Vietnam: Then and Now

Government Professor Cal Mackenzie returns on a Fulbright fellowship to Vietnam, which he last saw as a soldier in the Vietnam War. His journal and photographs record the life-changing experience.

They Can Play

At Colby, gay athletes are coming out—and helping to change the campus culture. Some, like champion sprinter Dominique Kone ’13, say the decision to be honest about their sexuality has made them better athletes. 

In Their Footsteps, 1864-1913

Waterville College. Colby University. Colby College. The 50-year period that began with the Civil War was marked by dramatic changes that went deeper than a name, including the war, debate of the place of women at the College, and a gift from philanthropist Gardner Colby, who left his name and allowed for the College's survival.

From the Hill

Silver Tsunami

Colby research project examines challenges facing China’s aging population

Three Sports? For Standout Athlete Kate Pistel Play is Nonstop

Kate Pistel ’13 played three sports in high school, so playing varsity soccer, squash, and lacrosse throughout her time at Colby is no big deal to her. But not everyone sees it that way.

To the Colby Community, a Marine Says Thank You

by Capt. Erik Quist ’99, U.S.M.C.|Photography by Brett Buchanan Related Stories – The Road from Marja – Back On His Feet  The whole of my Marine Corps career involves positions of mentorship if not outright instruction. Rewarding as the teaching aspect of leadership is, it can come with a side effect; you can find yourself seeking opportunities […]

The Spiritual Life of Colby College: Then, now, next

by Kurt D. Nelson I was 25 years old when I took my first job in college chaplaincy. Tasked with bolstering the programmatic life of Dartmouth College’s Tucker Foundation, I operated under the fairly meaningless and entirely made-up title Multi-Faith Program Advisor. Weeks into the job, I was asked to lead a memorial service for […]

Back on His Feet

Prosthetic device allows injured Marine Corps Capt. Erik Quist to walk, run, sprint—and maybe lead another day

Discovering Miss Runnals

Samantha Eddy ’13 learns that a special Colby woman paved the way.

The Birth of His Nation

Former refugee Charles Data returns home to take part in the rise of South Sudan

Colby News

Editorial & Opinion

A Null Set: No Possible Solution

by Callie Knowles Clapp ’89 Evening dinners are the most important time of the day at the Clapp house. Bill ’87 and I work very hard to provide this together time despite my 18-year-old’s play rehearsals, my 15-year-old’s soccer practices, and my 12-year-old’s dance classes. Our dinners are lively, fun, and full of conversation. As […]