LessonsThe tag line for Greenlaw’s latest? “Famed swordfish boat captain Linda Greenlaw faces her greatest battle with nature—a newly adopted teenage daughter.”

Fans of the bestselling writer launched by the book and movie The Perfect Storm know Greenlaw as one tough customer. She can wrestle an 800-pound swordfish, manage a crew of obstreperous fishermen, and navigate the roughest reaches of the icy North Atlantic. But guardian of and companion to a troubled teenager? That’s a side of the Maine fishing captain that Greenlaw’s legions of readers have not yet seen.

The memoir, years in the making, begins when 15-year-old Mariah arrives to live with her uncle on Isle au Haut, the rockbound Maine island that Greenlaw calls home. The uncle, new to the island, is thought to be a regular guy coming to the aid of his niece—until it’s revealed that he’s been abusing Mariah.

Islanders come to the teenager’s aid, and the independent Greenlaw is nominated as the best person in the community to provide a safe home—and to serve as a mentor.

Greenlaw, who has no children of her own, is thrust into a new and challenging role. This memoir recounts her journey with Mariah as the unlikely pair learn about each other and themselves. Advance blurbs describe the book as “remarkably candid and tenderly funny.” Judging by Greenlaw’s earlier works, it will also be unflinchingly honest.