Deborah Lieberman Moore, this summer. It was great hearing from her and catching up! She’s been the executive director of the Wadsworth Mansion at Long Hill in Middletown, Conn., for 12 years. Deborah loves the easy 35-minute commute and being able to bring her golden retriever to work. Her job description, besides being responsible for the mansion’s financial viability, is to make people happy. * News at my home is that we are officially empty-nesters. My brother has moved into his new house and my youngest, Meredith, is attending Colorado Mesa University. Wedding preparations for my oldest daughter, Kayleigh, are coming along, and I know June 30 will be here before we know it. * Keep in touch in 2012!


Class Correspondent:

Lisa Mathey Landry

We’re hearing from a variety of classmates, some who write occasionally and some who’ve never written before! You certainly make our job easier and broaden our news. Thanks for taking the time. * Sandra Bolstridge Morin has never written but always reads the class column. Sandy transferred out after her sophomore year, but will always fondly remember her Colby experience and the people she met. Sandy graduated from Husson College with a B.S. in accounting and has a small accounting and financial services firm in Bradley, Maine. She and Jeffrey Morin married in September 1978 and have two married sons, Michael, 30, and Christopher, 28. Michael is a resident park ranger in Pine, Colo. Christopher is a finish carpenter at Hinckley Yachts in Trenton, Maine. Sandy and Jeff own Harleys and enjoy riding, and for the past several summers they have spent two to three weeks traveling across the United States on motorcycle. They thoroughly enjoy seeing this great country and meeting people from all over. Sandy hopes that her first submission inspires others who have never written to send in news! * Congratulations to Joanne Anthonakes and Mark Cushing on their marriage last summer in Maine. They live between Boston and Duxbury, Mass. Their combined family numbers six kids, and Joanne admits they’re very busy. Joanne’s kids: TJ is a junior at Bucknell and Sara graduated from Colby in 2010. Jo works part time as an editor assisting high school students with their college essays. Like many of us she was sad to hear about Professor Bassett’s death—he was her favorite. * After many years in financial services working with companies such as Prudential, New England Financial, and MetLife, John Breedlove opened his own firm in Newton, Mass., called Moody Street Financial. It has 10 full-time associates and 20 affiliated brokers. John finds this extremely exciting and fun, although he admits that risking the opening of a firm like this at this stage of life seems a little crazy. * Last spring Theanna Pateropoulos graduated from California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) in San Francisco. She earned her master’s in counseling psychology with an emphasis in somatic methods of psychotherapy. She’ll remain in San Francisco another four years in the CIIS doctoral program in clinical psychology. In spring 2012 her daughter, Sarah, will graduate with a master’s in human development from University of Maine, Orono, where Sarah received a graduate assistantship. Theanna tries to make two visits home each year to Maine to see family and friends, including Mary Rolerson Hebert and Gayle Amato Lusa ’79. * Dave Kayatta works in southern California and is trying to finish educating the five kids for whom he and Renee live. Their oldest son, Taylor, is in law school; Michael is a first-year resident in med school; Ali is studying for a master’s in education; and Kristy is a first-year UCLA Bruin and on D1 rowing team. Last but not least, Hailey just started high school and is a top-ranked tennis player. Wow! * Things have been on the move in Jeff Wheeler’s family. His daughter transferred from Loyola to UMass Amherst, his son graduated from Lynchburg College, and another son finishes up at UVM this spring. Jeff said that 2011 was a great year for our class giving, as our class rose to the occasion. We hit and exceeded every goal we set! And he cannot say thank you enough to our classmate who extended the great challenge for last year. Great job all! * Have a good winter.


Class Correspondent:

Russ Lowe

First of all, don’t forget that May 31-June 3, 2012, is our 35th reunion! * We’re lucky to have heard from Jeffrey Stafford, who’s been fighting multiple myeloma since 2000. His four children (Liz, Julianne, Christopher, and Courtney) have inspired him to keep going, in part by holding annual charity swim events each summer to raise money for the International Myeloma Foundation (they’ve raised more than $125,000 thus far!). Despite his illness, Jeff has continued working for the past 17 years at Redington Counters in Windsor, Conn., currently as national sales manager. He and Ellen have been married for 31 years. Jeffrey sees Jeff Olmstead regularly and he was recently in contact with Richard Conant. * Speaking of Dick Conant, he continues to pursue accomplishments such as hiking the 100 highest peaks in New England (he’s done 76) and skiing all active ski areas in New England. “Never a dull moment—it may make it hard to go back to work in some type of second career.” * Cindy North lives in Ventura, Calif., and is a business development manager at CDI Corporation, a global engineering staffing services provider. She’s worked there 23 years. Her son Matthew, 18, is attending USC, and son Nic, 16, is in high school. Cindy travels home to Cape Cod for several weeks each summer and remembers her Colby days fondly. * Blake Luce has lived in Atlanta since 1981. He just completed editing (with two others) CNN’s “Black in America 4: The New Promised Land—Silicon Valley.” His daughter, Alix, graduated from Colby in 2009, majoring in international studies. * Jon Reisman and his wife, Ernie (Ochs ’79), have two sons. Asher graduated from Haverford last spring and Avram is a member of the Colby Class of 2013. * Michael and Denise Martell Martin are “finally” empty-nesters. It was a 10-year sequence of their four children spreading their wings. Now they look forward to retirement, except that, after raising four children and supporting their endeavors to become self-sufficient adults, the day when they will actually be “retired” looks distant. To get there, Denise has added a third business to her self-contained portfolio: www.goodforyoucoaching.com. * Michael Rieck has been working on the “three-point pose problem


Class Correspondent:

Robert Weinstein

In this dark of winter, here’s hoping news about old friends brightens your day! Writing for the first time is Eileen Dennett Burnell. She and her husband, David, moved from native Maine to New Hampshire’s Lakes Region eight years ago. They celebrated their 35th anniversary last year. They love spending time on their boat on Lake Winnipesaukee but still have a family camp in Standish, Maine. Their son, Shawn ’02, lives in Marin County, Calif., with his wife, Jenny. Eileen and David visit them with winery stops and hiking trips included. Eileen’s letter brought great memories of her teaching me to snowshoe on the lake where she’d grown up. * John Mulcahy spent 25 years in New York City, working as a conductor and music director on Broadway, on national and international tours, and in regional theaters. Deciding to return to his first Colby pursuit (a career in medicine), John completed his B.S. in nursing from Columbia University in 2005. After a rewarding and eye-opening four years in NYC homecare, John and his partner of 23 years headed back to Maine. They live in Chamberlain, just outside of New Harbor on the Pemaquid peninsula, and are glad to be back in “this special state.” * Ed Harvey attended reunion for the first time and is now a convert, vowing to return in 2016! He and his wife, Martie Mutz, have lived in the Five Sisters neighborhood of Burlington, Vt., since 1988. Ed is senior project manager for Tetra Tech, ARD—a consulting firm that focuses on development assistance work worldwide, mostly under contracts with the U.S. Agency for International Development. He recently was in the West Bank and Gaza on assignment, working in support of moderate Palestinian factions and organizations, and is also working on projects in Uganda, Jordan, Haiti, and Guyana. Martie teaches music in the Colchester school district. Their daughter, Emma, graduated from University of Vermont; son Hans is a sophomore at Castleton State. Away from work, Ed plays drums and volleyball. En route to reunion, Ed reunited with Harry Nelson, Ned Smith, Scott Pickett, Mike Boyson, and Lindsay Huntington Hancock and their spouses. (For more details from Ed’s note, and to keep up with other classmates, visit our the Colby College Class of 1976 page on Facebook.) * Frank Callanan was also at reunion and had a great time. Like many others, he was especially touched by our Sunday morning gathering by Johnson Pond in memory of classmates we’ve lost since graduation. After a 27-year career in education, Frank started up Data Pro North East, Inc., in Camden, Maine. Frank’s youngest son, Zeke, a Maine Law graduate, was married in July (two down, two to go). Frank and his wife, Susan Morrissey ’71, have two grandchildren. Susan, a realtor, enjoys caring twice a week for their baby granddaughter, 1. Over the summer Frank and Susan met up with Donna and Rob Kahelin and their daughter, Rachel. Frank looks forward to annual spring ski adventures with Scott McDermott and Jay McSweeney ’77. * Mary Uppgren wrote from Bangalore, where she was on a short assignment with Accenture, for which she’s worked quite a few years. She’s currently in a marketing and communications role with the employee communicators across 54 countries where Accenture operates. Mary and her husband have lived in Asia for much of the last three years. She’s put her Asian studies background to good use, having spent time in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Korea. She saw Ken Curtis in Tokyo last summer. Mary expected to return to her full-time Minnesota home by December. * That gets us caught up for now! Keep your news coming, and a reminder, as always, to get in your donation to the Colby Fund. Let’s keep our class among Colby’s leaders!


Class Correspondent:

Susie Gearhart Wuest

Deciding to make a change after five years of teaching Montessori in New Preston, Conn., Carol Majdalany Williams now works for ZAANHA, a company that works to put Afghanistan girls in school through the sale of its high-end cashmere products and embroidered pillow covers from all over Central Asia. Carol is excited to work on this project and hopes to travel to some very interesting places. * In 2002 Mike Wolk, his wife, and daughter rode recumbent bikes as part of RAGBRAI (Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Race Across Iowa), an annual seven-day bicycle ride. In years since, Mike has won the state time trial championships in his age group, climbed Mt. Mitchell, and has ridden all around NYC on a fixed gear, on the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia, down the main drag in Haight-Ashbury, and climbed Lombard Street, among other exploits. * Charlie LeRoyer decided to retire after 32 years as a physician’s assistant. That lasted for all of three weeks! Now he works two days a week at the VA hospital in Augusta, Maine, and loves his five-day weekends. Charlie looks forward to plenty of free time for travel, winemaking, golf, hiking, and the all the other fun stuff! * Jeff Frankel still lives in Scottsdale, Ariz., where he’s the chief learning officer for Massage Envy. His son, 25, attends graduate school in Los Angeles; his daughter is in high school. * Life in Nashville has been fun and challenging for Rick Drake. His wife commutes for two weeks at a time to Hartford, Conn., where she works in anesthesia at Hartford Hospital, as anesthesia jobs in Nashville are scarce. Rick is quickly accumulating frequent flyer miles in his role as head of business development for the nation’s seventh-largest hospital consulting firm and largest manager of hospitals. He is closing in on his bucket-list goal of hitting all 50 states. Just Mississippi and North Dakota left! His older son is finishing graduate school in Chicago in advertising and does well as a standup comic. His younger son is an engineer, designing new fighter jet engines in the Northeast. Rick still plays hockey and is playing in an “old guys” national tourney in Florida in April. * Annie Holloway Stone experienced some very uplifting life changes recently. After leaving Colby, she worked a myriad of jobs and developed a love of whitewater canoeing and kayaking. She spent years of paddling big water in West Virginia and North Carolina, easily accessed as a resident of Cashiers, N.C., in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. Sadly, a period of morbid obesity changed everything and lasted for 20 years. Temporarily living now in Baton Rouge caring for her 93-year-old mother, city life has been quite a change from the North Carolina mountains. However, she quickly noticed the incredible medical facilities there and began researching “bariatric surgery.” Last year after undergoing a “sleeve gasterectomy” and losing 160 pounds, Annie has a new lifestyle locked in and is set to retain a weight equal to, or perhaps less than, her Colby days. Grateful that her prayers were answered to be restored to her former self, and thankful for getting back a life she never thought she would live again, Annie has emerged from hibernation to say hello!


Class Correspondent:

Nancy Spangler Tiernan

Happy New Year! We’re writing this around Thanksgiving after receiving 10 inches of snow in the North Country. * Big congratulations to Karen Heck on her win in the race for mayor of Waterville. The city’s in good hands with Karen as mayor and city manager Mike Roy at the helm. * We learned from Deb Wathen Finn that our ace Boston Globe reporter Brian MacQuarrie leaves soon for another round of reporting in Iraq. Be safe, Brian, and let us know what’s happening. Brian and several classmates, including Norm and Chris Bogosian Rattey, enjoyed a fun day at the Colby-Bowdoin football game Nov. 12. Deb, Remi Browne, Artie Bell, and Janet Hansen Drouin ’75 hung out for the tailgating and the game, and then cooked dinner together at Artie’s house in Yarmouth. Remi’s wife, Gail, joined the fun there. * Herb Landsman wrote after a 20-year silence that he’s executive vice president of merchandising for HomeGoods and “travels the world in search of extraordinary products at wild value!” Herb spends weekends in Boston stores, at the Pocasset, Mass., golf club, on his boat on Buzzards Bay, or attending field hockey games at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School, where his daughter, Ellie, is a junior and readying herself for D1 field hockey. Herb’s wife, Cindy, is an administrator at LSRHS and is an expert gardener, groundskeeper, and 24/7 counselor to Ellie and Herb. Their son Sam, 27, is in his first year at Tulane Medical School and is getting married next June. Charlie, 25, is managing “The Runway” at TJ Maxx and training to be a buyer. Teddy, 21, a junior at Wake Forest majoring in business, is spending a year abroad in London. Thanks, Herb, for the news. Hope it isn’t another 20 years before you write again. * Robin Hamill-Ruth just graduated child number five from college, while her sixth, Leah, is a high school sophomore. Wanting to downsize, she put her house on the market until two of her kids came back home to live along with three kids, three dogs, and three cats. Robin decided that downsizing could wait. She has gotten back into quilting, started rowing again for the first time in 40 years, and is learning Spanish. All of that should keep her young at heart. * Jeff Barske, from Thompson, Conn., is entering a new chapter in his life. Recently divorced, he’s met a wonderful new woman. He enjoys his Patriots season tickets and has started a challenging project restoring a 1949 GMC pickup. Like many of us, he is also busy caring for his 91-year-old parents. He adds that he can still dance and sing. Way to go, Jeff! * Shelley Bieringer Rau’s life seems to revolve around her children’s weddings of late. Daughter Adrienne was married at the family’s log home on a small lake in Turner, Maine, in July. Son Lucas plans to be married next July in Las Vegas. Shelley works as an occupational therapist in the local school system and, for fun, sings with the Androscoggin Chorale (Lewiston/Auburn) and Choral Art Society (Portland). She also enjoys spinning fiber and knitting. * Sean and Barb Thayer Barry live north of San Francisco but came back to Orrs Island, Maine, in October to visit Barb’s father, Jim Thayer, Class of 1938! He is 95 years young and still going strong. Unfortunately, they were unable to meet up with their esteemed class correspondents (Vicki and Jill) and Sonja Powers Schmanska due to time constraints. Definitely next time! * We hope everyone’s holidays were blessed and filled with family fun and good times. Let us know what’s going on for the next issue.


Class Correspondent:

Carol Chalker

Peter Rinaldi gets top billing again this time—thanks for being the first to reply! Peter has just started a newspaper called XPress, which serves southwest Mississippi and east central Louisiana. This new addition joins Miss-Lou Magazine and the Natchez Sun in his lineup of publications. * Lucia Whittelsey is retiring in May 2012 from her position as director of financial aid at Colby. She describes this ending as feeling like a commencement. You will be missed at Colby, Lucia! * Janet Gillies Foley came out of retirement in April (from Avid) to work with Jean Straehl Moss in her business, Olde Ipswich Tours. Janet writes of the fun and excitement working in such a wonderful business with a dear Colby friend. Janet spent Columbus Day weekend in Woods Hole with Chris Hannon, Carol Reynolds Mucica, and Jane Currier, all celebrating 60 in a beautiful spot. * Frank Mellen is quite excited to have retired a full month before turning 60! This August he officially left his job of 37-plus years in financial services and has spent the last few months “decompressing” by traveling to Florida and Amsterdam with wife Nancy (Capers ’72), who retired last December. They both plan to start a second career soon in part-time, private tutoring. * Bob Diamond continues to be actively involved in Colby. In September he met with 40 alumni in London while attending a reception hosted by President Bro Adams and Andrew Weber ’97. In October Bob chaired the Board of Trustees’ annual fall meeting in Waterville and, more recently, he visited campus to see his youngest son, Charlie ’12, in the play A Long Christmas Ride Home. Bob delightfully notes the strong energy on campus and adds that Colby maintains its momentum in further strengthening its position as a leading liberal arts college. He asks for further alumni interest and support and looks forward to the bicentennial and reunion in 2013. * I saw James ’72 and Lisa Kehler Bubar for brunch in Newburyport recently. They were excited about the three-week road trip they had just taken visiting old friends and family in Wisconsin, Indiana, Tennessee, and North Carolina. They thoroughly enjoy their lovely home on the river in Durham, which they refer to as Chez Bubar, where Chris Mattern Way, Debbie Mael Mandino, Jackie Nienaber Appeldorn, and I regularly gather to visit, eat their wonderful food, specially prepared, and play countless hands of bridge. Lisa shared a note from Dave Hoitt, who feels “really lucky” to be doing something he enjoys: teaching graphic arts, tech ed, and digital photography at a small high school in western Massachusetts. * Alex Wilson was at Colby twice this fall. In October he attended Alumni Council meetings and found time to socialize in the pub with Art ’72 and Jeanne Emerson Young ’72 and their daughter, Mallory ’05, Bob Diamond and his son Charlie ’12, Debbie Wathen Finn ’74, and Sue (Conant ’75) and Jim Cook ’78 and their daughter, Emily ’11. During Family Homecoming Weekend, Alex emceed Colby’s annual C Club dinner, which honored coach Dick Whitmore. * Bob O’Neil has been elected president of his local bar association. He took a wonderful vacation last August with his wife, Vicki, that included a drive “Down East,” where he met Carol and Jim Daly at their cottage in Bath, Maine. Bob is working on a special song for our 40th reunion in 2013 (save the date everyone!) to the tune of My Old School by Steely Dan with words specific to Colby and our time there. I can’t wait to hear it, Bob!


Class Correspondent:

Nancy Round Haley

Nancy Capers Mellen began garden design school in August 2010 after retiring from teaching eighth-grade English for 30 years. She graduated in May 2011, and her class was invited to do a garden in the Boston Flower and Garden Show at the Seaport World Trade Center in March. She hopes to see alums there! * Alice Osmer Olson still teaches second grade in Mt. Vernon, Maine. Her small town library, where Alice has been a part-time librarian for more than 20 years, completed automation. She finds it a wonderful way to connect with the community. * Last summer Kathy Muhlhausen McIntyre fulfilled a dream of rafting the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon on an 18-day trip. After that, she and her daughter, 20, traveled in Italy and France for a month before her daughter stayed in Bordeaux for part of her junior year. “It brought back so many memories of my junior year at Caen.” Kathy still teaches ESL at Salt Lake Community College and loves her work. * Pat Mustakangas is in her second six months as the part-time congregational administrator for the local Unitarian Universalist Church. “Great people, great working hours, interesting work.” She plays the French horn in a quintet and two community bands. She reads a lot of history, biography, and fiction, and finds retirement much better than working full time! * Diane Malpass Gloirant, Greta Gordon, and Charlene Rasch Revette have married names, but when they got together last summer at Diane’s in York, Maine, it was like they were foolish freshmen on the second floor of Champlin all over again. “Time is an illusion,” says Char. * It was wonderful to hear from Peggy Zientara Lessard, who will contribute in the future when her life changes. * Bill and Pat Downey Schannen wrote in November from the Galapagos Islands, where they were enjoying every minute of their travels and were planning a visit to Peru and the Sacred Valley. “Retirement is great!” * Carolyn “Lindy” Dewey lives in Montana, where she’s created an elite wellness retreat complete with raw foods, local transportation to Glacier National Park, a broad spectrum of health-building technologies, and bodywork, along with great hikes out the back door! * In 2009 Peter and Pam Mause Vose sold their house of nearly 30 years and built a “green” house in Falmouth, Maine, where Peter teaches high school English. They heat the house using a geothermal system with some assistance from passive solar and wood. Pam retired as an elementary school social worker in Cape Elizabeth in June 2010 and was immediately hired to work part time as a school social worker at the high school. Last June they celebrated their 39th anniversary hiking in Bryce and Zion national parks. Before embarking, they enjoyed a meal with classmates who were in the wedding party: David Belton (and his wife, Susie [Rogers ’73]) and Judy Moreland Spitz. * Christina Belsky Russack says she’s taken a beating with the economy, so no travel to exotic places for a while. “One good thing (and I can’t believe I’m saying this), Social Security kicks in next year.” She’s following the Occupy Wall Street protesters, and it reminds her of Colby in the ’70s. “But at least we knew back then what we were protesting!” * Barbara Senges is in her 38th year as an educator in Connecticut (24 as an administrator), the last five years as associate superintendent of schools in Middletown. Last year she also taught a French I class to eighth graders—her first time in the classroom since 1987. She’s not thinking of retiring soon, as she loves her work. She’s looking forward to our 40th this June. She’s not been to Colby since our 20th. * Let’s all plan to return to Mayflower Hill for our 40th reunion May 31-June 3, 2012. Check out our reunion page on Facebook, Colby College Class of 1972, and post a picture or make a comment.


Class Correspondent:

Ann E. Miller

The seasons do roll by quickly, don’t they? My mother used to tell me that time goes by more and more quickly the older you get. I think I’m in trouble. * Danny and Jeanne Miller Ouellette completed the transition from Scituate, Mass., to Lovell, Maine. Having been in Scituate for 23 years, Lovell is quite a change, but Danny and Jeanne welcome the new chapter in their lives. * Just in time for Hurricane Irene and the next tropical storm, Debbie Wentworth Lansing tried to complete a backpacking trip on the Appalachian Trail in Maine but could get only about half of it done due to the storms. Along the trail she found lots of people our age (yikes!) who were exploring what retirement means in the wilderness. * Bill Hladky keeps himself busy with work so as not to worry about his son, his son’s grades, and his son’s status at Cal Poly. * Back from her trip to Iceland, Nancy Hammar Austin continues to rave about the geothermal Blue Lagoon, the waterfalls, the black lava, and those crazy puffins. * From abroad, Jacques Hermant writes that he had a family-style vacation this summer. Next March he will return to Hanoi to teach again in the university. Next year he and his wife, Marylen, plan a two-week cruise in the Antarctic. * Mike Round and his wife found themselves in China this fall. Not their typical vacation—it turned out to be exhausting but culturally enriching. Of the 1.3 million people who live there, he thinks they met most of them. He found the Chinese to be a very warm, friendly people who wanted their pictures taken with “Westerners.” He feels he should have studied a little Mandarin, since many older Chinese don’t speak much English. The language barrier was a bit of an obstacle, but it is their country after all. China was a bit more than they’d expected coming from Ketchikan, Alaska. * Grateful for his wife’s recovery from a stroke and an aneurism, Chip Altholz has finished his PPM for his global kids Web project. He’s looking for investors and hopes to launch it in the spring. * Bill Simons writes from NY about his activities with his union, of which he is chapter president. He helped organize and worked in a regional flood relief effort in central New York, which was hard hit by recent floods. He loves spending what time he can with his two granddaughters. * Leslie Anderson has settled back into her cozy condo in Portland for the winter. * For me, I have finally begun to recover from a whirlwind that had me out straight from May to October. Remind me not to do that again. The hectic pace included a two-week singing concert tour to Turkey, the Republic of Georgia, and Armenia. I seem to have had a bout with heat exhaustion and dehydration while in Armenia. These tours are not for the faint of heart. Then a quick four-day turnaround visit to New Brunswick and a recording session rounded out July. Lots of summer visitors and a month-long recovery from some broken ribs held me in abeyance in August. I was hard pressed to respect the rest I guess I needed. Is this because we’re getting old?


Class Correspondent:

Libby Brown Strough

Bill Hardy started with the Class of 1966, but was waylaid by lack of academic motivation and the Vietnam War. He ended up returning to Colby and finishing with our class, somewhat more motivated and still in one piece. He went to law school and started a practice in Lewiston and Portland, Maine. In 1967 Bill married Lona Eldridge ’66. In 2003 they bought a home in Napa, Calif., while still maintaining a home in Portland and a relationship with the firm he started (Hardy Wolf & Downing). They have a son who works as a neuroscientist in a startup brain rehab business in San Francisco, a daughter-in-law who lobbies for children’s health issues in Sacramento, and their first grandchild, born in October. They enjoy the San Francisco opera and ballet offerings. Bill enjoys painting, playing golf, volunteer teaching, and making wine with friends. He’s still grateful to Colby for giving him a second chance. * Jeff Lovitz is completing his 30th year of practicing family medicine in Waterville; however, he stopped delivering babies about five years ago. Now he’s trying to recruit his replacement as he thinks about winding down. His wife, Cindy (Carlisle ’73), teaches kindergarten in Fairfield and still loves it. They have four children, all out of college with chosen careers that involve giving back to society. * All is well with Tom Whidden and his family. His son Avery is a managing director at Deutsche Bank, lives in Darien, Conn., and is married with three children. Daughter Holly lives in NYC and is an executive director of PR for Hearst Publication and is responsible for Elle, Elle Décor, and Town and Country magazines. Tom is still president and CEO of North Technology Group, the owners of North Sails, Southern Spars, North Sportswear, and Edgewater Powerboats. They make sails and carbon fiber masts for boats ranging from small up to 300-foot mega yachts. Most America’s Cup or Volvo (around-the-world) Ocean Race sailboats use North Sails and Southern Spars. They built all of the soft storage for the space shuttle and helped develop a machine that Boeing is using for the new 787 aircraft fuselage. Tom still races sailboats quite a bit, but not as much as during his 1980-2003 America’s Cup years. Tom has tried to stay close to Colby. He spent some time with President Adams last summer, addressed a number of CT Colby alumni last year, and plans to speak at Colby in February about how Colby prepared him for his career. * Sally Vose Mackenzie was awarded a Fulbright Scholar grant at the Vietnam National University in Hanoi for spring 2012. Sally is an associate professor of educational leadership at the University of Maine. In addition to teaching in the college of education’s department of research and international relations, she’ll consult with government officials and others throughout Vietnam regarding school reform, teacher preparation, and leadership development. Sally is a widely published author on educational leadership and has worked extensively with school leaders in Maine and nationally. She and her husband, Goldfarb Professor of Government Cal Mackenzie, who was also awarded a Fulbright, will spend six months in Hanoi. * Congratulations to first-time grandpa Mike Self! His son, David, and David’s wife, Sara, produced a healthy baby boy. Mike lives in North Carolina and still swims every day.

1960 Newsmakers

When the National Park Service held a signing ceremony to establish a sister park agreement between Pinnacles National Monument and Parque Nacionale Quebrada del Condorito (Canyon of the Little Condor) in Argentina in 2010, Peter Anderson ’66 was there representing Rotary International.

Peter Anderson ’66
Peter Anderson ’66
After initiating professional exchanges between his Rotary Club in Morgan Hill, Calif., and a club in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he is an honorary member, Anderson spent three years following the project closely (and translating between Spanish and English) as scientists in both countries worked on restoring populations of condors in the wild..

At the signing ceremony Anderson represented Rotary alongside the directors of both national park systems, the Argentine ambassador, and Congressman Sam Farr, who represents Anderson’s district in the House of Representatives.

It began in 2007 when one of the four California Rotarians on the initial exchange was a biologist from California’s Pinnacles National Monument, a release site for the endangered American condor. During her month in Buenos Aires she met with Argentine biologists, national park representatives, and researchers involved with preserving Andean condors.

In subsequent years she initiated return trips with other biologists from Pinnacles and the National Park Service who were working with the American condors. Anderson twice accompanied these groups to Argentina to keep the Rotary connection and to help bridge the language barrier.

Anderson said that Professor Emeritus Henry Holland, his Spanish teacher at Colby, “would have been proud that I navigated a lot of the off-line discussion between dignitaries with aplomb.” In fact he’s had subsequent assistance learning the language—his wife of 40 years, Elena, is an Argentine American. They now split their time between the two countries since Anderson sold his geotechnical engineering company in 2010.

The Rotary Foundation funds trips to encourage professional exchanges and to deepen mutual appreciation of cultures, and in this case the exchange resulted in a sister park agreement that benefits both humans and endangered condors. “But Rotary looks at it a little beyond that,” Anderson adds. “As long as we can get people together from different countries, other good things happen.”

“If everyone had a chance to spend two weeks or a month in another country under the auspices of Rotary, there would never be another war,” Anderson said. “That’s a major principle of Rotary: peace through world understanding.”

Anderson is at once a firm believer in and an exemplar of the organization’s motto, “Service Above Self.”

“It’s easy,” he said. “You do what you love.” —Laura Meader


Class Correspondent:

Ray Gerbi

Greetings classmates. Sharon Timberlake returned to school, earning a Ph.D. at 60, and finds it “fun and challenging” teaching organizational theory (giving thanks to Professor Geib) and related courses in the leadership and organizational studies program at the University of Southern Maine. She often sees Diane Kindler and is in touch with Alice Huse Tanner and Alden Wilson. Sharon invites people to visit her on Facebook. * Moses Silverman, a partner in the firm of Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP, has been practicing law in New York City for the past 38 years. His wife, Betty Robbins, serves as counsel to the American Jewish committee. Their son, Ben, graduated from law school, worked for the Federal Defenders of New York, and started a clerkship for a federal judge. Their daughter, Rachel, is the artistic administrator of the New York Theatre Workshop. * In July Laurie Killoch Wiggins attended Colby’s Alumni College on the Italian Renaissance, experiencing “three and a half days of pure bliss!” While there she enjoyed seeing Steve Ford ’68. She and a friend then traveled up the Maine coast, from York Harbor to Acadia National Park. They visited art museums, went whale watching, and ate at the famous Red’s Eats. Laurie says they had fun staying with Jon and Paula Joseph Eustis. While in Maine she also caught up on news about Jeanne Merola Mukai and Cathy Cyr Latvis. In Boston she visited Criss Nigro and saw the Chihuly glass exhibit at the MFA. Then it was on to the Berkshires, Princeton, and Long Island to visit other friends and family. Laurie has “the Alumni College penciled into my calendar every year until I drop.” She hopes to see more classmates on her swing-through next summer and invites anyone in the area to contact her at lkwiggins@bellsouth.net. * David and Ines Ruelius Altemose celebrated their 30th anniversary with another couple on a trip to Africa. Ines says it was truly the trip of a lifetime! They saw an “amazing number of animals” on an eight-day safari in Tanzania and visited Victoria Falls and Cape Town. * Mickey Jako and his former roommates Steve Fisher and John Kearns had their annual reunion, reminiscing about music in junior high school, the stress of prep-school academics, how dynamic professor Todrank was, and the disturbing current trends in education, finishing the afternoon by “concluding how great it was to see each other and what remarkably handsome men we still are.” * Craig Stevens checked in from the sunny south, where last March he had an exhibit of his work from Iceland at the Woodruff Center in Atlanta, followed by a one-month run in the Alexander Gallery in Savannah. Craig spent the summer in Camden, playing golf and teaching at the Maine Media Workshops in Rockport. This is his 25th year as a professor of photography at the Savannah College of Art and Design, where he’s working on experimental digital printmaking techniques. Visit his work at www.craigstevens.me. His daughter


Class Correspondent:

Lynne Oakes Camp

Bruce McDonald writes: “I officially retired from medicine and surgery at the end August 2010. My retirement lasted only a couple of months as I got drafted to serve as race commander at the Austin Yacht Club. In addition to the usual challenges of putting on races every weekend for 44 weeks of the year, we had a La Niña weather pattern that resulted in high winds and a record drought, which saw our lake levels drop more than 60 feet. I still do freelance photography and some for-hire event photography (mostly sailing regattas). I completely redid my website to a full-blown professional site.” * Ed Quinto wants to know when Pete Rouse will host a Colby day for the Class of ’68 at the White House? * Arthur Brennan writes: “I retired from full-time service as a Maine judge in August and now serve on an active-retired basis. I plan to work about four months a year. Hope to do some long-delayed traveling and generally enjoy a more relaxed schedule. So far, so good.” * Jessie McGuire still travels a couple of times a year, which is what he loves to do. Being in Bhutan for the king’s wedding (and seeing two different festivals) is the latest and probably most exciting trip in the last couple of months. * Dr. Judith De Luce retired from Miami University for good. After teaching for 36 years, it was time to try a few new things. She writes, “I’ve discovered that everything they say about retirement is true; it’s wonderful. So far I’ve been president of the Oxford Kiwanis club, chair of the board of the Institute for Learning in Retirement, member of my church’s vestry, and my latest project is doing mock interviews on campus for career services. When people ask if I have enough to keep busy, I just laugh. And now I have to finish preparing to teach Latin for a friend on maternity leave.” * Spencer Sullivan writes: “I recently had a chat with my neighbor in Plainfield about our college experiences in the ’60s. We’ve known each other for several years but he hadn’t known of my foreshortened Colby experience. He asked if I knew Peter Jost and then related his years at Rutgers Law School and their casework together. I’m still dabbling in contract charter flying at Morristown, N.J., airport. I’ve taken up inline skating as a fitness program and compete against other “grand veterans” and “grand esquire” (generally 60 years up) skaters. I’ve won a few races, but the tragedy is that I’ve been the only skater in those geriatric divisions.” * Ted Allison writes: “Being a residential real estate agent these past few years has been just fantastic! What a market! In July I delivered the address at the Run to the Vietnam Wall in Cody, Wyo. This was my ninth time riding the Harley to this gathering. You simply cannot offer enough thanks and gratitude to our veterans. I just got back from Alicante, Spain, where I sailed in the Legends Regatta. Having sailed in three round-the-world races, it seems that I am (was) a legend! I sailed in the regatta onboard King’s Legend, a Swan 65 sloop, on which I became a circumnavigator in 1978. Next Carolyn, my bride of some 40 years, and I will spend February in Nepal. Onward!” * As for the aforementioned Peter Jost, I recently completed my first 5K while visiting my son and his fiancée near San Francisco. He was second overall and she was fourth in women’s; I was 123rd. Nevertheless, I may have been bitten by the running bug, and I will definitely train for the next one! Hope you are all well. Keep in touch.


Class Correspondent:

Bob Gracia

For the past 44 years Jim Eisenberg has been very active. After graduating from Colby, Jim earned an M.D. and Ph.D. (anatomy) at Case Western Reserve, married, and moved to San Francisco, where he completed a surgical residency. He later did a second residency in radiology and for the past 30 years has practiced in that specialty. Jim and his wife, Tova, have three children. When he finds time to leave his practice, Jim and Tova travel and spend time at their retreat on Lake Michigan. * Mike and Pam Cooper Picher welcomed two new grandchildren in August, the children of their Colby sons. If there’s a drawback to grandchildren, it’s that Pam prefers spending time with them rather a certain aging husband. * David and Debbie Terrio Brunell moved to Falmouth on Cape Cod. While Debbie loves living on the Cape, she spends four winter months in Florida and keeps tabs on her real estate business via the Internet. Like Pam Picher, Debbie finds her three grandchildren to be the best part of aging. * Eric Rosen continues his study of religion and participation in interfaith dialogue. Eric keeps in touch with Dave Aronson, Peter Swartz ’66, Jim Thomas, Harry Graff, and Joe Candido. * Jean Ridington Goldfine traveled to England last summer, where she hiked an ancient drover track in Wiltshire. * Ken Ingram lives near Charlotte, N.C., where he works for an Argentine company that consults on business models. Ken enjoys time with his first grandson. Last summer Ken visited Port Clyde and Tenants Harbor, Maine. * Nick Hadgis has also joined the ranks of the grandparents. His granddaughter was born last fall. Nick continues to expand the global leadership program at Widener University. * Joanna Snyder Richardson is acting manager of scholarly information within in the division of information services at Griffith University. Despite a busy schedule Joanna has coauthored four papers and a journal article. * Connie and Woody Berube moved to their retirement home near Dallas. While Connie continues to work in advertising, Woody takes to the links nearly daily and shot his first hole in one, which he followed up with a second several weeks later. This was after a second knee replacement. * Since retirement Charlie and Sally Ray Bennett have traveled the world. They recently visited their daughter, who teaches at an English-speaking school in Italy. When they return to Rhode Island, they’ll have a cup of coffee and then head to Florida to escape the New England winter. * Ann Russell-Starr plans to retire in June. She’s taught biology in Vienna, Va., and in the past two years has been the supervising teacher for AP science investigation. Ann and Mike will move to Hilton Head Island after she completes the academic year. Two of Ann’s daughters have an important second semester coming up as they both complete work at the master’s level. Ann is hoping to see many longtime friends at our reunion in June. * Rick Sadowski recently moved to Marshfield, Mass., a lovely seaside community on the south shore of Boston. The new home has become a gathering spot for Rick’s extended family. Shortly before moving, Rick and his brother traveled to Moscow and St. Petersburg and then to Poland, Denmark, and Sweden. Rick has been studying mediation and is working towards establishing a mediation practice as part of his law practice, which means he’s not planning on retiring anytime soon. * Alice Hubert Gardner is pleased to announce that she has opened a studio in Gloucester, Mass., in a historic building on the North Shore next to the Cape Ann Museum. While practicing psychotherapy, Alice studied art and now does pen-and-ink and watercolors. When not painting, Alice is thrilled to be with her two grandchildren, 5 and 7.


Class Correspondent:

George Cain

Gary Barnes and Gayle Jobson Poinsette are again spending three winter months far from Vermont, this year in Arizona. * Vermonters Betty (Savicki ’68) and John “Daisy” Carvellas will spend a couple of winter months in St. Augustine, Fla. * RVers Liz (Drinkwine ’68) and Ted Houghton hit the road again after their Massachusetts summer. This year’s eight-month odyssey started in Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, and Utah en route to New Mexico, where they’ll spend most of the winter. * Eddie and Lynn Seidenstuecker Gall are wintering at their California home in La Quinta, finding the combination of California winters and Maine summers perfect. They’d love to see anyone visiting in the Palm Springs area. * Frank ’64 and Natalie Bowerman Zaremba visited Pam Harris Holden in Scottsdale, Ariz., in the fall. * Anne Ruggles Gere and family spent Thanksgiving in Buenos Aires, as Anne was giving a talk at the university there. * Gary McKinstry missed our reunion due to real estate business travel to England and the Netherlands, and more recently he went to Cape Town, South Africa, finding it amazing how many foreign buyers are attracted to the beaches and cultural life of Sarasota, Fla., his hometown. * Steve Rand and his partner, Susan, enjoyed time on the Belgrade Lakes this summer and took a side trip to Colby. * Californian Terry Eagle has retired from full-time work at Cate School after 45 years of teaching. He now works one day a week for Cate, serves on five nonprofit boards, sees his two grandchildren as much as possible, and spent two months in Maine this summer working on his golf and squash games. * Linda (Brooks ’68) and John Perkins enjoy retirement in Yarmouth and Oquossoc, Maine. They took a fascinating course at University of Southern Maine on the geology of Maine, taught by a fabulous teacher, John Tewhey ’65. They’d like to hear from Susan (Brown ’65) and Frank Musche. * Class president Fran Finizio is glad he can retire from Fidelity next May as planned, thus avoiding a move by Fidelity to Dallas. * Congratulations to two class authors, Barry Willdorf, whose novel Flight of the Sorceress has won a Global eBook Award for best historical literature, and Jay Fell, coauthor with four other men of 100 Years Up High: Colorado Mountains and Mountaineers, written to celebrate 20th-century Colorado mountaineering and the 100th anniversary of the Colorado Mountain Club. * Sue Turner visited with many Colby classmates last fall, among them gifted artist Kay Tower Carter, talented knitter Anne Ladd Carlson, and accomplished Maine state librarian Linda Hall Lord. * Veteran Maine state legislator Gary Knight is chair of the House taxation committee, hoping to improve the Maine tax code to make it more equitable and easier to administer. * A long-silent classmate has come forth: Peter Blumenthal retired in 1998 from the retail chain of picture framing stores he started, grew, and sold to a venture capital group. He then moved to Jerusalem for a year with his wife and daughter, 7. He had lost his first wife to cancer in 1988, after they had two sons, both Colby graduates. Back to Boston, where he developed several new businesses—exercise equipment, cooking school, baking business, lice treatment—with various family members. Pete keeps fit swimming and biking, attended Peter Swartz’s son’s wedding in Puerto Rico last May with Betty and Daisy Carvellas, and takes credit for giving Daisy his nickname. In Pete’s words: “I gave it to him because I thought he played football like a girl. Only kidding. I did give him his nickname, but it was because I thought I heard the name ’Daisy’ when someone was actually calling him by his initials, ‘JC.’ Being more colorful, my nickname stuck.” Our Colby education continues.


Class Correspondent:

Dick Bankart

CLASSMATES IN MOTION! Bob Gordon and his partner, Steve, relocated from Columbus, Ohio, to Tucson, Ariz., where they’ve been winter visitors for 35 years. Bob has retired. He misses his kids and grandchildren in Ohio, but “with gorgeous mountain views it feels like we’re on vacation every day.” * Also relocating—Judy Guptill Simmons from western North Carolina to Chapel Hill “to be nearer to my daughter and her family” with the usual soccer games, piano recitals, and school events with her grandsons. * Ruth and Harold Kowal spent three weeks in France: a week in Paris and two more touring the Pyrenees. He mentioned wine was involved somehow in this adventure. * Across the mountains to the southwest were Sue and Nick Locsin touring the south coast of Spain. “Bicycling, gourmandizing, and exploring.” Both continue as volunteers at the Maine Maritime Museum in Bath. * Merry Barker Chapin has retired after 40-plus years teaching in Phippsburg, Maine. She’s now a volunteer at the school department career center helping kids find jobs, write résumés, etc. She’s also “co-president of Maine’s first ship,” a project to reconstruct and sail a Colonial-era vessel. Her husband, Craig, retired from teaching and being a principal in 1984 and now works as a carpenter. * John Bragg spent two weeks in Hawaii celebrating his 20th anniversary. He retired from the family business last November after 46 years. “Now it is winters on the beach in Fort Myers and summers in Bangor.” * Back from Africa are Charlie ’63 and Pam Plumb Carey. They saw “multiples of the ’big five’” while at a private game reserve and crossed from Victoria Falls (Zambia) to Botswana for a shorter safari along the Zambezi River. * “As I write this it is a lovely, bright autumn day in early November and the oak leaves have turned a lovely hue of reddish-orange.” So writes Nancy Godley Wilson. Nancy and John ’63 visited Jackson Hole and Yellowstone. The Wilsons summer on Deer Isle and had visits from Bryan Harrison Curd, Margo Beach, and Pam Harris Holden ’66. They will return to Lexington and prepare for a week-long trip on a five-masted schooner out of Barbados in February. * Speaking of the woods, Marty Dodge has retired from 41 years of teaching at Finger Lakes Community College, but he managed to score his 18th and final woodsmen’s championship for the men’s team. He then spent seven weeks in Alaska supervising the building of five log cabins for one of his former students. Then off to Costa Rica and “nesting green turtles one moonlit night in Tortuguero.” * Alaska-bound in August will be Jean (Hoffmann ’66) and Neil Clipsham. Last year they took a foliage tour of Vermont. Neil continues some part-time work and volunteers at the local library, while Jean works at the Indian Creek Foundation (for mentally challenged adults). He says hi to his classmates. “Seems like yesterday we were Colby Eight-ing together.” * Barbara McGillicuddy Bolton is writing a novel about a young woman from northern Maine who is a freshman in a liberal arts college in central Maine in 1961. Watch for Lulu Goes to College. * Stan Garnett reports on some real nostalgia. He attended an ATO reunion in Boston last summer. (Suspect beer was involved.) “Several generations of Tau’s attended. My wife and I brought none other than Thelma Hanson to the event from Palmetto, Fla. Thelma and her husband, Dick, ran Dick’s Café in downtown Waterville, long the gathering place for ATOs and townies. Still sharp as a tack, Thelma will turn 100 in 2012.” * Which brings me to the happy news that Dave Hatch will marry Dale Rottner this spring. They’ve been riding bicycles and enjoying the Venice, Fla., beaches and restaurants for some years and have decided to marry. Your correspondent suspects more wine will flow. * Hail, Colby, Hail!


Class Correspondent:

Marcia Phillips Sheldon

Michael Cohen, happily married for 44 years (two sons and two grandchildren), retired last year after a career in the automobile business. After earning his M.B.A. from Boston University, he worked for Ford, American Motors, Chevrolet, Dodge, and Nissan. Lately he is active with the Southeast Michigan Porsche Club of America as editor of its magazine and a member of the board of directors. * Johanna and Bob Mangion spent two months with another couple in Russia and Mongolia. “We went by train from St. Petersburg to Lake Baikal with four major stops. Several times we met wonderful Russians—expats, a Perm repertory group performing Handless in Seattle, two poor singers, an angelic passerby at the Moscow train station who helped us replace our stolen train tickets, a ’nyet’ woman in Tomsk, and a dorm proctor who let us stay two nights in a university psychiatric dorm. The rivers in Siberia flow north to the Arctic very, very slowly in the winter, so most of the 1,500 miles of taiga is clumps of birches separated by marsh. I left my heart in Mongolia traveling by Russian van south to the treeless Gobi and then into Mongolia. We stayed in guest yurts of nomadic families, ate a lot of mutton soup, and enjoyed the amazing light of the desert and the spectacular mountains covered with tamarack near Lake Kovsgol. In many places in the Gobi one can see no trace of human existence.” * Ike Balbus retired officially from the University of Illinois at Chicago in August 2010 and is in a three-year, part-time teaching arrangement. His most recent book, Governing Subjects: An Introduction to the Study of Politics, was published by Routledge in 2010. * Robbie (Gilson ’65) and Bob Drewes live in Utah. Bob is involved in several startups and is on the board of a nonprofit charitable foundation. But their primary focus is their family of 15 grandchildren, ages 17 to three months! * Susan Woodward has been RVing now since the fall of 2007. You can read about her adventures at www.rv-adventuring.com. * Joyce Arnold Kottra writes


Class Correspondent:

Paule French

On a recent trip to Italy, Al Carville found the lessons of Colby art history and architecture classes served him well. After Rome he cruised both coasts and visited Monaco, Sicily, Greece, and Montenegro. In August Rod Pierce and Al visited Ralph and Gail Price Kimball in Boothbay Harbor. * Last September Bill ’62 and Barb Haines Chase had an adventure in Beard’s Fork, W.V. Although Barb says she knew less than the students about construction, they rehabbed, insulated, taped, and mudded homes. It was a great team experience in a beautiful place. * Since Beth Brown Turner got her doctorate, in August at the University of Georgia, she’s applying for postdoctoral fellowships. * Our condolences to Frank Kirby’s wife, Jacqueline, who wrote that Frank courageously battled kidney cancer until his death. * To see what Ralph Kimball’s been up to in retirement—playing ice hockey on a team appropriately called Rusty Blades—go to www.centralmassrustyblades.com. * Jane Melanson Dahmen is working on paintings for shows at the Powers Gallery in Acton


Class Correspondent:

Pat Farnham Russell
Nancy MacKenzie Keating

Lots of news—let’s get started. * Joanne Herbold Clarey is back from a month-long residency at the Jenney House in Nova Scotia awarded to her partner, artist Anne Garland, and her. They collaborated on a nature book featuring Anne’s sketches and Joanne’s essays. Joanne has published two thrillers and four mysteries and is challenged by the genre change. * Dick Mittleman attended a Colby reception in Rhode Island, where he renewed friendships and met new alumni. He and his wife spend most of the winter in Fort Lauderdale and plan a 50th anniversary trip to Europe, regrettably ruling out our 50th reunion. * Peter Leofanti took a few friends (John McHale, Jay French, Ed Hayde, Doug Mulcahy ’63, Terry MacLean, Jay Webster, and Cy Theobald) to the Colby-Bowdoin football game Nov. 12, only to watch Colby go down in defeat. However it was a good time, and tailgating Eddie Woodin ’69-style was fantastic. Michael and I also attended and met up with Dick and Jeanie Banks Vacco. * Brenda Wrobleski Elwell Gottschalk traveled to the former Republic of Georgia, where she “saw enough monasteries to keep me holy the rest of my life.” For Thanksgiving she headed to Yellowstone for several days of wolf watching and in February will do a “girlie getaway” to the Great Wall of China with her best friend. * Doug and Gail Macomber Cheeseman celebrated the 60th African safari and their 32nd year of leading safaris via their company, Cheesemans’ Ecology Safaris. Next is a trip to Chile, Easter Island, and Patagonia, followed by Argentina and Peninsula Valdes. Gail claims that retirement is still a long way off, as they love what they do! * Brenda Lewison has left the “editorial world,” loving her free time and finding great contentment in “my happy marriage, children, grandchildren, reading, and the gifts of mother nature.” Husband, Bill, is Cleveland Clinic’s architectural consultant, working on hospitals in Ohio and Abu Dhabi as well as designing homes. They spent time in New England last summer, including three nights with Colby roommates Cynthia and Sandy and their husbands at Cynthia’s Vermont “paradise.” * Peter Duggan, after two years of trying, sold his home on the Hudson River and will retire to Naples, Fla., spending four summer months in the northeast. Anyone have a “small house with a view” they’d like to rent? He retired as chairman of the board of the Storm King School after nine years, a very rewarding experience after decades of “corporate America.” Peter hopes to attend our 50th reunion. * Toshi and Jean Gaffney Furuyama still work part time, Jean three days a week for the buyer of her practice, doing expert witness work, and lecturing at various dental meetings. * With a European river cruise, Jim and Susan Welch Bishop celebrated their 50th anniversary and her fifth year as a cancer survivor. They play golf as often as “stamina allows” and plan a trip to the Masters in April. She keeps up with Jan Cole Courant, and Jim recently reconnected with John Sheldon. * Gary and Peggy Bone Miles send news from California, where they “still swim in the Pacific every morning, year-round.” And without wet suits! Peggy teaches ESL to adults, despite cutbacks in the California budget, and Gary volunteers with an organization that supports former foster youths, runaways, and wards of the court. Their son and family live close by, and their daughter’s family lives in southern France. * Penny and Ed Kyle write from Florida, where they spend fall and spring, alternating with winter and summer in New Hampshire. “Skiing still calls, and summer provides hiking, kayaking, camping, etc.” He sees Allie Weller on the slopes and hikes with Bill Chase on occasion. Ed and Penny look forward to June in “scenic Waterville.” * John Chapman reflects: “It seems life on the road will only heat up.” Daughter Abbi was married to Peter Gregory in Damariscotta in May, and grandchild number eight, Ben Chapman, arrived in August.” John and his wife, Allison, enjoyed a lobster lunch at the beautiful home of Nancy Rowe Adams in East Boothbay, joined by Debby Price and her friend and Michael (McCabe) and me. * Michael and I are back in Atlanta for the winter, with plans to travel to Alabama and the Florida coasts. We’re busy helping to make our 50th reunion this spring a great experience, and we encourage everyone to attend. See you then!


Class Correspondent:

Diane Scrafton Cohen Ferreira

Our president, Steve Chase, tells us that photos from our 50th reunion are now online. Go to www.colby.edu/alumni and click on the reunion tab. * Elizabeth (Betsy) Harper Hopler died in November. Betsy majored in American literature


Class Correspondent:

Jane Holden Huerta

Roberta Jeromin Nelson, who lives in Brazil, enjoyed reunion and hopes to go again! She and her daughter took a cruise to Scandinavia, and she loved Estonia. She also visited Richmond for her grandson’s fifth birthday and will travel to the U.S. in April for her granddaughter’s christening. * Doug ’58 and Judy Ingram Hatfield traveled to India in October to visit their daughter and family, who are doing research in Delhi. They spent time in Mussoorie in the Himalayas, where their daughter lives, and took a week-long train ride touring Rajasthan. * Skip ’59 and Joan Crowell Tolette split their time between Thousand Islands, N.Y., and Vero Beach, Fla. They spend time with Keet ’59 and Bev Johnson Arnett in Vero. Visiting their son Mark ’83 on Vinalhaven Island, Maine, is a great excuse to drink butter (mixed with lobster). When returning from Maine they visited Julie Klafstad Runnells and Dottie Baldridge Dzenis in Concord, N.H. * Pete Henderson retired from the Air Force in 1980, got his doctorate, and became a professor. He taught at Auburn University, UMaine, and Faulkner University. Pete retired again after 9/11 and started fundraising. He and wife Jane have two daughters and six grandchildren. They sail and travel, including an annual trip to Maine. Pete enjoys reunions with the Colby Eight. * Steve Curley went to Brunswick for the Colby vs. Bowdoin football game. * Peg Jack Johnston keeps busy traveling with one or more of her three sons and seven grandchildren. She is involved with Rotary, where her passion is spreading awareness of the need to eradicate polio. * Jane and Ralph Galante live on Merrymeeting Lake in New Durham, N.H., from May to October and in Bonita Springs, Fla., the rest of the year. They golf and travel to visit kids and grandkids with a trip overseas every other year. * Judy Allen Ferretti serves on two nonprofit boards: Elderhostel/Road Scholar and a local nursing home/rehabilitation center. Judy gave her husband a trip to Hawaii in March to celebrate his “significant” birthday. They’re going to the Kentucky Derby in May. * John Vollmer and wife Diana spent Thanksgiving at their farm in Missouri with 35 of Diana’s family. For John, a former Swedish citizen, it’s fun to celebrate a “true American” event in the heartland. They went to South Africa, including a safari, in December. After celebrating son Mike’s birthday in San Francisco, they flew to Connecticut for Christmas with son Christopher and two grandchildren. * Peter and Virginia Clark Heyler have lived in Missoula, Mont., for an unbelievable 13 years. They have six grandchildren. In September they celebrated their 50th anniversary. They flew to Alabama to see their son, Scott, but were surprised to find their entire family. After that they took a spectacular trip to Iceland. * Janet Grout Williams enjoyed a lovely fall in northern New England and was not seriously affected by the Halloween snowstorm. * Sandy Myers Paap visited Colby last summer while in Maine to attend her 55th reunion at Gould Academy. She planned to attend our 50th but missed out due to last-minute family concerns. She didn’t get to see roommate Jo Deans Auchincloss before Jo’s untimely death last spring. Sandy lives happily in Wisconsin, but hasn’t given up the idea of moving back to New England to be closer to family. * Eunice Bucholz Spooner continues living at home with the help of aides, which means keeping her Great Dane puppy, Delilah. Her son, Peter, took her to lunch Dec. 2 to celebrate 29 years of living life to its fullest since her auto accident. Eunice took two cruises in January, one on the same cruise as Ken Nigro’s Red Sox group and the other with her youngest son and his fiancée. * Barbara and Ronald Weber went to Ocean City, Md., for their 50-year reunion with four guys who’ve known one another since age five. They also see Gale and Mike Silverberg. * In September Juan and Jane Holden Huerta spent a wonderful week in New York celebrating the wedding of their son, Jon ’95. Jane was thrilled to see Robin Ottaway ’95, Foster Klug ’95, and Mike Keller ’95. Jane and Juan took the auto train to NY and drove back to Florida. * The Dallas school system chose Mary “Molly” Lynn Watt’s poem, Civil Rights Update (see below), to be paired with Dr. Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream speech in the ninth-grade curriculum. She’s finishing a poetry manuscript, On the Wings of Song, set in the civil rights movements, and is teaching a poetry course at the Harvard Institute for Learning in Retirement.

the girl's legs jiggle in skin-tight jeans
as she leans into the mirror
extends her lashes with mascara
adjusts a third earring
plugs in an iPod and
flounces off in a wake
of lavender and attitude

it is almost impossible for her to recall
stories of her grandmother at the same age
wearing a dress, and nylons held by a garter belt
walking dusty roads in Tennessee
inviting tenant farmers
in drought-dried cotton fields
to risk eviction by registering to vote

the girl, really a young woman
studied the example of Dr. King
starred in the play of Rosa Parks
she's steeped in the language of rights
argues with parents to extend her curfew
sends text messages to her friends
posts her hopes on MySpace

she imagines herself a singer
doctor, engineer, poet
cwindow shopping life
as if walking the aisles of T.J. Maxx
for a ready-made fit off the rack
until she becomes bored and will try on
another way to make a difference

she's serious about making a difference
but has not walked with the rhythmic feet of protest
is unaware of the care activists used in dressing
men with Brylcreem in their dos
shined shoes, ironed shirts
chose clip-on ties
ties that unclipped when gripped

they kept their eyes on the prize
picking-off big-picture fights
bus boycotts, freedom rides, lunch counter sit-ins
marched for jobs, votes, schools
always singing songs to freedom's beat
they moved like an heirloom pocket watch
each a gear meshing to move time along

this girl owns her civil rights
but cannot imagine her vote will count
she does not know she is living the dream
but must keep dreaming it
or the movement will stop
like her grandfather's clock
Jim Crow still tramps the streets

© Molly Watt, 2008, all rights reserved.


Class Correspondent:

Joanne K. Woods

Congratulations to Fred and Carol “Sanka” Sandquist Banister who celebrated their 50th anniversary this year. Sue Taylor, who stood up with them when they were married, attended the anniversary. All of their children are scattered throughout the country so it was the first time they were all together in a long time. Fred and Sanka have four children, eight grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. * Elaine (Healey ’62) and Paul Reichert had a busy summer. They went to their son’s home in NH, where they painted his house (“cedar shakes are not fun”). Then they visited their son in MA to build a tree house for their grandson. In between they attended the high school graduation of one of their granddaughters. She graduated number one in her class and was also the top female athlete/scholar. She will attend UVA in the fall. Upon arriving back home they received an offer on their house and moved in with their son and his wife in Spofford, N.H., while future plans are made. They left Florida ahead of Irene and arrived in NH in time to enjoy the rain and the loss of power for two days. * Carol Holt Case and Mary Jane Davis Smith meet periodically for lunch midway between Carol’s Wayland and Mary Jane’s Yarmouthport (MA) homes. Neither can believe she’s known the other for more than 50 years! Carol continues to keep her hand in writing and designing by doing volunteer work for the Wayland Council on Aging and the Sudbury Valley trustees. Mary Jane is a talented Nantucket basket maker and an active grandmother with a daughter and granddaughter in Taos, N.M., and a son and two granddaughters in Sandwich, Mass. * Joan (Crowell ’60) and Skip Tolette continue to be blessed with good health and happy times. They now split their time between the Thousand Islands, N.Y., in summer and Vero Beach, Fla., in winter. They enjoy four delightful teenage grandchildren. They practice fractured medical care—they have doctors and dentists in Florida, northern New Jersey, southern New York, and northern New York. They often see Eve and Ian Tatlock, who also are in the Thousand Islands, reachable only by one’s own boat (and there are no stores). Skip spends a lot of time in his small barn on Grindstone Island (the fourth largest of the 1,860 islands in “the Thousand Islands”). They see Jack Pallotta in Florida and get to spend fun time with Bev (Johnson ’60) and Keet Arnett in Vero. They also see Karen (Beganny ’63) and Skeeter Megathlin and walk the beach and play golf. Joan also plays tennis and still skis. (Alta, Utah, is their favorite area). Joan and Skip’s son, Mark ’83, built a cottage on Vinalhaven Island, Maine, and visiting is a great excuse to drink butter (mixed with lobster). * Louise (Robb ’60) and Art Goldschmidt moved to Foxdale Village Retirement Community, which is approximately one mile from where they lived for 44 years. Art says, “downsizing, packing, and unpacking were stressful.” * Please keep the news coming. I love hearing from classmates.


Class Correspondent:

Mary Ellen Chase Bridge

Marian Woodsome joined Deb Robson Cobb and her group to sing across southern France in September. Deb reports, “Though there were no star sightings this time, we did sing in Vezelay, Lyon, Arles, Monaco, and Chamonix. On 9/11/11 we sang two concerts in exquisite village churches tucked into the French Alps. Fun for two Colbyettes from long ago!” * Ellie Fortenbaugh de la Bandera will be doing Spanish translations for the Lee County (FL) board of elections—the result of her e-mailing them about a sample ballot in the local newspaper in which the “translator” had translated “ward” (as in ward 1, 2, 3) as a person: ward of the state. Double aWARD for careful proofreading and civic involvement! * In the fall Tony Kalloch flew from Boston to LA to attend his son David’s wedding. “Thought that would never happen, since his brother, Bruce (older by four minutes), has been hitched with two beautiful children for about 10 years.” Tony and three friends were headed to Pebble Beach to play some golf. “A Christmas present we are giving each other.” * Helen Payson Seager is bursting with pride about her “children.” Mary solves accounting problems for small businesses in Alexandria, Va., by coaching them through Quickbooks and is rising in the certification ranks of Intuit’s endorsed technicians. Son Tom is teaching at Arizona State University and developing methods of teaching moral decision-making and ethical reasoning to graduate students. Myra runs a landscape design, installation, and maintenance business out of Peekskill, N.Y., and is the catalyst behind a downtown daffodil-planting project near the Hudson River. “All three are so imaginative that I keep asking myself where they came from!” * Dragging their travel trailer to Prince Edward Island and back in September was a fun trip for Dave Adams and wife Pam, largely because that area differs so from the Maine coast. It’s much less rock-bound and more agricultural. “What appealed most was the great bicycling along lonely paved lanes with the crashing ocean on one side and the sloping fields of yellow grain or potatoes on the other.” They were planning a Thanksgiving feast at a state park near Atlanta with their son and his family. * John ’55 and Jane Daib Reisman took their annual summer trip to Maine, where for 11 years they have rented a cottage with Jack and Susan Bower Hendrickson. Joining them for a day of fun were Bob ’56 and Fran Wren Raymond, Bill and Cindy Allerton Rocknak, and Olin and Willie McDonald Sawyer. They met Kathy McConaughy Zambello ’56 for lunch and spent a day with Mark ’54 and Larry Walker Powley ’54. “Connecting with our Colby friends has become more and more meaningful as the years go by.” * Jean and Don Kennedy have spent major holidays with Dave ’61 and Patsy Houghton Marr ’61 since reuniting with them at Wesleyan in 1963. Since retiring as a superintendent of schools in 2000, Don has been director of planning for the nonprofit New England School Development Council in Massachusetts. In recognition of his work in leading teams to assist more than 200 school districts across New England, Don was presented in May with the cooperative leadership award from the National School Development Council; this is only the third time this award has been made. Congratulations! * Last summer when I visited Ginny Angney Bushee in Morgan, Vt., we saw Hairspray at the across-the-border theater I wrote about earlier. In August Susan Sherman White, Dot Greenman Ketchum, Carol Conway Denney and I had a wonderful week at a camp in Stockbridge, Mass. We went to performances at Tanglewood and Jacob’s Pillow, a play in Lenox, the Clark Museum in Williamstown, and the Norman Rockwell one nearby. A great mini-reunion! I recently caught up with Sally Fritz on the Cape. * Best to all and keep the news coming.


Class Correspondent:

Don Tracy

Well, HELLO! Now that I have captured your undivided attention, don’t forget that this year (May 31-June 3) is our 55th reunion. Much more to come about that from the College in the next few months! * Peter and Jeanne Arnold Jeffries, M.D., took their annual trip across the country to Utah (record snowfall there), stopping along the way for genealogical research. Jeanne is president of the Sheldon Family Association, and they attended the 72nd annual meeting in Portland, Ore. Also on the docket in May was her 50th reunion from B.U. medical school, followed in July by a two-week trip to Bosnia with Peter and their daughter’s family. October brought the birth of a grandson, their son’s first child. Quite a year, all told! * It was wonderful to hear from Janet Mittelsdorf Lumsden! Due to her husband’s business transfer, they’ve been living outside Dallas for the past 35 years. But Janet is still a true Yankee at heart. She and Don have raised three children and now have seven grandchildren and one great-grand, all living within 50 miles of them. Janet attended the November wedding of her grandson in Dallas at the beautiful Fountain Plaza. * We all hear about the ordeals of infirmities, but when I talked to Janice Thomson Christensen recently, I could not believe my ears! Jan had endured a miserable bout with, of all things, whooping cough! It was tough to diagnose and then conquer, but she has since recovered fully. * In November Mikki Chomicz Manno had a very special event take place in her life. She became a new Seton associate of the Sisters of Charity of St. Elizabeth. Mikki stressed that she is not becoming a nun, but through this new association she will be able to focus on ministries of her special interests. In January she sang in a recital with a young mezzo-soprano in Madison, N.J. Later that month Mikki traveled for a month to Australia and New Zealand. * Shirley Transue Cram e-mails her best wishes. She’s had a busy year with the Hartford Chorale. In June the group sang two major choral works, and the concert was a rewarding evening for Shirley, who was celebrating her 76th birthday. It also was a bittersweet occasion, marking her resignation from the chorale after 35 years, many of them spent as chief financial officer. * Fall of 2010 found Arlette and Mac Harring hiking in Vermont and enjoying bird hunting in Massachusetts; in October, they played tourists for a week in London. After enjoying one of the best ski seasons in years, the Harrings are selling the home that Mac has lived in since 1964 and bought a condo in the same town, Acton, Mass. They also sold their trailer and big diesel truck and will concentrate on international travel. * Singing with the Colby Eight at reunion in June was great fun for Tom Brackin. Peter Merrill still leads the group and Tom and Bo Olsen are “still able to keep up and still in tune.” Peter Re and his wife were there as steadfast fans, bringing out the very best from the group! During the summer, Marilyn and Tom took an enjoyable week’s vacation at Christmas Cove on the mid-coast of Maine, with perfect weather as a bonus. * For our last column, the College was kind enough to edit the piece to our limit of 650 words. Your responses are so greatly appreciated but I have to be vigilant in the amount of information sent in. In fairness, I shall try my best to edit any repetition. Thanks for your understanding.


Class Correspondent:

Charlene Roberts Riordan

Greetings to all! As I embark upon this new endeavor, my hope is that I shall perform the task as well as my predecessors. Thanks to all who wrote to wish me well and to start me on my epistolary way. * The Sortors, Rosemarie (Crouthamel) and David, attended two Colby football games as their grandsons (at Amherst and at Bowdoin) were in the line-up for their respective schools. There for the Amherst game were Tess and Jube Jubinsky (from Hawaii), Peter and Hope Palmer Bramhall, Paula and Peter Lunder, and Kathy McConaughy Zambello. They all had a great tailgate lunch before and dinner afterwards. Harry and Lyn Brooks Wey, the Sortors and Kathy joined the Bramhalls in Falmouth for the Bowdoin game. Hope and Peter now call a “house-a-minium” their new down-sized home—enough space and less maintenance! * Football does help some of us to stay connected. The Sortors have grandsons who are or have been students at Darien High School, where I teach, and one played football, so to the Turkey Bowl we have gone at Thanksgiving and later, in June to graduation. * Lois Latimer Pan writes that someone in her Quaker retirement home in Maine noticed her Colby fleece vest (a generous gift from one of our classmates for our 40th or 45th reunion ) and recited the following cheer: Tough as nails, Hahd (sic) as bricks, Colby Class of ’56! I admit that I, too, wear said vest—I love to sport the Colby name! * Susan Miller Hunt had a wonderful lunch with Brian and Sheila McLaughlin Freckman Dillon of Australia as special guests. After Jim Freckman’s death, Sheila connected with Brian, a work-related Australian friend. As we say, the rest is history! The Dillons return yearly to the U.S. to visit with their respective children. They had hoped to make reunion, but it didn’t work out this time. Completing the dining group were the Sortors and Janet Stebbins Walsh. * Joan Williams Marshall attended her 59th Weymouth High School reunion as did Linda Burrage Sprague. Later there was a girls’ lunch with Joan Arcese and Janet Stebbins Walsh. Other Colbyites the Marshalls saw on the Cape this summer were Sherry and Don Rice, Edith and Tom LaVigne ’58, Loretta and Don Crowley ’58, and Fred (Brownie) Brown. * Brian Stompe has been living in Novato, Marin County, north of San Francisco, in the same house since 1970. He wanted to make reunion, but a canoe trip with Charlie Rice’s two sons had already been planned (Charlie died in 2008). Brian says that he is trying to get better health care for CA and the U.S. He and his wife of 53 years, Susan, are active in city and county planning and conservation. * Ann Lowery moved back to New Hampshire at the Weirs in Laconia, right on Lake Winnipesaukee. Sounds great! Active in her church, she serves as cochair of the staff parish relations committee and sings in the choir. After many years running libraries, she looks forward to personal reading time. * Jackie Huebsch Scandalios’s son, Michael, published his first novel, Privateer, about a naval hero from Revolutionary days. The reviews have been favorable! * Please continue to send news as it is so easy to do in this age of “instant communication.”


Class Correspondent:

Betty Harris Smith

Andy Boissevain writes that, “Judy and I still travel and spent a couple of weeks on the big island of Hawaii in March, which turned out to be quite adventurous!” His two granddaughters arrived late at the Kona airport. They couldn’t get back to their condo because of the big tsunami from Japan that was aimed at them. They spent eight hours in a local safe zone (the shopping mall) in a “small rental car without a Termpur-pedic mattress.” The year before, they were awakened at 6 a.m. and ordered to evacuate to a local tsunami safe place! The moral is that if anybody from Colby wants to go to Hawaii, check and see if Andy and Judy are there; if so, don’t book yourself at the same time. Another trip was six weeks to Austria for hiking, a trip to Landstuhl, Germany, (where wounded soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan were first evacuated), and, finally, to Amsterdam to see Andy’s brother. Otherwise, they hang around the north Olympic Peninsula enjoying home. * Lee Culver Johnson and her hubby made it back to Florida after being caught in the Halloween snowstorm in New Hampshire. They went on a cruise in November and then got ready for family to arrive the day after they returned for Christmas. * Jo Bailey Campbell just finished a great course with Coastal Senior College called Monarchs, Martyrs and Mystics. Her teacher, Charmarie Blaisdell, shared the same mentor with Colby History Professor Larissa Juliet Taylor. Films and lectures included the conflict between Michelangelo and Pope Julius II, and Jo came to understand through the film Cromwell the struggle between commoners and the Stuart monarchy. She wishes “everybody a peaceful winter season and a bright new year.” * “Greetings to my classmates,” from Elizabeth (Beth) Young Baker. “In April and May last year, Bob and I took a seven-week round-the-world trip to Thailand, Rome, Italy, India, Israel, and Cairo. In June our twin grandsons (almost 8) flew alone to see us and filled the house with lots of activity. We visited daughter Jeanne and family in Redwood, Calif., spent Thanksgiving with daughter Betsy and new husband at their ranch in Boise, and will return to California for Christmas. Recently I have become a volunteer and will be tutoring the homeless and indigent toward their GEDs.” * Wheaton and Ellie Small Hudson hope “everyone had a good Thanksgiving and a merry Christmas.” * Other Hawaiian vacationers were Eric and Beryl Wellersdieck Piper, who visited their son and family who live there. They were joined by their daughter. We talk often to Barbara Restall Horne, who spent Thanksgiving with her daughters and their families in Big Bear Mountain. Sistie continues to be her upbeat self. She volunteers for the Alzheimer’s group that she founded in Sun City. Barbara volunteers in an organization giving food and other assistance to those in need locally. Eric and she enjoyed Alumni College at Colby last summer. What a wonderful experience! “Before we left for home we got together at Harriet Sears Fraser’s home and enjoyed seeing Jack and Ann Burnham Deering and Larry ’56 and Jean Van Curan Pugh. Best wishes for a great new year!” * Karl ’54 and Jane Millet Dornish love to go to Colby athletic events. They saw the Colby-Bowdoin football game, “which was fun (but sadly Colby lost).” The tailgate tent by Eddie Woodin ’69 was amazing! Jane writes, “Karl and I loved the Boston Symphony. We’re taking a no-brainer wine class at Colby (no tastings yet, but we are hopeful for the last class!). I have read two Peter Mayle books to go along with the film. Our best to all!” * Have a great new year!


Class Correspondent:

Art Eddy

Lindon Christie writes from Las Vegas (where he plans to remain until his money runs out) that he’s “staying well.” * Judy Jenkins Totman loves every minute she spends assisting folks who need help at this time of their lives. * Lois McCarty Carlson recalls fond memories of her courses with Mark Benbow, which she credits with making her a critical thinker. * Alan Lindsay is in a rehab center because of a very bad fall. Yvonne reports that he is not doing very well, but his dedication to Colby continues to be strong. * Ned Shenton continues with his energy consulting, which includes selling insulated shades. Equipment problems kept him from using his sailboat this summer, but he did a good deal of dubbing around the harbor on Peaks Island, Maine, in his eight-foot dinghy. Ned’s writing includes completing a memoir he promised his daughter and producing an article about his father’s 50-year career as a book illustrator, writer, and teacher for Illustration magazine. Every-other-month luncheon dates with Carolyn English Caci ’53 help to keep fond memories alive. Ned and Ellie will, for the first time, flee the New England weather and spend time in Pacific Palisades, Calif. * For Sue Johnson, trips to a Danforth graduate reunion in Claremont, Calif., sightseeing in Savannah, Ga., with a group from her retirement community, and a western Canadian “Rockies by Rail” excursion with a Road Scholar (formerly Elderhostel) group were the highlights from last summer. Lifelong learning classes at James Madison University are among the many offerings that keep folks young in heart at her retirement community. Small world note: one of the residents in her apartment building is Barbara Jefferson Walker ’51.


Class Correspondent:

Barbara Easterbrooks Mailey

Hello classmates! As I type this “offering” at the end of November 2011, another year just flew by for me. These years seem to go faster as we live into our 80s. Martin Bruehl reminds us of this with the shortest news item I ever received. He said, and I quote: “Still alive at 81.” * Electra Paskalides Coumou left her home of 40 years in Acton, Mass., to move to a condo just two towns away in Hudson. She survived the “dumping” of all the years of household accumulation, then took a rewarding trip to Italy for three weeks. They rented a farmhouse with three other couples in the Tuscany mountain area. She said that the drive to it on rough dirt roads was terrifying, with mountain heights on one side and deep ravines on the other. However, the views from the farmhouse were spectacular and worth the rough trip. * Art Klein attended the wedding of Roger Huebsch’s grandson. Although Roger and his wife, Susan (Smith ’54), are no longer with us, their spirits were there. * Ginny Falkenbury Aronson wrote, as promised, about her 80th birthday in New York City. She said her kids roamed Ellis Island and Ground Zero while she chose to do a walking tour of the theater district, St. John the Devine, and Park Avenue. She dined on sushi, Chinese, Indian, Korean, and more. Being with her four kids was a real joy and especially meaningful for her 80th. * Phyllis Whitcomb Laurin took a trip to Cuba in the early fall, and reports that the country is still very poor under Castro but some free enterprise was being allowed. European tourists were present, to her surprise. * What would our news be without a note from John Lee? He went on a cruise to Alaska aboard Holland America. He had never been there, so enjoyed seeing glaciers and whales. I think I just missed John in Maine the first week of August. I dropped in at Colby on the second. John was actually in Belgrade and Smithfield, on North Pond. Being there reminded him of his four summers at a resort on East Pond, where he started as a dishwasher and ended as assistant manager in the resort lounge. John’s daughter, Wendy, is in Baghdad and his grandson, Christopher, an Army captain, is in Afghanistan. * Carolyn English Caci’s husband, John, passed away Dec. 1. There were no further details at the time I received the news, but we send our sympathy to Carolyn. * Thanks for news!


Class Correspondent:

Art White

Evelyn Walker Mack and a friend took a two-week tour of the Northwest and Canada from Seattle to Glacier National Park to Banff to Jasper to Vancouver and back to Seattle. There was snow on the peaks in Jasper, so the scenery was spectacular through the Canadian Rockies. Evelyn was off to Longboat Key, Fla., in mid-December for a few weeks. * Edie Carpenter Sweeney has written a book for her family and sent me a picture of the cover. Edie says, “Colby was an important part of my life.” * Carolyn Stigman Burnham is back in Sarasota, Fla., enjoying the sun for another winter. She looks forward to a visit from Evelyn Walker Mack. After the winter, the Burnhams are always excited to return to Maine and their home at Wind in Pines on Sebago Lake. * Rod Howes and his wife of 57 years live in a retirement village in San Antonio. Rod is confined to the campus, as he uses oxygen 24/7. “We’ve had a great life, traveled the world, and fulfilled my dreams of flying, from hang-gliding to jets. My only Colby contact is John Dutton, who was also an AF pilot and played football with me.” * In early October I received e-mail from Rebecca Rogers that read, “My dad, Norman B. Crook, passed away Oct. 4, 2011 in Alabama.” Our class sends our condolences. * Russell Wallace hasn’t done any travelling since Spain in April and a couple of weeks in Hawaii during June. He had a great summer in northern California. This fall he did some property improvements at the Inverness retreat, played, and improved his vision with two cataract removals. On New Year’s Eve he flew to Hong Kong for a trip he’ll report on later. He hopes that the DU frat brothers from the Cape, plus Herb Nagle, will be in Waterville in June for reunion. If so, Anne and Russell plan to attend. * Janet Hewins took a wonderful October trip to Italy—Rome, Florence, and Venice. “Lots of great art with excellent guides.” * Nancy MacDonald Cultrera appreciates every day now that she feels so well after a year lost to poor health. “Long live living in the moment” is her motto. Last summer she enjoyed get-togethers with her extended family: four sons, seven grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. She calls two of her grandsons “famous.” Kyle, following in father Stephen’s footsteps, is in the NHRA drag racing world. He’s won several trophies and is also attending the University of North Carolina. Ryan, youngest son of David, has a degree in filmmaking from Emerson College. He’s gotten funding to produce a film, and Nancy spent lots of time helping him and learning about the film business. She’s honored to have the title of executive producer. * At 81 John Waalewyn plays a lot of golf but is not getting any better! He talks with Sara and Dave Lynn quite often and sees Frank ’53 and Judy Jenkins Totman ’54, as they only live a half hour away. John saw Joan Rooney Barnes ’53 at Frank’s 80th birthday party in Kittery, Maine. * Roy and Betsy Fisher Kearney Caldwell were in New England for Roy’s granddaughter’s wedding in September and took that opportunity to visit Els Warendorf Hulm ’51 at her home in Wolfeboro, N.H. She invited Al and Joan Martin Lamont and Mark ’51 and Eddi Miller Mordecai for a mini-reunion. Everybody’s planning to venture to Mayflower Hill come the 60th reunion. * As for yours truly, I didn’t move to CT in October after all. Improving health has allowed me to stay on the Cape a while longer. I’m anticipating a trip on the Mississippi in April on the American Queen, a beautiful Victorian-era steamboat. How about some of you joining me? Happy New Year. Stay well!


Class Correspondent:

Chet Harrington

To all the great classmates of “the greatest class of Colby history.” At least someone gave us that title. I guess it was because of the time in Colby’s history that we survived the transition to Mayflower Hill from the outdated campus in the center of town. We’re more than survivors, we were the settlers of the finest campus in northeast America. * As for class news, we need more responses. Everyone seems to be moving to other places, but the interest in Colby should still be our favorite collegiate topic. * Walt Russell returned to Connecticut and has a new address but the same e-mail. * Dick Birch will return to Florida, as will Bruce Carswell and several others, including Ted Shiro, who survived another surgery and is back playing tennis. He has a new address and enjoys Naples year round. Ted’s grandson, Aaron Murray, is the quarterback for the Georgia Bulldogs. * I spoke with George Wales and he is sorry to have missed our 60th reunion. He is in good health and continues to make furniture and take long walks on the Denison College campus along with his still-active wife, Lorraine. * Jane and I will be somewhere in Naples for February and will look up all the Colbians we can. I still play golf every day that ends in “y” and hope to continue. If anyone is in the Villanova, Pa., area, please give me a call. I would enjoy seeing you. In the meantime enjoy life and mention Colby in your will. We need to keep our record of the number of responses from our class. Please send me news about your activities. Good luck to all.


Class Correspondent:

Gerry Boyle '76

I had a nice talk with Bud Everts and his wife, Ellie. They have two granddaughters and five grandsons. The two oldest have graduated from college, one from Ithaca and the other from Elon. Their granddaughter Brooke works at an orphanage in Tanzania and is very happy with her work. Grandson Harrison, who goes to Gettysburg College, is in Copenhagen. Bud has given up tennis, (as have I) but still plays golf. * Alice Jennings Castelli talked with Barbara Hill Millett. Barbara hopes to go to London in the spring to visit her grandson, who is studying there. * Dick and Connie Leonard Hayes have their condo on the market with plans to move to a retirement community. At this point they’re looking in Wolfeboro and Concord, N.H., and Falmouth, Maine. Connie and Dick have grandchildren at the Coast Guard Academy, George Washington University, Whitman, Hamilton, and Trinity and a high school senior who just finished submitting 13 college applications! Connie commented how great it is to turn to the 1950 column in the magazine and see news about our classmates. I think many of us feel the same. It would be so nice to hear from you and know how and what you’re doing. Use one of the following to get in touch with me at any time: betsymaley@yahoo.com; 479 Ridgeview Road, Orange, CT 06477; or 203-795-4207.


Class Correspondent:

Anne Hagar Eustis

Not much news to pass on to you this time around. I did hear from Martha Loughman Shepard, who sends in some news of a different nature—a rave review for “rock and tone” athletic shoes. They “are the magic words for me. Pain-and-cane have been my lot for several years following multiple back surgeries. Then last spring I discovered these shoes and they turned my life around. Not only have they greatly reduced the pain, they’ve improved my sense of balance so that I no longer have to look at my feet when I walk. Last summer I walked over five floating docks without a cane or an arm to support me! Then I followed that by a tramp in the woods with only a stick for support. Hooray!” Martha reports that she went off to Ireland in April to trace her roots and had a great time. * Well, that’s it for this column. I do hope some of you will send me your news, however small it seems to you, for our next column.


Class Correspondent:

David Marson

Elizabeth Coombs Myers is delighted to report that her Colby granddaughter, Lauren Corke ’10, is a Peace Corps volunteer in Ghana teaching art to deaf children as well as computer skills to others. She’s thoroughly enjoying the experience and the new friends she’s making. Since this has been Lauren’s dream for a long time, Elizabeth is very happy for her and proud too. Elizabeth was delighted to have lunch and a wonderful afternoon visit in Chatham, Mass., with Nancy Semonian Newlove ’49 in August. She wrote, “It’s good to be in touch with Ali-Rie March Miller, Jan McKenney Murphy, and Deanie Whitcomb Wolf ’49. How I do miss New England!” * Selma and Ronnie Farkas took a 12-day cruise down the Baja, leaving from and returning to San Diego. They’re considering a barge trip on the Columbia River in Oregon next fall. It’s been a good year for them: illness-free and hope to stay that way. They now live full time in La Jolla, Calif. * Dot Worthley Cleaver still lives by the beautiful Kennebec River, even after her husband, Chuck, passed on last year. She takes good care of the house, boat, canoes, fishing gear, truck, and snowmobiles. She can’t ski anymore because of a dropped foot but enjoys seeing children and grandchildren using all of the above. She writes poetry and books for her grandchildren, paints a little, and takes part in politics. She writes, “I’m thankful for the blessings of Colby and retired life in Maine and especially for 60 wonderful years with Chuck. He wrote me an amazing letter before he died, so I’m doing what he hoped I would do and am neither lonely nor sad. Aren’t you all glad we lived when we did?” * Aaron Sandler lives in Chicago now. His son, Matthew, made the arrangements. He lives at The Hallmark, a nice retirement building on North Lake Shore Drive. He’s on the 28th floor with a great view of the lake, marina, and all the boats. He writes, “I’m feeling well and hope it continues. Guess I’ll have to get used to the weather. It is going to be different from Florida.” * Carol Stoll Baker plans to be at Singer Island in Florida this winter. Last winter we had dinner with Carol and Frannie Hyde Stephan as they treated us to a celebration of our 60th anniversary. It was good to see them so vibrant and beautiful. There was much conversation about our classmates. * Howell Clement says he has snow, but it’s not deep yet. He notes that our aches and pains are the price we pay for a long life. It takes him about 30 minutes to get things loosened up every morning. * Our granddaughter, Jessica McNulty ’07, will run in the Boston Marathon in the Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge. She’s busy training and soliciting donations for this most worthy cause. Jessica is the daughter of our daughter, Deborah Marson ’75. We keep busy in Jupiter with visits from the family, golf, and socializing with members of our club and our Colby friends who winter in Florida. Dorothy is active in representing our community in Jupiter by being the chair of the government liaison committee.


Class Correspondent:

Gerry Boyle '78

Bob Madison couldn’t believe what he found in his attic when he cleaned out his home in Stamford, Conn., where he lived since 1960. Bob recently sold his house and relocated to Mamaroneck, N.Y. He hopes to attend his 65th reunion at Colby in June.


Class Correspondent:

Josephine Pitts McAlary

Time is taking its toll on the Class of 1944. The good news first. Betty Wood Reed celebrated her 90th birthday on Halloween. Her family suggested a card shower for a celebration, so I took it upon myself to send a card from the Class of 1944. Hope that’s okay with everyone. Congratulations to Betty! * Judy Jones Zimmerman sent an early Christmas card. She and Fred moved from South Burlington, Vt., to Essex Junction, Vt. She mentioned that she now gets around in a four-wheeler. * On Aug. 6 we lost Gabe (Gabriel) Hikel. He had a massive heart attack on his way to Sunday mass. His widow, Zanie, is a sister of Harold Joseph’s wife. * I find being 88 quite surprising! I’ve now lived longer than my mother, who died in 1977. She was Colby 1913. My most recent trip was a five-day sail in June on the Victory Chimes, the three-masted windjammer that is on the Maine quarter. The captain of that ship was one of my students in junior high school, many years ago. He still insists in calling me Mrs. McAlary.


Class Correspondent:

Gerry Boyle '78

Margaret Campbell Timberlake writes from Portland, Maine, that she spends many mornings at the mall feeding a sparrow that has made its home there for more than two years. Mall workers can’t get it to leave. * Williamsburg, Va., resident Harry Hicks says he’s lucky to be alive after 50 years of heavy smoking. He’s on oxygen part time and tries to play golf twice a week, although he skips a few holes each round. At 91 he’s still driving his car.